Many many years later and the mad scientists at the republic of gamers are at it again because i have with me the most powerful gaming tablet in the world. This is the asus rog flow z13. Now the folks over at the republic of gamers have always been known to push the boundaries and theyre at it once again, because theyre giving us a glimpse in what we could be seeing in the coming years, because this 13 inch tablet, as compact as it is, Is packing some serious hardware now, if you havent seen the flow z13 before it is chunkier than your traditional tablet, but it is easier to take around versus your traditional gaming laptop. I mean if you compare it to one of their zen books, that im also checking out, because i dont have a gaming laptop with me. You can see that theyre about the same thickness, and this is actually extremely light, as well coming in at just 1.1 kilograms, and i dont know if you can relate, but i would have given everything to just roll up with the flow z13 back in the day When we had lan parties where i had to carry my crt, monitor my gaming tower and all the rest of my gear, this would have been a godsend, a couple of years back lets say a decade ago, or maybe even more im guessing that if you do End up getting this tablet its not going to end up being parked at your desk, since portability is one of the key draws after all, so im happy to report that it also feels very durable, of course, thats just based on my initial impressions but asus and The republic of gamers did make sure that they use the best materials to be able to keep it as light as it is, but be able to survive being carried around now.

I dont know if you can see it clearly, but i absolutely love the design of this tablet as well. They say its inspired by the 20th century space race and i definitely see that, but you also see this design language in the current streetwear. But of course it wouldnt be a gaming device without some rgb and i think what theyve done here is really cool. You have that window, so you can see whats at work under the hood, but in a classier way, thats. Not so in your face now. Youre most likely gon na use this tablet propped up on a desk theres, also a very versatile kickstand that can adapt to your preferred viewing angles. I think its 160 degrees, which really has me curious how this would fare on a tray table on a plane. Now that we can travel a bit more now, one thing that you do have to remember is that this is still a gaming tablet, even though it runs a full fledged version of windows, 11, meaning the i o on the flow z13 is a bit scarce on The left side, you have a usbc port, which is probably going to be used for charging the tablet or making sure that youre running with all engines fired up, and you also have the xg mobile interface that were going to be talking about later on and on. The right side youll find its power button that pulls double duty as a fingerprint scanner, the volume rocker and a usb a port plus an audio combo jack.

So you can plug in a mouse if you need to, but for everything else. Youre gon na have to go wireless or go the dongle route if you need to plug in more accessories. Now, aside from its portability, one thing that i really appreciate with the flow z13 is its display. It measures in at 13.4 inches its slightly above full hd. So its 19 by 20 by 1200, so the aspect ratio is 16 by 10, which means youll be seeing black bars if youre gon na be watching movies or youtube videos. But that really doesnt bother me at all youre, also getting a refresh rate of 120 hertz. But the response time is 30 milliseconds. Now i dont really play competitive fps games like valorant or apex legends, so i dont know if the response time is gon na give you a bit of a handicap, but i guess thats, just one of the trade offs because remember this is a gaming tablet. After all, it is pantone validated, though, and covers 100 of the srgb color gamut, so the music videos that were playing on screen look good in person, but in terms of photo and video editing well see how that goes when we test it out more. I think i forgot to mention this: its an ips level display thats, also a touch screen, but anyway lets move on to the good stuff, whats actually powering this monster of a tablet. So there are two configurations that are going to be made available to us here.

In the philippines theres one with a 12th gen, i7 processor, 16 gigabytes of ram, an rtx 3050 and a 512 gigabyte ssd, and then you have the configuration with me. This has pretty much the same specs except you get a bump down to an i5 and were only getting iris, xe graphics. So the big question is: can it actually play full fledged games? The answer is yes, yes, it can, but with a few caveats of course, this is gon na run in the titles really well. So if youre like me and havent, given hades a run for its money, youll have no problems plus all the other, lighter titles that i have in my backlog. Didnt have an issue running on the flow z13. But what about triple a titles now you do have to be plugged in for this and lower the settings all the way down. But i was able to run elden ring on the flow z13 and i was surprised that it ran as smooth as it did to be fair im still starting off on my quest to become the elden lord. But i was expecting this to be a nightmare. I havent run into any big mobs yet or one of the bigger bosses so well see how it does once we get to the full review. But i was pretty much running in the mid to high 20s, not too bad. I was still able to farm a little bit by the way.

Quick detour. Can i just say i love this. Xbox controller ive always been a playstation guy, but this feels so good in the hand, and i really recommend using a controller if youre going to be using the flow z13, especially for ld. Of course, one of the great things about the whole flow lineup from rog is that you have the option to purchase and connect it to their xg mobile station. This gives you access to even more. I o ports, if you really need to hunker down with all of your gear, plus the one they lend to me, has a full on rtx 3080 on board. With this power up, i was able to bump up the settings on elden ring to its highest to really enjoy this gem of a game that, from software made, that really frustrates the hell out of me. But the gameplay was a lot smoother. So theres really only myself to blame for all those deaths with the flow z13 plugged in and now the xg mobile station. I havent found a way to lay everything out so that it looks good but having the option to give that gaming tablet a boost is a really good one. If you have the budget as for battery life, they say this can last up to 12 hours, but we havent fully tested out the endurance of its 56 watt hour battery, but were guessing youre gon na have to keep their 100 watt charging brick handy at all Times dont worry, though it doesnt really take up a lot of space in your backpack plus it only weighs 300 grams.

Of course, before we end this video, i have to talk about the price of the asus rog flow z13 and im gon na give you a second to get ready, ready now ill have all the specs up on screen, but for the i7 version, thats. Just shy of a hundred thousand pesos, so thats 99995, and for the one that we have, that has an i5 processor and iris xe graphics, its 84 995 pesos. Now, if you want the xg mobile station to go along with it, theres also two versions. The one with the rtx 3080 is priced at 89 990, based on a lazada listing that we found. But if you want to go team red theres, one with a radeon, rx, 6850m xt thats priced at 69, 995 pesos its so hard to remember all these product names. To be honest, and yes, i know you should have also seen my face when i saw how much everything was gon na cost, but this is the price of pushing tech forward. The rog flow z13 is not gon na be for everyone, because if you want all the top stuff thats, almost 190 000 pesos, now you could get a full fledged gaming laptop thats, more affordable, but depending on what you do and how much you value, pork ability, The z13 could be a real game, changer, so thats pretty much. My first impressions of the asus rog flow z13, like i said in the start, for someone who started off with a gameboy and saw the evolution of gaming devices to what we have now.

This tablet really blew my mind anyway, if you like this video, give us a thumbs up sub to the channel, make sure you hit that notification bell. If you have any questions, please leave them down below and ill try my best to get to them as soon as i can for all the latest in tech head to plus, follow us on facebook, instagram, tick, tock and listen to our podcast on spotify. My name is tito: james peace.