That will give you a hernia as soon as you even glance, its way notice. This stinky wee thing here which, if you were so inclined, you could easily slip inside of a moderately sized handbag. This is the rog floor, z13 aka, the nr2201, the worlds most powerful gaming tablet which converts effortlessly into laptop form and packs the kind of specs that would make even the average tech heads trousers explode in merriment. And if you want a gaming machine to carry around all day long, but like me, you have the stature of a slightly feeble stout, then basically job done so izzys just revealed this latest rog device live on stage in vegas and believe me, its probably one of The most impressive things to be whipped out on that stage, even for vegas now, zeus were kind enough to send me a preview device. So i could check it out ahead of the launch and theyve only gotten sponsored me as well. So i can share all of the specs and the best beefy bits, the fine fork at home, so big thanks to asus and heres a closer look at this sexy wii slab. So the first thing you got ta love about the org floor z13 – is that sleek metal chassis its as tough as your mum, after a pint of sherry and yet its just 12 millimeters thick and weighs just over one kilo, making it one of the most portable Pc gaming devices out there the display almost fills the hole at that front end with a super skinny surround so theres no wasted space to speak of and that solid chassis sports, all kinds of flair, including a we transparent window with rgb lighting.

So you can marvel at those precious synods frankly, for what is essentially a big black rectangle. It is rather gorgeous. Azus has somehow found space on the side for a full sized, usb port, as well as dual type c ports and an xg mobile port and youve. Even got a fingerprint sensor built into that power button here on the right edge, so theres no buggering about with pins or passwords. You can happily use the rog flo z13 as a tablet, but when you want to get gaming its time to snap that keyboard cover into place – and it immediately springs to life, ready to use with a slope design for added comfort, each key offers a 1.7 mil Travel depth when struck, which is surprisingly deep, considering the skinny design here that ensures you get proper feedback every time you strike a key without that loose feeling that you sometimes get from cover style, keyboards and that board really is a decent size as well considering this Is a 13 inch device? I could happily touch type on this thing for hours. My only real complaint would be my usual dastardly nemesis. The single row enter key, even though this is a removable board. Youve got the usual rgb shenanigans. Going on that single zone is fully customizable, so you can have the keys pulse and a glorious rainbow of colors or keep them locked on your favorite hue as usual, its all configurable via the rog armory crate, which is just a single button, tap away and ive.

Also got to give props to the stand here at the back end. That hinge is pleasingly stiff fnaf now, so you can basically tilt the device to any angle. You want and itll stay locked in place, even if you get a bit stabby with the touchscreen. Speaking of which that 13 inch ips display is a bit of a stunner offering two different options: either full hd visuals peaking at a silky, smooth, 120hz refresh or a 60hz 4k model. If youd rather have those supremely crisp, ultra hd visuals and no worries. If you want to do some gaming outdoors either, because that screen tops off at a very impressive 500 nits to counter any of that pesky sunlight. If you happen to live in a country that isnt permanently gray its a stereo speaker set up here with two tiny speaker, grilles, positioned on the left and right edges, pumping out clear audio, that is loud enough to clearly hear in a noisy joint, otherwise, youve also Got a headphone, jack and reliable bluetooth support. Now, despite the size of this motor, you can pimp out the orog nr2201 with up to the latest 12th gen intel processors for some proper beefy performance, and despite this crazy, portable design is even managed to stuff an nvidia rtx 3050 ti gpu into the top end Model where youve also got full support for the azus xg mobile, an external gpu that packs some serious grunt. If you really want to push this device to its limits and this gaming slab sports, a vapor chamber, coolant system that is deathly silent, not so much as a faint hiss of escaping air, even when you are blazing through your games and no worries, if you want To get gaming online and blast your fellow human beings right in their stupid, faces with heavy artillery the rog floor z13 supports wi fi 6e connectivity.

So when you plunged your death for the dozenth time, you cant blame it on networks, stutters or cut outs. Just your lack of reflexes because of all those whiskeys you hammered back beforehand and with up to a terabyte of ssf storage on board here as well, youve got bugger tons of space for carrying around plenty of games and because this is just a preview device. Unfortunately, i cant share any of that lovely benchmarking information and so on with you, but im hoping to do a full on review of the orog and our 2201 soon so stay tuned for that and asus also found time to reveal live on stage in vegas. A second gaming device this time the rog zephyrus duo 16.. This is essentially an upgraded version of this. We chappie here boston, upgraded performance, liquid metal coolant and a mini led display with double the refresh rate, so thats 120 hertz for the 4k model, 240 hertz. For the full hd version and thats, not even all of the upgrades either but anyway, you can check out the full details on this bad boy right here and that rog zephyrus duo 16 over on azusas official rog website, full details, links etc will appear in the Description below my face massive thanks again to azus for sponsoring this video and for more on the latest and greatest tech.