I was like this has to be a gimmick right, like i9 12900h inside of a tablet like theres, no way this thing is going to perform well, but now that i have it in the studio and ive been using it. I am absolutely blown away gadgets like this products like this that push the envelope get me truly excited im, not saying this is for everybody. This is definitely a niche product, but the fact that asus could do this is incredible. Now the kicker is that this thing costs 18.99 and that nets you an i9 12900h with an rtx 3050 ti. There are cheaper models, but when you compare it to the surface pro 8, which has a very similar form factor, the high end surface, pro 8 for an i7 fully loaded is 2400 and that doesnt even include a keyboard. This comes standard with a keyboard in the box. Now there are some differences. This is heavier at 2.6 pounds its very premium with a metal back. You have a little window that allows you to see the motherboard. It does light up an rgb which i think is super duper cool. You have a very sturdy hinge that can go 170 degrees. You have ports for your micro sd card slot and the m2, which is a smaller form factor and doesnt run as fast as the more higher end. Laptops is easily replaceable, now its not as thin as the surface pro 8, and it is a bit bigger, as you can see here, but its still very good.

You know like especially when you compare it to the thickness of a regular laptop. You are saving some real estate now. One thing that is a drawback of this – and this goes for most tablets – is the port selection, like you only get a usb a port and an audio jack on the right hand, side plus you have your volume, control and power button and then, on the other Side, you have a usb type c port. This is thunderbolt 4 and then you have asuss proprietary xg mobile connect port. Now this is interesting because if you take off the rubber, which i did here, you still have access to a type c port which is fully usable, its not thunderbolt, 4, its only usb 3.2. So you can use it as a connection for your display. You can hook up uh nvme ssd, whatever you want its totally usable, you just cant run lets, say an external gpu off of it now. The only thing i dont like is the keyboard. This is very reminiscent of microsofts original keyboards from their early days of the surface pro line its very soft in the middle. So if youre like a hardcore typer slamming on that keyboard, its going to feel a bit soft, you do have rgb its not per key rgb, but you can change the color of the keyboard, which is kind of nice. The travel distance is really good, 1.7 millimeter. So there is a tactile experience, but the downfall to this style is that you get a really really small touchpad, its not the biggest touchpad.

When you use it, it is accurate, but if im using this all day, i would have loved to have something a bit bigger. Now there is a webcam at the top, its 720p, but it doesnt support windows, hello and theres, no fingerprint scanner to quickly log. You in you do have a beautiful 16 by 10 13.4 inch display. This is the 1920×1200 version, but there is a 4k option that runs at 60hz, honestly, just by the full hd plus version, it looks pixel dense enough, especially on a 13 inch display. I feel like youre, paying way too much for the 4k option and its just not worth the extra bucks plus you get the 120 hertz refresh rate, which is significantly better for gaming. Now the i9 12900h is the exact same i9 youd find in the new razer blade, 15 or even other asus products. The big difference, though, is the amount of power thats being pushed to. It has to be reduced in order to keep the thermals down youre, going to get the same single core clock speeds as the best and fastest laptops on the market, but the multi core speed has been reduced in order to keep the thermals in line. Not a big deal considering its size. In fact, the performance on this is quite remarkable, very similar to the 6900 hs that youd find in the g14 or the fastest 11th gen processor from last year. If youre buying this for content creation, it actually performed very well.

Remember this is an rtx 3050 ti, so its not the fastest rtx card you can buy, but overall it does a remarkable job if youre using this for portable work, if you buy asus xg mobile, this is the rtx 3080. This is a laptop version of it. 150 watts are being produced here. The experience becomes even better, like production scores, just jump up and very comparable to the stuff that youd see this year, limited by to the amount of ram that you can put inside of here, but overall, a very good jump in performance. The downfall to this, though, is that this is a fifteen hundred dollar. Add on i checked amazon i checked best buy. I cant find it anywhere. I even checked asuss website and its completely out of stock. So the problem is, can you get one of these and, more importantly, do you want to spend the money on buying something like this? If youre buying this to game, it does a fantastic job. In fact, its right, in line with the rtx 3080 ti the 105 watt version of it that youd find in the razer blade 15., so that mobile connect is a really good solution. Now, some of you are probably asking why not just use your own external gpu trust me, i tried and you do get better results than the rtx 3050 ti its just that its not reliable like for one. This wont, let you put it into turbo mode at all, if youre using a egpu, not their mobile solution and number two, its very its very glitchy, you know like egps, are never a good thing right like you, never get consistent performance heat management on this is Amazing, like this thing, is always under 80 degrees, no matter how hard i am pushing this thing, it just does a fantastic job sure it has to limit the amount of power going to that cpu, but its still very respectable fan.

Noise is also amazing on this. Under full load on turbo mode with things going crazy, the loudest this thing gets is 44 decibels. I will say this, though: the fans do kick on a bit sooner than most other laptops, just because of the form factor its a little bit thinner. So keep that in mind, but it never goes over 44 decibels. As for upgrading, this theres, not much you can do ram is soldered on same with the cpu which, by the way, is using liquid metal, and the only thing that you can truly swap out is the nvme ssd, which you have access to right. On the back. You dont have to open this thing up and start messing with stuff theres, a vapor chamber, cooler inside wi, fi six east, while the bells and whistles are there. I will say this: the speaker placement is on the bottom sides, so not the most ideal position compared to the surface pro 8, which has them directly in front theyre, very clear, theyre, clean and crisp. They just dont get too loud, so you probably want to use headphones. If you are in a loud environment. Battery life is okay. On this i mean this is an h series, processor, so its nowhere near as good as the surface pro 8. I got about five hours and 21 minutes before needing a charge using pc marks modern day office test. Now, some of you might be asking: should you still go for the surface pro 8, or should you just buy the z13 instead, and it really depends on what youre doing? Okay, the advantages of the pro 8 is quieter fence its a lighter device, way better battery life and a better pen to display experience, so if youre sketching and drawing its going to feel better and work better on this than the flow z13.

However, on paper, this guy is a much better deal and you get everything performance portability you just lose out on lets, say battery life and maybe slightly louder fan, since they have to kick on more often due to the more beefier processor personally id rather have this, But if youre just doing general productivity, this might be a better solution for you, anyways super impressed. I hope asus continues to make crazy cool devices like this in the future, because this is this kind of stuff that i get super excited for.