We’re here to talk to ASUS about the ROG Zephyrus M16, one of their new laptops, just announced. There’s a lot of exciting additions. That includes a lot talk about the screen and, of course, the components that makes any gaming laptop great. We’re. Here, with Sascha from ASUS., He has all the techs all the speeds and feeds for you, so you can take it away with some of the details. Sascha what’s the size of this laptop What’s, the sort of the main compelling feature Alright. So yeah. I got it right here next to me. And, as you can see, it’s all about that display and all the super slim bezels., So the name kind of gives it away it’s the Zephyrus M16, so it’s a 16 inch panel.. The chassis, though, is a 15.6 inch. Chassis., So we basically crammed a 16 inch display into there and not just 16 by nine but 16 by 10. And that’s. How the bottom bezel is completely done as well., And we even managed to cram in a webcam at the top, while keeping the bezel super. Slim all around. And it’s, the first gaming laptop with all around super slim bezels for a super futuristic, immersive experience. That’s, really interesting, because yeah we’ve seen bezels get thinner.. It has made laptops fit into smaller, …, bigger screens, fit into smaller form factors over the last year or two. I would say. That’s been a real push, but I don’t think I’ve seen the 16 inch screen down to the 15 inch body, so that’s really maximizing that.

I’d say the 15 inch is probably the most popular sweet spot for a gaming PC, that’s, still kind of Portable., So giving even more screen real estate sounds really interesting.. So what are we talking about in terms of resolution and refresh rate for this large screen? Yeah yeah. That’s a very good point., So this would be really cool and it’s really cool with any panel already. And there’s, some consumer laptops that have super slim bezels already and they look really awesome. And it’s hard to go back to thicker bezels. Once you’ve gone with those slim bezels. And this isn’t just any panel with slim bezels but it’s, a QHD panel and it’s 16 by 10., So it’s 2560 by 1600 resolution, 165 Hertz three millisecond panel response, time. It’s, also 100 DCI, P3 Pantone validated and comes with Adaptive sync. So it’s, like all the check boxes, check, check, check, check. And it goes up to 500 nits which, for gaming laptops, it’s, pretty unusual.. They usually top out around 300 400 nits. Interesting yeah, the refresh rate differences we’re, seeing combined with different resolution, combinations. There’s lot to talk in about laptop reviews. These days., I definitely get …, put the words into describing these different features. And it comes down to really when we test these laptops, how good they are at pushing the combination that the manufacturer has chosen.. So I hope this makes good use of the screen and the resolution. With a body that big is this laptop still thin? Can you show it off to us Talk about the weight .

.., Oh yeah. and size Still very thin, and you can see it has an ErgoLift mechanism as well., So it lifts up.. You can see as I open up the laptop the hinge. The display goes further down and then pushes the laptop up from the table., So there’s an air gap between the desk and the laptop itself, and it can actually go all the way flat.. So we call this ErgoLift 180.. You can put it flat on the table. And the reason for that is some laptop stance. You can put it this high in a really high angle. You can use an external keyboard.. You have more space on your desk. You can push it all against the wall. And also it raises the display., So you can see it’s almost at the height of my eyes, naturally. So it’s much more ergonomic. This way. And a lot of people put their laptop well in Asia. I know this is really popular.. I know in Europe and U.S. it’s uncommon, but in Asia, it’s pretty common for commercial laptops and also some consumer laptops, so you can put them flat like this. And people like doing this in meetings and study groups and stuff like this, when you’re working together on Something., So you basically put it flat on the table. And you can imagine then everybody around the table can see what’s on the screen.. You can all point at it and look at it from different angles.

. You can have a dozen people around a table all looking at it., Interesting yeah., I can’t say: I’ve used that myself as a … that’s, interesting to hear it’s a region, specific trend, though. The first time I saw it as well. I thought yeah. This is a bit weird really, but you kind of get used to it and it doesn’t take anything away.. So if you don’t care about it, you’re not going to use it, you don’t lose anything.. Oh so yeah good to know.. Have you because people are always concerned about gaming laptops getting hot while cooling and we’ll get to the components in a moment, ’cause that’s? What makes these things run so hot., But have you seen that there is a cooling difference with the ErgoLift hinge for a gaming laptop like this? Is there proven cooling gains, Yeah, yeah, yeah absolutely., So just putting a pen under your laptop under your gaming laptop to just lift it up from the table slightly that’s like a very common life hack that people recommend to each other on Reddit and other message: boards. That’S, like a very common thing. People, go like okay, that’s super easy, 30. Second life hack that usually drops your temperatures by five to 10 degrees, just like that. And yeah having ErgoLift basically has that built in. So that definitely helps. And yeah cooling lights. Also.. We draw air through the keyboard into the keyboard, to cool your hands and the keyboard itself, and also to have the air go directly into the fans.

, So yeah that’s, something else that we have to reduce the temperatures. And compared to the previous generation. We also upgraded the cooling system., So you can see we have a ton of heat pipes in this one and also we use liquid metal. So we’re still the only ones that use liquid metal on the CPU. And we use it across the whole lineup now.. So we started two years ago with ROG Mothership. Our super high end flagship., And we have it now across the whole. Rog 2021 gaming, laptop lineup., All of the models use a liquid metal, both Intel and AMD on the CPUs., Very cool. It’s. The little things right, Speaking of our two favorite chip makers. What is inside this Tell us more about the components.. Everyone wants to know what’s inside this laptop.. Well, you say little things, but the incremental really makes a big difference.. Little things add up yeah. On average … Yeah yeah, it all adds up yeah, yeah, yeah., So platform, wise it’s Intel Tiger Lake H45, eight core., And thanks to that, you also get Thunderbolt 4, and you also get Gen 4 SSD PCI Express Gen 4, which is A nice option as well. And yeah so that’s pretty much it spec, wise and GPU goes up to an RTX, 3070. Nice, so what’s the baseline model for this What’s, the least powerful configuration this comes in. For those who are looking to get some of the advantages you mentioned in the design, but maybe want to keep the budget more friendly.

, The entry level configuration GPU wise is going to be a 3050 Ti.. So that’s going to be really interesting. Price performance, wise and yeah also performance wise right, Ray tracing in a mainstream performance. Mobile GPU really interesting option as well.. That way you don’t have to spend for a 3070 or the high end to get some of the design. Advantages like the ErgoLift hinge and these other things the big 16 inch screen so yeah I’m. Looking forward to testing this GPU., We obviously haven’t done so yet, but yeah it’s, a nice interesting. It’s about time. We got another lower end 30 series option.. So tell us a little bit more about the build. Is there any other advantages? What ports do we have? Does the slimness leave out any ports or are there any cool other feature designs with the keyboard lighting? Anything that you want to add in here. Yeah, so the keyboard is really nice., It’s the same keyboard as on our G14 and our G15. So it’s, a really nice travel and has a very nice feel to it.. It has an SSO power button which is pretty cool., So this button takes your fingerprint at the same time as you turn the laptop on., So you only have to press it once and the system turns on and boots and as soon as it loads Windows it’s, Then going to send the fingerprint to Windows to authenticate., So you don’t have to turn on the laptop and then wait until Windows is ready and then put your finger on it.

Again. Surprisingly, a lot of laptops still work. That way., I think even the latest MacBooks are …. Sorry am I supposed to say …. Am I allowed to say that Yes.? Do we have to cut that out, Yeah., So … We love comparisons. Here., We love to put things head to head. Okay.. I don’t want to diss it I’m. Just saying I was honestly surprised, but yeah there’s still a surprising amount of laptops that still require you to put your finger on the power button, fingerprint button twice., So yeah that’s, pretty cool. Single sign on power. Button.. We got the hotkeys as well, which is pretty convenient, especially during these days, having a hotkey to write, adjust the volume and mute the microphone. Whoever would have thought that’s going to be that useful and that commonly used, but yeah in gaming. It has been very useful for years. So that’s why we have that.. We have a huge touchpad as well. Glass, touchpad it’s, pretty nice. IO ports are on the right side.. We got a USB A and a micro SD card reader.. There are people asking why don’t you put in a full SD card reader, because a lot of people do want a full size, SD card reader. And the reason is essentially, you have to make a compromise in how much space you have in a laptop to put Io, ports in. And essentially we already put in as many IO ports as we can.

And then so, if you want to add a full size, SD card reader, they’re pretty big., So you can imagine it’s, then the choice. What else do you remove to have a full size, SD card reader Micro, SD card reader in return, it’s, so small, that you can add it easily without having to compromise anything else. So yeah, instead of sacrificing a full size USB, A or C port, or possibly, Two to have enough space for a full size SD, we added a micro SD which, for drones and dash cams, are really useful. Cool.. On the other side, we got HDMI Gigabit LAN, another USB, A and two USB type C, one of them being Thunderbolt, and we also got the combo jack here for audio and yeah. This one supports Type C charging 100 watts.. So we upgraded that for all 2021 ROG models. We can now Type C charge up to 100 watts. So that doesn’t replace your traditional charger. You still need your full size adapter. If you want to play games, if you want to get the full performance out of the laptop, but you can also just take a Type C charger with you. And in a meeting room, you can just plug that in.. Those chargers are tiny.. They’Re like this big.. They weigh around 100 grams or 80 grams, so you can save a lot of weight. And it’s more likely. One of those is sitting around from some other device.

, So yeah it’s a good … Yeah exactly. option to have. Like in most places. Now you have a Type C charger already and more and more of them are becoming PD power delivery as well., So for our phones, for example, our ROG phone and our ASUS phones. We also switched to Type C PD.. They also support quick charge, but the chargers are PD., So you can basically use that charger to charge your laptop as well.. You have it already right And yeah. We upgraded all the batteries in our 2021 models as well., We can quick charge from zero to 50. In only 30 minutes., And we can even do that on the Type C charger., So that’s a really cool feature as well. Very cool., And is there any other trick or final feature you’d like to show off before before we say goodbye here, Yeah? Well so you talked about thickness. Weight is pretty cool as well. It’s, 1.9 kilos and there’s a white version and a black version just like with the G15 and G14, and I don’t know how well you can see it in the light here. It doesn’t. Look that nice but we’ll, send you some B roll where you can see it really clearly. There is a version … I can see. I can see shimmering happening yeah.. It looks way better, though, with the right lighting., So basically there’s a prismatic film that’s, built into the laptop lid and based on the right angle of the light it reflects in different colors and the light shifts the colors shift around.

. So when you open up the laptop there’s, this nice little animation in different colors that shimmers on it, which looks really cool as well. Very cool. People love those eye catching design, features. That’s. What makes a laptop stand out over another.. Thank you. So much Sascha. I’ve been Matthew Buzzi. Tune in in the future for a full review of the system.. Obviously, a lot to talk about..