But i didnt really care, because this is what i dreamed of over the last few years, a computer powerful enough to do all the complex tasks i needed for without any lag frame rate drops and stuff like that and its mine no need for borrowing one anymore. So yeah here it is, i mean this is the box, but it is inside well at least its supposed to be lets find out, as you have probably figured out by now, this isnt your average laptop review. I wont be looking at benchmarks or performance in games. Theres, a ton of videos to do that already, instead im going to focus on my first experience with it now thats enough talking lets get this thing out of the box, because i really cant hold back my excitement any longer in the box. There is, of course, the computer itself, the power brick manuals, warranty information, safety cards, stuff like that and customizable plates now. I think that is unique to the advantage edition im, not sure, but i think the normal g15 doesnt have that feature, but yeah you can change those plates. I kind of like this silver one, but i like default the red one even better, so i think im gon na leave it at that. This laptop feels solid and extremely well built, but fingers uh leave residue as it is a metal black finish. So here it is the asus asus asus. Well, the rog strix g15 advantage edition a 15 inch all amd gaming laptop, oh wow.

This looks gorgeous now. Lets talk a bit about the specs. This laptop is equipped with a very powerful graphics card. The amd radeon rx 6800 m. It has a gddr6 graphical memory, um, so vram 12 gigabytes of it, which is not a lot for a desktop, but uh. An awful lot for laptop um and graphical card is, of course, combined with a very powerful processor. The amd ryzen 9 5900 hx uh yeah thats right, oh uh, so there are two screen options. I have the 15.6 inch ips wq screen uh with a 165 hertz refresh rate uh, yeah and theres also a 300 option, which is probably great for people who play a lot of first person. Shooter games. I mean i dont play those, so i dont really care about 300 hertz, i mean yeah. I am really excited about um writing in ms word, at 300 frames per second yeah, just joking for us yeah. So i have the higher solution. Uh and a lower refresh rate screen option and the 300 hertz screen is um just 1080p, i mean 720 by 1080 yeah and yeah. This one, of course, is 2560 by uh one four, four zero. I think yeah uh. Also, there is 16 uh gigabytes of ddr4 ram, which can be upgraded to 32 gigs and uh. My laptop has one terabyte of um ssd, so yeah um. This is um about the specs. I think everything i dont think ive missed anything.

It was a bit messed up. I apologize for that because i i havent written it down so im, just trying to remember everything straight from my head and yeah my brain doesnt work very well. Apparently now uh yeah now lets talk about um, oh yeah. Of course, i forgot to mention a very important thing: the price um, the thing that makes this laptop special is its price. I mean yeah, of course, it isnt cheap. It costs around uh, 2 000 uh euro. In my country i think its uh 2 100, with the one terabyte hard drive option. I mean ssd um, i mine was 1900 euro because there was a small black friday sale but yeah. This is quite a good price for a laptop like this. Actually, in the current times – and i i mean uh dont be mistaken – this is an awful lot of money for me but yeah. It is quite an okay price point for a laptop this powerful in todays times with um shortage of chips and everything so uh yeah uh. The graphics card itself is comparable to nvidia rtx 3070, maybe even uh, somewhere between 30 17 80 mobile, of course, um. So yeah and its far cheaper than the 3080 and thats why this laptop is such a good value now, since this is all amd, laptop theres, no thunderbolt ports or uh dlss upscaling, but i dont mind any of that. I dont have any thunder thunderbolt accessories and im, also not a hardcore gamer, so i dont really care about upscale upscaling, either its no secret.

Most people buy this kind of computer to play games, but im not really one of them. I mean i do play games. Occasionally but thats not the reason i bought this computer uh. It, of course, runs games really well, as you can see, we have some very decent fps in gta 5 and keep in mind that i was recording this with this computer and recording on a computer takes quite a lot of resources, so yeah. This is quite impressive. Really i dont use flight simulators a lot lately. I somehow dont have enough time – or i dont know, but i have tested x plane of course, and it runs on high settings, so its steady, 60 fps um, i mean yeah depending on the plane, something like a zebra mod 737 or a totally safety 90. If youre 19 is around 50, i think and simply playing cessnas and small another small ga aircraft. Of course, with those you can reach higher fps now in terms of what i primarily use the computer, for it does an awfully good job too. Music production in cubase, of course, works perfectly with the specs like these and in terms of video editing its able to play back multiple streams of full hd video with effects and color correction in real time, which is very important for the kind of work im doing Export times are also insanely fast now lets explain this whole advantage. Edition thing essentially aimed advantage, is aim this program for all amd laptops, meaning laptops with both amds cpus and gpus that have to pass certain quality checks.

The screen has to have a high enough refresh rate. The thermos must be good enough and stuff like that. I wont go into the details, but if you want to learn more about it, i will leave a link in the description below now. From the hardware perspective, the computer also features a very nice keyboard and rgb light, and i must say that the trackpad is really good for a windows. Laptop now lets also talk a bit about the downsides. First of all, there is no camera which i mean in were in 2021. This is a 2021 model. Why would you build a laptop without a camera? In 2021 i mean yeah its mostly made from gamers, but still i think they could add a camera. But okay, you can connect an external camera um then a laptop like this uh consumes a lot of power. This is actually really good with power management uh it it has a really long battery life, but the charger is really big and quite heavy and another downside. There appears to be an issue with random restarts the computer crashes and restarts randomly. This happened a few times and in the computer management it at least is as a critical kernel error under the event id 41.. I believe it has something to do with the power management and the integration of armory crate, that asuss program, which is, among other things, responsible for different power modes, etc. Now, uh also the fans when on uh performance mode, the fans can get quite noisy, they reach up to 4, 500 rpm so yeah, and they are kind of loud other than that yeah um.

Oh, my god. I have to show you this uh video. When i was setting up the computer for the first time uh, i did not expect a sound effect on full volume when it would boot up and it almost blew my head off. I mean i, i almost fell out of my chairs as ill show you in this video now. Yes, this was actually a thing, so yeah um, so yeah thanks for watching thats it for this video um. Please leave a like if you liked it and subscribe to my channel. You really helped me by subscribing and, of course, watching the videos. You can also ring that bell to get notified.