The asus rog flow z13, two in one gaming ultrabook in this article ill be discussing the z13s tablet body the keyboard attachment, as well as its overall performance as a gaming laptop and as a productivity tool. But first lets talk about the specs. As i tested this laptop, its got a 13.4 inch ips 4k screen a 12th gen i9 2900h cpu, its got 16 gigabytes of ram a one terabyte ssd and for the gpu, its an rtx 3050 ti. Now, when i unbox the flow z13, the first thing i noticed is that it has impressive, build quality and great craftsmanship that went into its design. The tablet body is all metal and, on the back here, youre going to find a unique combination of engraving, laser etching and cutouts below. That is a window that allows you to see the flow z13s motherboard and circuitry actually love how this window is accentuated with rgb lights. This is actually something that is pretty unique and i havent seen on any other laptop when you look up a bit youre going to see some interesting cutouts and on first glance, these look like theyre, just part of the design, but theyre actually, openings for the fans And the air intake – i actually really like this because its a clever way to integrate needed functionality into the laptop with design and if you go up further here, youll see that theres a rear facing eight megapixel camera on the top left hand side here, the picture Quality of this camera is actually pretty good.

Now lets talk about the z flow 13 screen. The screen here, like i said earlier, is a 13.4 inch 4k ips display this display is nothing short of fantastic. You get everything youd expect from an ips and a 4k screen, the colors pop theres, great viewing angles, and the text is nice and crisp. If you love bright, displays, youre not going to be disappointed. This display is crazy, bright. In fact, for the majority of the time that i use this tablet, i actually kept the brightness at about 35 percent, anything brighter and im squinting at the screen onto the keyboard. Like other two. In one laptops, the flow z13s keyboard is attached using a strong magnet. What i like about asuss design is that theres an extra magnet near the bottom of the palm rest here. This extra magnet helps keep the keyboard in place. While the laptop is closed. It gives you a more firm and solid feel when youre carrying it theres. No wiggle and theres no play while most laptop keyboards come with a single backlight color. The flow z13 actually takes this one step further. This keyboard comes with rgb leds and, yes, these lights are aurasync enabled, which means that you can customize their behavior or have it synced to your music games and movies in terms of general use. The keyboard layout is what youd expect from a laptop keyboard. Spacing of the keys is well done, and the key travel also felt good.

Overall, i didnt find myself needing to adjust or getting used to typing on the flow z13s keyboard when it comes to gaming. I found that gaming on this keyboard was pretty great. Like i said i didnt need to adjust to the layout and it even comes with some shortcuts to control the fan speed, as well as lock the windows buttons moving down a bit. We come to the flowz13s touchpad. This touchpad is serviceable for everyday tasks. Its responsive and worked well for multi touch gestures. I did, however, find myself wishing that the touch pad was a tad bit larger, but i think, for this form factor ill, give it a pass since were dealing with such a small size. Here, speaking of gaming, the flow z13s rtx 3050 ti is no slouch. I had no issues with gaming performance, i played halo infinite and this was done on medium graphics, settings. The game looked and felt great. Looking at the fps counter, i was getting a constant 60 70 fps throughout my gameplay when youre gaming on any machine. You can expect it to heat up testing halo, infinite. The flow z13 did get warm, but i was actually surprised at how quiet the fans were even at their highest speed. I could barely hear them running. This is pretty impressive, given how small the fans are and how close the laptop sits to you. Speakers on the flow z13 are good for their size. Speakers are located here on the bottom left and right hand side of the tablet that gives you some stereo sound.

I found that the speakers were clear with strong, mid and high tones. However, for you bass lovers, the flow z13 speakers is a little bit weaker on the bass. Personally, for my uses, i was actually satisfied with the loudness and the quality of the speakers of this tablet, since we just talked about gaming, how about productivity on the flow z13, with 13.4 inch screen and a total weight of 2.6 pounds? The flow z13 is extremely portable, with its small footprint actually carrying it in my backpack was very easy and i barely even noticed it was there having powerful gaming. Hardware also means that your laptop will certainly be able to handle most of your productivity needs. This makes the flow z13 a great option for students as well as working professionals. One thing that i liked was the z13s tablet mode during meetings. I dont need to use the keyboard and i found it freeing to be able to detach the keyboard and just take this tablet with me on the go battery life on the flow z13 is average. Without gaming, i was able to get five to five and a half hours of battery on an average day. This was achieved with the screen brightness of 35 percent. I was watching youtube, editing, word documents listening to music and i kept the keyboard leds on. Thankfully, the flow z13 charges reasonably fast using the included charger. You can go from zero to one hundred percent in about one and a half hours, okay time.

For my final thoughts, i cant emphasize enough just how impressed i am with the asus flow z13. Asus was able to pack a lot of powerful hardware into this compact small body of a tablet. Personally, i loved my time with the flow z13. I love the bright screen. I love that its 4k, its lightweight and i really like the rgb keyboard, while the flow z13s battery life is mediocre, the fast charging time more than makes up for this well thats all for today. Everyone, if youd like to know more about the asus rog flow z13, you can check out my full review on the best buy blog.