This is the g15 series and Ill get you the full model when we get to the bottom of the unit for those that are curious, but this is a 15.6 inch gaming laptop. It is the AMD ryzen based model and so lets start Ill. Go over. All the specs first and then well take a look at all the different ports all the way around and so first lets pull up the system properties here and let me get you a little better closer view here, so you can see all that. So you can see this one has the AMD ryzen 9., its got the 5900 or 5980 HX rather processor, and of course that has the the built in uh Radeon, graphics, right there, clocking in at 3.3 gigahertz weve got a mod of 16 gigabytes of RAM there And then this one came with Windows 11 and let me expand this Windows. 11 home there. You go all right. Lets, take a look at the device manager here and you can see. Weve got a 512 gigabyte SSD. There weve got the of course. The the integrated, radian, graphics and weve got the dedicated RX 6800 M and let me pull up the uh dedicated graphics memory for those that are interested gon na hop over here to Performance and weve, got dedicated 12 gigabytes for the graphics for the GPU. So thats pretty substantial, not too bad and again thats the RX 6800 in there.

We also have for those interested. If you need to pause, you can see all different Wi, Fi and uh different wireless adapters on this one theres. All the cores and threads expanded on that ryzen 9 processor and, like I said, has a 512 storage. Once you get the windows 11 loaded up, you can see youre left with about 400 gigabytes out of that 453 and thats, probably minus the recovery partition, thats thats hidden there. So those are the the basic specs again its a 15.6 inch display. Ive got the brightness. All the way cranked up right now and Ill just kind of go side to side. So you can see how the brightness changes a little bit not too bad, though its pretty pretty consistent from side to side there, and we do have a fairly a fairly small bezel going around here. All the way up, one thing Ill point out is: I am not seeing a webcam anywhere. Sometimes they put it down here at the bottom, but Im not seeing a webcam, so Im going to say this one does not have a webcam on it. So thats kind of interesting, let us know what you think about that in the comments below. Is that a Miss? Is that something they should have added on here or is it no big deal? Let us know what you think then well take a look here at the Palm rester and the keyboard and everything now these are.

These products are used that we get in our shop, so I mean you can see this one has some wear and tear here from the Palm rest area. This has been all wiped down, but you know sometimes these finishes that the manufacturers use here over time. They with the oils and stuff from our skin, they kind of wear, and you start to see some of this, so that is something to be aware of. With this finish, this one does seem to show some some wear and tear like that. It does have a backlit keyboard, you can see and it has different colors going from left to right and Im pretty sure you can change those configure. Those as youd like to its got the kind of the trademark Asus keyboard with the wsd keys separate. There kind of intended for gaming, specifically of course, and youve, got a pretty typical keyboard layout over off to the side here. Youve got some play: stop reverse four, that sort of thing a print screen and then a delete insert key up top and of course, pretty standard function keys there, and then we also have a separate bank at the top there for volume, youve got a mute for Your microphone, this one, okay, its got, maybe different profiles. Yeah, it looks like for the fan you can do silent on the screen. It shows that you can do balanced silent balance. Okay, thats it. For now those are the two different modes.

So I guess, if youre somewhere, where you dont, want to hear the the fans you can turn that down it. Maybe changes some different characteristics on the processor and whatnot and then youve got, of course, the the standard uh Asus. I believe they call it. The Armory crate button there that pulls up everything here and while thats loading Ill just show you again and the rest of the keys. You do have some small LEDs up here. Weve got its really tiny. Youve got. Of course, a power light bulb hard drive. If youre plugged in charging – and then I think, thats airplane mode, if Im seeing that icon properly and its got a really interesting kind of micro print of the Rog, just repeated Rog Rog right here, thats kind of an interesting detail and it kind of cuts. Diagonally and all that has the the microbe right there pretty interesting detail and of course, youve got. Your kind of hexagonal shaped Asus power button over there, and then it looks like were finally loading here on the Armory crate. I guess it needs to install so well kind of come back to that. A little bit later, youve got a pretty decent size track pad in fact get the ruler out here. So you can see were measuring just over five inches wide and it looks like about three inches tall there, so pretty decent sized track pad and of course you got your stickers for the Horizon stuff.

Now I do like theyve got some down Lighting on here Im, starting to see a lot more of this on gaming laptops, its kind of a nice touch and you can see its changing and it goes all the way from left to write. Although I will say, if Im being a little bit critical, the brightness the way you know theyve got the the LEDs shining through here. Their brightness is not as consistent, and I think you can probably see that in the video here, especially depending on what colors but its kind of brighter right here and then right on the edges and then it kind of Fades. A little bit here looks like theyve got another light in the center here: thats, not as bright and then again over on this side. So thats thats one thing that, if youre being picky, I think they could improve on that a little bit. But lets take a look here at the the ports. Well start over here on the right side set the camera down. So you can get a little bit better angle here. So again, those LEDs. They go to sleep with the keyboard backlight, but they stop abruptly right here and then you got no ports on this side. You do have some fins here and some ventilation going on in there, and that is it on this right side, so thats kind of interesting, no ports whatsoever and then check out this hinge design its kind of an interesting hinge, design watch how, when you open and Close how that works and allows you, I guess, to go back a little bit further and it doesnt rest at all on there and that hinge just kind of tucks in there kind of reminds me of a a trunk on a car.

You know like on a sedan the way those arms are going in and out of there. So thats kind of an interesting detail, but yeah really simple on this side. Well, keep going around to the back and Ill show you the ports first and then the well get to the top. You can see. We got more ventilation on both sides and its interesting theres, a different design here. So it looks like over here. Theyve got Roman numerals mm v i and then over here its just plain and simple, so thats kind of a nice detail that theyve put in there then weve got a standard USB port USB C, which is cant quite make out that what theyve got next to Their on that particular Port there, its really tiny it might be – a powered USBC, perhaps, and maybe a almost looks like a mini display port icon. Definitely let us know in the comments, if you know what that is, because I cant quite make that out then over here weve got HDMI and then ethernet and then charging port there, its just a standard with a uh, a tip, a pin in the middle, and Then tip there, so nothing too uh extravagant. So if you lose your power adapter, you can probably get an aftermarket one, not two without too much difficulty. This one for those interested is 280 Watts, its 20 volts 14 amps. You can see the part number right there, but yeah.

This is the original power adapter there pretty straightforward design and then Asus does something kind of interesting here on this little bezel thats on the back. Is you can swap this out? If you dont, like that color they give you a red one here and then a translucent one. This one just has an r on it, whereas the other two have the Rog on it so yeah and then, as far as the the upper part of this back, you can see. Youve got this kind of standard Asus with the pins in the geometric grid fashion. Some of these are cut out, though so Im not sure if theres some sensors under there or whats going on, but you can see through some of those are, are cut out and then youve got the same exact deal going on here on the the lid. Pretty typical for an Asus gaming laptop and, of course, their logo off to the side, its always been a big fan of this. It just kind of breaks up the lid there. This one is, you turn side to side, theres, nothing like a holographic or you know, different colors in the the pinholes. This one just has the Rog kind of micro print again and again as if you go different angles, you can kind of see what that looks. Like its uh, not really a different color, but it kind of reflects different as you come across it, its kind of a nice detail.

There lets take a look here over at the left side. Of course, weve got more ventilation pretty typical there and then weve got two more USB ports on this side and then a looks like a triport uh yeah for a headset with mic and everything there so kind of interesting Im noticing theres only one USB C port On the whole laptop, so thats kind of interesting and thats pretty much it. This app never really loaded, and we got to restart so Im not going to show you that here. But let me hop over to the bottom and get you all the specifics on the model and everything I always like. The way Aces does the bottom of their units just give you a little bit something interesting to look at, so you can see. Of course, youve got some nice ventilation on either side there and then some more cutouts down here and just everythings. You know different angles and it just breaks everything up. Of course, this is for those who dare back. On top some nice big beefy, rubber, silicone pads are on the bottom, definitely have seen ones with taller pads, but you know its enough to elevate and get the laptop for for ventilation and then, of course, you have more on the bottom. These are about the same thickness as the ones on the top and youve got one two three across the bottom there and otherwise thats pretty much. It youve got this little detail here some numbers and then of course, Republic of Gamers bring it in a little bit closer if you need to make out the full model.

So this one is the g15 or 51 series rather 513 and its the g513 qy sg15r96800 and so thats going to pull up the full specs exactly like this one, as opposed to the series over here, the g513 qy, and forgive me if I said earlier, I Think I might have said g15, so its actually the g513. So sorry about the confusion there, but that is the configuration on this one. Let me back up a little bit and you can see taking this apart. Youve got one two three four screws up top and then two more right here and thats eight total and then youve got one two three four along the bottom, so 12 screws total. That seems to be pretty typical nowadays on gaming laptops and it looks like thats gon na pretty much take off this whole bottom. In fact, it looks like its going to come across this seam right here and thats, going to pull off the whole bottom panel. Same thing over here on this side, it looks like that seam is right, kind of in the middle of those ports and then going up. So it kind of goes around the sides a little bit more as opposed to ones that have just a bottom plate. That comes off so kind of an interesting detail there, but I hope this kind of walk around is helpful for those that are interested in this particular laptop. Let us know what you think in the comments below what are three things that you like about this laptop and three things that you dislike Im going to say.

First up three things that I like. I do like how Asus does the backlighting on their keyboard and they added this little detail along the the bottom Im going to come back to that on. My dislikes, though second, like would be, I think the screen looks. You know real nice and bright, especially different angles, and I do like how they did a nice, thin bezel all the way around and then last, like you know, I always think Asus does a good job with kind of breaking up the monotony when youve got a Device with casing thats all the same here and theyve got this kind of micro print there on the the laptop to make it look a little bit more interesting and you got of course same thing here on the lid, so thats kind of interesting. Those are my my three likes and then actually that was just two likes, my uh. No, that was three. I did the the lighting down here the screen and then the pattern, so those are three three dislikes are going to be first off theres, only one USBC port on this unit. Here on the back, I think thats a Miss. Let me know what you think in the comments. If you agree, youve got plenty of USB ports. You got one two three, but only one USB C Port. So I think I would have liked to see at least you know one or two more and like I was showing you earlier theres, nothing on this side portwise.

So I think I would have liked to see maybe two USBC ports right here on the side or maybe a an SD slot, or something like that just to fill in this uh, this void so thats. Definitely a dislike lets see. Another dislike is going to be this surface, this material on the palm restroom you can see like, like I said before, weve wiped this down, but it does retain some fingerprints and some of the oils. Some of the other Asus laptops that weve had in the shop didnt do this. They had more of a. I dont know some kind of metal alloy here. This feels more more on the plastic side and then its got. You know this kind of printing on it. So you know it: doesnt maybe hold up quite as well as some of the other units that weve had in the shop there and then my last dislike is going to be with this lighting. You know I said I do like that, but I I do think in this price point. They could have done perhaps a better job, making it more consistent, all the way across and and theres just some bright spots. You know it doesnt look as even as I think they uh they could have done there so thats my last dislike, but let me know what you think in the comments below what are three dislikes and three likes on this particular laptop. But I hope this walk around was helpful for you.

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