Yes, you read that correctly its a tablet for gaming, not mobile gaming, but pc gaming, its got an rtx 3050 tied inside and you can hook it up to asus rog xg mobile, external gpu for even more frames like the x13. The asus rob flow z13 offers a striking design that lets it function as either a laptop or a tablet. You could detach the screen from the keyboard and since it has a kickstand on the back that can open up to 170 degrees, you could try pairing a gamepad to it and setting the screen up on a table for some nintendo switch like gaming on the go On the back of the z13 youll find a little window that gives you a peek at the laptops main board, which is a nice touch that asus also claims aids performance. The decision leaves more space for placing larger components on either side of the z13s main board. The 2022 asus rob flow x13 measures, 15.2 millimeters thick and weighs 1.31 kilograms around 3 pounds. It has a backlit keyboard with 1.7 millimeters key travel and fingerprint reader for secure logins. No word on pricing for this one either. The rodflow z13s 13.4 inch 16 to 10 ips touchscreen can be configured as either fhd 120hz display or 4k 60hz display. I really like the crisp vibrant quality of the fhd 120 hertz display in the model of last years rob flow x13. We reviewed and were excited to see what a difference a 4k display makes when gaming on the flow z13.

Both displays are rated to peak at 500 nits of brightness, so you shouldnt have problems viewing the tablet in sunny conditions in terms of performance. The rod flow z13 looks to be pretty similar into last years model like the x13. The z13 will be available with 16 gigs of ram and up to a one, terabyte ssd for storage, you can buy models with up to an nvidia geforce rtx 3050 ti laptop gpu onboard. So you can get some more graphical muscle by plugging it into the optional xg mobile external gpu enclosure, with up to an rtx 3080 inside. However, unlike last years model, the rod flow z13 will be configurable with the latest intel 12 gen cpu up to a core i9 thats a decent upgrade over the amd ryzen 9 5000 series cpu powering the asus rav flow x13. We reviewed earlier and were excited to get a new flow z13 in for testing, so we can see how much of a difference the cpu upgrade makes while gaming, the tablet is equipped with a thunderbolt 4 port, which also does display port 1.4 and supports usb power Delivery charging it up to 100 watt, even though the battery has 56 watt hour capacity. This port can output video from the intel gpu. There is another usb c port which outputs video from the nvidia gpu and can also do pe charging. There is one usb: a port, an hdmi 2.0 port and a 3.

5 millimeters headphone jack theres, also a microsd card reader. Additionally, the thunderbolt port can be used to connect the flo z13 tablet to an xg mobile dock for extra gpu power and connectivity. The original dock is configured with an nvidia rtx 3080, but this year, asus also introduced a version with an amd radeon rx 6850mxt. The dock expands the connectivity with additional display port hdmi, usb and ethernet ports, a magnetic rgb keyboard attachment with 1.7 millimeters of travel lets. You use the flow z13 in clamshell mode when you dont have a mechanical keyboard on hand, artists who want to use the flow z13 for content creation, and it may be better for that than gaming, get stylus support, but need to supply pen themselves. The tablet has a built in kickstand that can be opened up to 170 degrees to hold the display at convenient angle. Also, the retail package includes a screen cover keyboard for some laptop. Like gameplay, you could, of course, connect proper peripherals, a mouse, a game controller. Your pick, there are no controllers that attach to the keyboard yet, but chances are either asus or a third party maker will create such controllers. Then you can use the z13 as a switch on steroids and dont. Forget that, since this runs windows, you have full access to your game. Libraries such as steam or epic asus hasnt made any official claims yet about how long the flow z13s 56 watt hour battery will last when gaining on battery.

But we dont have high hopes in our review of last years flow x13. We criticized its 62 watt hour battery for lasting less than two hours when playing demanding 3d video games, thats, not terrible, but its not ideal either and curtailed the flows, viability as a mobile gaming device, while were hopeful. The new flo z13 will be more battery efficient than its predecessor.