This is part of the pun, an absolute game changer not only that, but with a 16 by 10 display a 12th gen intel core i9 cpu inside rtx 3050 ti gpu ddr5 ram, a pcie, gen 4 ssd and an rtx 3080 fueled superpower that well talk about. In a couple of minutes on paper, this has the specs to match our hype, but does it stick? The landing is the future a worthwhile purchase right now lets find out, but before we do, if youre a nerd like us, be a mate and subscribe for more videos like this in the future cheers the whole look and feel of. It is definitely more blade. Runner than laptop and to be fair im here for it, starting with the black aluminium, not aluminum, with bold embossed lines on the back youve got this little peekaboo window. That lets you see all the insides which its seriously cool and youve got a little dash of red in the corner, with this little rog flag. That hints, as you saw before, to the kickstand and this isnt, any kind of like two or three step kickstand like there was in old surfaces. This can go all the way back to 170 degrees. This sort of versatility has breathed new life into my pc gaming. Whether im sat near a coffee table and just want to play forza horizon 5 fast or if i want to fold it back up and play an rts like age of empires 4 quickly, either way you can find a posture that is comfortable for you to game.

In but im getting ahead of myself because, of course to do pc gaming, you need a keyboard and the keyboard cover here is made from a similar alcantara fabric material that youd find on the surface pro keyboard covers and, of course, youre getting the incredibly strong magnetic Connectors here to keep everything nice and secure, and while the touchpad is pretty small on this, the keyboard itself is a joy to use with plenty of travel on each key and, of course, the minimization of everything into this tablet. Form factor leads to dimensions that are simply unheard of in gaming laptops, especially when compared to similarly priced small boys like the alienware x14 and the asus rg zephyrus g40, and the screen itself is also quite a locker too. Its a 13.4 inch ips touchscreen panel with a 1920×1200 resolution and a 120 hertz refresh rate, and also that 16 by 10 aspect, ratio, which is good for productivity and good for particular genres of games like real time strategy and with a pretty damn good average. Brightness of 454 nits and a 102 srgb color gamut every scene feels vivid and color accurate, and the brightness is good enough that youre able to play games on this on public transport and direct sunlight and plus, with this being a tablet tapping on this, feels responsive And immediate and yes, its a tablet, so you get an eight megapixel camera on the back heres a picture its about what you expect and while the front facing webcam is more potato than prime shooter its nice.

To have this. For when you need to do work on this thing by day and do some video calling now hows about we get stuck into the main course here, the model we have packs an intel core i9 cpu, an rtx 3050ti gpu, 16 gigs of lp ddr5 ram and A one terabyte pcie, gen4 ssd the end result is a redonkulous geekbench, five star, four score which slots in just behind the alienware x14, but absolutely blows the ryzen 6900 hs in the zephyrus g14 out of the water. You can beef up those results a little bit more with turbo mode, but also, conversely, the reduced power delivery on the battery mode can drop their scores quite significantly too, but the end result for me on a day to day basis was no matter what work i Threw at this this speed demon handled it without breaking a sweat and kudos to the thermal management in here, because i got ta be honest with you. The fans in here are nowhere near as loud as i expected them to be and with all of that, even at the highest possible performance levels. The fans are already that much of a distraction to the point that i was able to play a level of halo infinite on here with turbo mode on without waking. My partner but shh dont tell her that and i hope she doesnt watch this video. But besides that, that means two things: optimal performance, even in intense situations, and you can whip this out on a train without drawing too much attention to yourself with some loud fan.

Whirring noises now well go into the built in rtx 3050 ti a little bit later. On in this video, but if you want a little more power than the relatively entry level, gpu youll find in here, the rog z13 does have a superpower. The proprietary port on the flow z13 means you can connect asuss rog egpu to this, which has an rtx 3080 mobile graphics card. The end result, after all of our testing, is up to a 150 increase in all of our 3d mark benchmarking and over double the frame rate at the highest settings across all the games that we tested. When you think about it. That is ludicrous power to pump out of a 13 inch tablet, but of course, you need to be plugged into the mains to make the most of this sort of thing. This isnt really the kind of thing that youll take out on the go with you. Maybe something that youll plug into when you get home, but there are some problems here, nothing that makes the z13 a massive deal breaker, but theres. Just some things you should know about so lets start with the obvious chances are. When you just heard me talk about the specs before, you may have got a little bit nervous about the fact that i said the words rtx 3050 ti. I mean when we think about this as a gaming laptop crammed into a tablet form factor its pretty good, but we cant just keep saying that this is a better surface pro, because thats moving the goal post a little bit end of the day, hunters may fawn Over the form factor, but if it doesnt offer you a good price to performance ratio, then weve got a problem in our specific lab testing.

This pretty commonly fell behind the zephyrus g14 and the alienware x14. In fact, in past asus rog laptops, we have noticed quite a difference between test results with the mux switch on and off that physical switch that potentially provides better graphics by connecting the gpu directly to the display, but in the flow z13 the difference is either super Marginal or completely non existent, as the 12th gen intel core i9 cpu is pretty opaque when paired to an entry level gpu now in practice, when you throw all the numbers into the bin and you focus on real world usage, its not as bad as im bigging, It up to be that is the beauty of pc gaming that youre able to go into settings, tweak things a little bit and manage to still hit a good 30 to 60 fps in most of the games that you want to play. But in a system at this price you should expect more. Another noticeable problem is the port array. Again i get its a tablet, but for gamers one thunderbolt 4 port that is usually taken up by charging one usb type: a and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Alongside the micro sd card slot in the back is just not enough and no giving users an additional four usba ports. The ethernet, a hdmi displayport on the egpu, is not an acceptable workaround, because a youre keeping this thing at home and b id rather have lets, say a couple of extra usb ports on here and a hdmi rather than paying fifteen hundred dollars for them all on This thing, next up and probably the least surprising problem with this – is that the battery life isnt that good for general work.

It seems to do all right, the 56. What our cell in here is capable of lasting up to 6 hours and 14 minutes in our battery informant web surfing test for gaming, not so with a pc mark gaming test length of just over one hour before dying to death and that story kind of extends To its competition for browsing, this is longer than the alienware x1, but it is significantly weaker than both the x1 and the rog zephyrus g14. So if youre going to take this on a train or a plane, make sure you have that plug with you and finally, much like my gripes about the g14, which you can watch that video by clicking the eye above my head, weve got to talk about price. Here this fully loaded model of the flow z13 comes in at 1900 or 1900 quid and, as i said before, youre spending an extra 1500 bucks on the egpu when youre looking at the flow z13. Specifically, you can get a similarly specd alienware x14 for three hundred dollars, less throw in the egpu and youre easily spending well over three thousand dollars on this whole setup: thats 800. More than msi raider ge 66, with the same cpu and rtx 670 ti gpu and its over 400, more than the msi vector with rtx 3080, both of which also by the way, have double the ram. My favorite daytime tv show when i was unemployed and im, not talking just between jobs.

Im talking like greeting the delivery man in your underpants level of unemployed was bargain hunt and speaking, like the big man, david dickinson himself, google him. If you live in the us, he does kind of look a bit like a handbag. You can pick up far more powerful systems than this that are comparatively cheap as chips, and this is what really cuts to the core of the rog flow z13, because on the face of it, theres not that much to grumble about here i mean the battery life In this gaming system, the size of a tablet – isnt great surprise, surprise: the middle in graphics, performance, isnt that great for the cost and the i o situation is pretty direct, but the display is pretty to look at for gaming and work. This thing has a lot more performance than i expected it to have. Thermal management is fantastic. The keyboard cover has a nice, clicky comfortable, feel to it and, as i said up top, that versatility of being able to just get this tablet out and play games in whatever position is simply unmatched compared to any gaming laptop out there. So i stand by what we said in calling this the future of gaming laptops, but the future could do with a little more time in the oven and the future is really expensive and thats it. Thank you so very much for watching. So what do you think is this surface pro form factor going to be the future of gaming laptops, or do you think its going to be something else go ahead and let me know in the comments and dont forget likes and subscribe the video i can read The full review on laptopmag.