So this is a tablet, slash computer and man. This thing is a piece to be honest, so yeah in todays video were going to talk about my experience, all the things using this thing and let you guys know my final thoughts on this. So if you want to grab a snack, if you want to grab a drink, you can do that and come by here and for those who are new here. Welcome to the channel, if you havent subscribed already – and you want to see more of this – please hit that subscribe button down below, so you dont miss any of my future content and yeah without further Ado lets. Lets talk. Lets lets talk about this bad boy here. The display and the Rog flow z13 is a 13.4 IPS glass Inlet display with 100 srgb, which is great for color reproduction. It also has a 120hz refresh rate with a 30 millisecond respond time, which is also great for gaming and consuming content, which most creators would enjoy using as well. The screen also is a touch screen, so if you want to use this without the keyboard, thats also possible and they support Dolby Vision HDR for that immersive experience as well. Music. The front facing camera on this device is not that bad for a 720P HD quality with proper lighting. You can definitely get by using this, but I think for a 1080p. Video quality would be more suitable for this because it has all these nice qualities but fall short here and the rear camera is a 8 megapixel, which again is not that good, but most people buying a device like this will probably have a phone to take pictures With either way so this doesnt really bother me as much, because I know I wont be using this back camera on this device Music.

This version of the flow z13 come with 2 gigabytes of ddr5 onboard Ram, which makes the total of 16 gigabytes of RAM. That supports dual Channel memory, one terabyte of internal storage and I think thats enough for most users, if youre either doing casual gaming or something like work on this, and you still can run some intensive game on this device. If youre cures the i o ports on the flow z13 come with a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, One USB 2.0 type, a port One, USB 3.2 Gen, 2 type c Port, one Thunderbolt 4, which supports DisplayPort to connect an external monitor one Rog HD mobile interface, which Come inside the box as well! So if you want to get more from this computer, slash tablet, the egpu is there when you need it to run more intensive applications, a Micro SD card reader which supports uh S2, One USB 3.2, Gen, 2 type c port, and also a display port with power. Delivery for external connections, which you can connect up the two display, if you want gaming on the zflow 13, is something I enjoy doing, and I only play Valerie, which is my favorite game to play on Windows, and the flow z1300 is like a breeze. I havent noticed any drop in frame or overeating issues. It was smooth even at the highest settings playing this game, and I can definitely say this is a really good pickup. If youre, looking for like computer tablet kind experience, the 12th gen Intel Core I9 paired with the RTX 3050, this is rocking makes anything you do on here feels smooth and fast, and I havent noticed any lagging performance even doing intensive work, but I will definitely be Testing some more intensive games to see if theres any difference in every device you own youre, gon na have things you like and dont like about the device.

I have a few pros and cons about this, starting with the pros. This is built very sturdy and I can say it have a very unique design to it. The design would grab anyone attention immediately. Looking at the back of this tablet with the motherboard showing you through the glass here and another Pro is having a pen to use. Whenever you want to do some editing or drawing it, makes it easy to edit in Adobe Lightroom and definitely convenient for those taking notes. If your students, I might kind of this device, would first have to be the battery life, the battery doesnt last very long on this, especially when playing games or doing some heavy tasks and that kind of sucks. I have to be charging this every minute of playing a round of valoran, and that annoys me not gon na lie and the other can is the back where the motherboard is showing through the glass and Im very concerned about dropping this, because if this should break On water accidentally get inside the board thats something Im definitely concerned about, but otherwise I dont have much bad things to say about this. Its been a solid purchase and Im happy using it. So far, all right guys. So most of the video I realized Ive been seeing the zflow 13 when its flow z13. So my apologies for that, so my experience using the flow z13 is something I can definitely myself be enjoying.

So I would definitely recommend this to anybody who want to get this kind of computer slash tablet and if you have the money you can spend for this, because this is like 1700. But if you have that kind of money can spend to get this computer. I would definitely say go ahead, but for now, if you just want to use something to like play, some games and all that stuff get tasks done, this can definitely do both so yeah. I would definitely recommend this computer to anyone thats looking to get something that can be used as a tablet and a computer so yeah. This is super. Super awesome Ive been enjoying using this so far. I dont have any bad to say about this thing other than those two cons I referred into the video so that the battery life is kind of sucks. So you have to be charged urging like every minute, if youre doing some intense work so bear that in mind and the other one is where the glass around the back. If I should break this thing, Im really concerned about that, because thats where the motherboard is and all the thing dont get me wrong, its a nice design, its really really nice. I really like the design of it, but I dont think thats very convenient to have the glass showing the motherboard because thats the main thing running the computer and if that should break water get inside the board, thats something you should definitely be concerned about so yeah.

I would definitely recommend this my thoughts on it. I would definitely recommend this and I enjoy using it so far, so I think you would actually enjoy using it as well, but, as I said, the price is way way too high its like 1700. So if you have that kind of money to spend to get all the stuff that it came with, like the egpu, the pen and all sort of stuff, youre gon na, enjoy using it because thats thats more pull youre giving to the computer, so yeah Ive been Enjoying it – and I definitely think you will too so thats, basically, all there is to the video – and I hope you have enjoyed this one if you havent subscribed already, please go ahead and subscribe down below, so you dont miss any of my content.