Today, Im going to showcase an awesome new product. That is Asus ROG Flow Z13. The first thing I think of when I saw the ROG Flow Z13 was the Microsoft surface.. Yes, its design is a hybrid ultraportable design that can be used as both a laptop and a tablet. But unlink other hybrid ultraportable. It can be used for not only productivity for regular office and school use., Since it is from ROG series. It is designed for gaming and has very powerful specifications for such lightweight hybrid ultraportable, design. Ill talk about the detail specs later in this video. In terms of design like most ROG products, it has futuristic design air flow vents on the back. Just like we used to see in sci fi movies., It also has a magnetic keyboard and trackpad for using as a laptop.. There is a red rubber flap on the side to pull the kick stand on the back like this.. There is a transparent window which can be see through PCB board with RGB lighting.. It looks pretty cool. Below the kick stand. Is an M.2 SSD slot for additional storage if needed., But it is not a standard size, M.2 SSD., Its M.2 2230 and you will have to be purchased separately.. There is a Micro SD card reader on this side. And it has two cooling fans inside and the vents are on the top left and right.. Surprisingly, it has a back camera., As the name Z13 goes.

The display has a 13.4 Full HD resolution 120Hz display with 1610 aspect ratio. Slightly higher, then usual 169 displays and can also be used as touch screen. At the top is a 720P webcam. Lets see IO ports and buttons. Power button that can be used as a Fingerprint reader is on the left.. Then there is the volume up down button. Under that is a USB Type. A port and combo headphone jack. On the right is a USB Type C. Thunderbolt 4 port. And under the rubber cover at the bottom, is the XG Mobile interface connector, which is look like proprietary port that we dont see often.. You can upgrade graphic performance by connecting to the XG Mobile external GPU via XG Mobile interface.. However, the performance of this ROG Flow Z13 is already quite good. In my opinion., The CPU is i7 12700H 14 cores CPU.. The GPU is Nvidia RTX, 3050 4GB and RAM is DDR5 5200MHz 16GB and cannot be upgraded. And the SSD comes with 512GB.. I think the ROG Flow Z13 is a good balance of performance and portability.. Thanks to its high end hardware specs, you can play most games comfortably. Its almost impossible to play AAA title games on such a compact tablet.. Another great thing for gaming is that it can be paired with an Xbox controller to play games via Bluetooth.. Unlike other computers, you dont need a separate receiver for controller.. It is very convenient., So its more fun to play like a portable game console on the go.

. Having good performance is not just about playing games. Other work, related productivity workflows are also more efficient., And its display can also be used with a stylus pen, making it ideal for graphic design.. Now I will show you benchmark and gaming test result. As far as I tested., The quality of the webcam and microphone is, as you can see, now. The rear camera can also be used as QR code scanner.. In terms of speakers, the audio quality is nice.. I havent tested the battery life much., But I thinks it would be better to use a power adapter for gaming or other apps that require a lot of processing. Power. 100W Type C adapter is included in the box.. What else left Price? It is priced at USD 1799.. The package also includes a carrying bag and a gaming mouse as bundle accessories.. This ROG Flow Z13 is an interesting new product for those who are thinking of buying a lightweight high performance 2 in 1, Hybrid Ultraportable computer with a sleek design and good performance.