This is the brand new rog zephyrus g14, and it is a stunning looking laptop, although the eagle eyed among you may have noticed that i have another laptop here. This is actually last years, g14 weve got the 2021 and the 2022 versions all and busted new hotness. Although i should say that you can get them both in black or white. I just so happen to have one of each, but the white is definitely the better. Looking right so asus fixed just about every complaint i had, this is faster, it lasts longer, theyve refreshed the design. This laptop is so much better, but actually the really exciting bit is whats going on on the inside, as this has gone full team red with an amd cpu and an amd gpu combo. This is legitimately a huge overhaul even over last years g14. Firstly, you can see we now have a much bigger, touchpad, also bigger and more comfortable keycaps. The hinge now goes all the way back. Making the old g14 feel quite restrictive. Actually, we get a brighter faster and taller 16 by 10 screen. Brightness is now up to 500 nits up from 300, and i measured pretty close to that around 480 with last years, maxing out at about 315. response times have been slashed from 25 down to just three milliseconds, and also now we get this taller 16 by 10 Aspect ratios, so this 14 inch screen feels a little less cramped.

We also get adaptive sync dolby vision, hdr 100, p3 color accuracy, its pantone certified, and it is still a matte panel, its a lovely screen and not just for gaming. I mean you could use the power of this for work and productivity apps as well and because its color accurate for me, even as a video editor, i would definitely consider using this and i think, side by side. These are both set to 175 scaling in windows. Uh theyre not zoomed in at all in chrome, and you can see just how much extra stuff were getting on screen im trying to avoid the word screen real estate, but it does make a difference and now weve got rid of this big chunky chin at the Bottom, it looks a lot better as well and theyve even managed to squeeze in a webcam hooray. We didnt get one last year for whatever reason, and it is still pretty basic but its better than nothing and we get an ir sensor. So it supports face unlocking and thats. Alongside the fingerprint reader thats built into the power button around the sides, there is a new micro sd card port. Although a full size sd would have been nicer. We also get two full size type. A usb port, along with two type cs, which im told at least one of will be updated to support usb4 sometime in the near future and on the inside. We have the latest wi fi 6e and also pcie 4 ssd storage, which is a little bit faster than before, but nothing really to write home about and powering everything is a decent sized 76 watt hour battery with charging via dc or the type c ports.

Oh, and also the power brick is a little bit bigger now and 240 watts up from 180.. You barely feel this carrying around in a backpack. If you have the money or very rich parents, this would be a really good work. Laptop work, laptop gaming laptop for students as well. You could carry it around all day, especially as the battery life is better as well now, which ill come back to in a second, its amazing how much they can cram in such a small form factor, and also the famous anime matrix led makes a return. This is an optional feature on certain models, but it is now 20 brighter and we get more leds 1449 to be exact. I do still think its kind of fun with little messages or logos, but you can turn it off to save battery slightly. More importantly, though, if you boot up the asus armory crate, you can use a little shortcut button here. You will see the new g14 supports an mux switch, a mux switch, which is either in the default hybrid or the dedicated gpu modes, and so hybrid will actually switch to the less power hungry, integrated graphics on the processor, when youre doing less demanding stuff, which can Make a big difference to your battery life. So if all that is not reason enough to upgrade the big news, the headline really with the g14 is whats. Going on on the inside weve got these two amd stickers: theres, not an intel core or an rtx in sight with full amd here, and you can get this with either a ryzen 6800 hs or 6900 hs.

These are both eight core 16 thread chips and also either a radeon rx, 6700s or 6800s graphics card. This is all new hardware for 2022 and its also paired with up to 32 gigs of ddr5 ram and a terabyte of ssd storage. Now, if you dont already know, can you guess how much this might be because its a lot, this top spec new g14, will set you back a cool 2500, although it does start from sixteen hundred dollars, which i think is actually gon na, be the better option. Its a lot of money and more expensive than last year now, if we can get a little bit nerdy for a minute, most of the cpu improvements here are down to the new six nanometer zen, three plus cores thats down from seven nanometers on the previous 5000 Series chips and also were getting improved power management, for example. This can put idle cores, or even all of them, to sleep to save power, and it does this, even during tiny pauses like when you stop scrolling or between inputs, the 35 watt tdp of both chips. Doesnt really tell you that much as it can go up or down significantly based on what youre doing so with these new chips, its all about efficiency, efficiency efficiency. I love that joke. The thing is its actually not that much faster versus the 5900 hs in last years, g14 in cinebench r23 were looking at a seven percent boost in single core and just three percent in multi core, however, its the efficiency and also having that mug switch.

That means we are getting a nice bump in battery life here, for example, after an hour of youtube, last years, g14 had 85 of its battery left versus 90 on the new one and ive been getting around eight hours of normal non gaming use out of this. Whereas it was closer to six and a half last year, but gaming on battery is still pretty rubbish. It slashes your frame rate, at least in half, and neither the new or the old g14 lasts a full hour. Now this older g14 can be specced with up to an nvidia, rtx, 3060 and thats. What ive got in here? This is the top spec model, also with a qhd screen. I actually bought this myself just so i could compare it for this video and hopefully thats worth a little subscriber, maybe a ding of that bell, icon, but now on the new one, we have a couple of amd options on the cheaper models you get the 6700s Or you have the higher spec 6800s, which ive got here now. There are a bunch of variables, but the 6800s is roughly between the 3060 and the 3070 in terms of performance. Both amd cards do support dxr ray tracing so through windows, directx 12 and also, more importantly, we get fidelity, fx super resolution, aka fsr aka, amds version of nvidias dlss tech, which does work well, but its still, not as widely supported, and that can be an issue.

Now, before we get to the gaming tests, there is one other thing to consider about this, and that is whats called the amd advantage. The combination of using an amd cpu and a gpu basically gives you more than the sum of its parts. This could be a whole video by itself, but one of the big features is called smart shift max where the cpu and the gpu can actually transfer power to each other dynamically in real time, based on what youre doing and whether you have a more cpu or Gpu intensive task, but the fact it allows the 6800s to boost from 80 up to 105 watts in graphically intensive apps, or you know, games by taking power from the cpu when its not needed as much thats, pretty cool and then theres. Also, our good friend, sam or smart access memory, which lets the cpu take advantage of the gpus vram if it needs to in heavily cpu bound tasks, its all very clever and also very technical. But it goes on behind the scenes and essentially gives you extra performance for free, okay, so ive kept you waiting long enough lets put this to the test. Is it really much of a step up? In the 3dmark time, spy benchmark were looking at a 19 optic and then in the extreme version of the same test, its 15 faster, not too shabby. But, of course it is all about the games and look at that.

Half of the ones on test are actually slower on the new g14 and the main reason for that is nvidias dlss, which in battlefield and fortnite, made quite a big difference to your frame rate, although surprisingly, in rainbow six siege with or without dlss, i couldnt get Close to the frame rates on the new g14 and thats, despite it not even supporting amds fsr. So i would say at this point its worth considering what you play if youve got a favorite game and whether that supports dlss or amds fsr or both and then maybe thats, you know a reason to either not upgrade or pick this one over this one. But going forward were only going to see more and more developers optimize for fsr thats going for the wrong one there for amds fsr and that will definitely even the playing field, but all things being equal if we turn off or ignore the obscuring tech. Just for a moment, this is a good 15 to 18 faster than this and puts it much closer to the rtx 30 17.. Both laptops still get pretty toasty, though i recorded 97 degrees on the cpu during my testing, so no difference there, but i did notice the exterior temps on the new g14 were a couple of degrees lower, but its not really that significant and also where you actually Have your fingers on the wasd keys its much the same when youre not gaming, and have the g14 in windows or seller mode? You never really hear the fans and it doesnt heat up, which is nice, and it definitely makes this usable as a work or everyday laptop as well, but under load it does get quite hot and especially in turbo mode.

Youll want a pair of headphones to drown out that fan. So the big question: should you buy the new g14? Well, if you have the current g14, no, its not worth it. Yes, theres lots of nice to have upgrades and its a little bit faster in some games, but absolutely not. This is still a fantastic laptop and if you can get this on a good deal or discount, especially as this comes out definitely still worth considering. But this, as i say, does also fix pretty much every criticism i had about this bigger trackpad, more comfortable keyboard, longer battery life, much nicer screen. We get the webcam back at 16 by 10 having the mux switch, which i guess goes towards that battery life point, but it is such a refined, laptop and the performance results from this all amd setup are impressive, but theres, two things to think about. Firstly, dlss often can be better, or at least, as i say, more widely supported and also the price. This top spec model 2500 is an awful lot of money. Maybe just the premium you pay for a 14 inch form factor. I mean the new razer blade 14, for example, which comes with a slightly beefier 6900 hx processor and a higher end. Nvidia gpu costs almost 3 000 and, to be honest, i think if you dont have your heart set on this 14 inch g14, then consider it slightly bigger brother, the g15, which will get you a much better bang for buck in terms of performance.

But that is not to say that i dont genuinely love this laptop, its one of my favorite gaming laptops or actually just one of my favorite laptops of the year. So far, although i do appreciate were only in february, but for me, while i havent tested it yet i do think the cheaper or maybe even the entry level model of this is gon na be a better option.