In the past few years, this market has been dominated by the nintendo switch and recently steam deck burst into it. Big, a little strange and apparently still dumb theres a request for such devices, but the question is what shape? What look should a compact gaming device have asus, for example, believes that it should be a gaming tablet. Music aero g flow z13 is a gaming tablet, with a certain inch 4k touchscreen display a magnetic keyboard and an impressive feature set its a cross between a tablet that you can watch series on a laptop that you can work on and a game console that you Can play on it is very different from the usual ipad or samsung tablets, because its significantly thicker 1.2 centimeters and heavier almost 1.2 kilograms. Most of all, it is similar to microsoft, surface tablets. It has the same retractable kickstand on the back clip on keyboard and stylus support. Arrow g flows at 13 is made entirely of metal and the screen is protected by tempered glass. The kickstand is adjustable over a very wide range. The tablet can be placed almost horizontally or placed almost vertically and at the same time the kickstand is strong and reliable, and on the back, you can find an extremely unusual element, a glass insert through which you can see the motherboard. This window is highlighted to the bead of the keyboard. It can light up in any color and is essentially just a decoration and nothing more, but a beautifully stylized cuts in the upper part are not only a design element.

Two coolers are hidden under them through which cold air enters and the hot air is blown out through radiators and openings on the top end. Music aero g flow z13 has four ports. Thunderbolt 4 is used for charging or for connecting a monitor. A large usb 2.0 is clearly for peripherals, a microsd card reader and an xg mobile interface for connecting a proprietary external video card. There is also a headphone output and small pocket unscrewing, which you get access to the m2 ssd. This is essentially the only available option for a self upgrade. There are also cutouts for two speakers on the case. They are loud but not create any reach bass. You can watch the series, but as for video games, then only with headphones Music. The tablet comes with a 100 power supply, not very big. There is also a clip on magnetic keyboard, with a coating similar to some kind of impregnated paper. The keyboard is fastened at the bottom and additionally, there are magnets in the area of the bottom of the screen. It holds up well with a bit of flex in the center when youre, typing or actively gaming. The keyboard is actually quite good. You can even play on it and there is also rgb backlighting, which is configured in the armory create application, but the touchpad is small and working with it is not as convenient as with a mouse or large full fledged touchpad. It could have been made.

Bigger asus offers this series in multiple configurations. Our test model is built on an intel core: i7 12, 700h processor, 16 gigabytes of lpddr5 memory, one terabyte of fast ssd storage and the nvidia rtx 3050 ti graphics card with 4 gigabytes of vram. A solid toy turns out: this is not a steam deck with its 720p screen, but the order of prices here is completely different, a slightly simpler version than ours, but with an rtx 3050 card costs. Eighteen hundred dollars our tablet with a 4k screen, a slightly more advanced card and the one terabyte ssd will cost two thousand dollars. Rog flow z14 also has two types of screen: 120 hertz, full hd and, in my case a 4k screen with 60 hertz refresh rate. The display itself is not bad. Color gamut is 100 percent srgb and 78. This ip3, the brightness, is above 500 needs the screen by the way, touch and very responsive. The tablet could well be used without a keyboard and mouse if not for windows. After all, this system is not very designing for touch control, Applause and now the most important question: how does this miracle pull games and heres whats interesting due to the tight layout asus limited the power to the processor and graphics card? The rtx 3050 ti is kept at 40. Watts is this enough for normal games, cyberpunk 2077 on medium settings with rtx and dlss turn it on average 40 frames per second small.

Drawdowns are possible at active locations, but in general, something like this metro exodus, also with rtx and dlss 30 to 40 fps on average. Both games were tested in full hd resolution because playing in 4k, as you understand, is not the best idea and further down to the list you can see which games give what results this tablet has the ability to connect an external xg mobile card with the rtx 3080 and the results in this case becomes many times better, but honestly, who will care this external card with them, let alone shell out an extra fifteen hundred dollars, for it is a big question again. The tablet has a completely different philosophy. This is an attempt to make a compact universal gaming device, but here you have to make compromises due to size here by the way, also has its own nuances. Aero g flow z, 14 is larger than both steam deck and switch. This tablet cant exactly be called compact, but the idea itself is interesting and heres why playing on the switch is more convenient because we are used to this form factor. On the other hand, you cant watch tv shows online or reduce spreadsheets. You cant edit videos or chat on zoom, and you can do all this on arrow g flow z13. Lets look at a couple. More tests. Performance in benchmarks is, of course lower than that of large gaming laptops with the same hardware, but for such a device it is generally not bad rendering a full 10 minute.

4K, video with noise reduction takes 28 minutes on this computer, not the most outstanding result, but it says that in principle on such a machine, you can do editing and graphics and code in quiet mode. You dont hear or feel the coolers. The system cuts frequencies and power to reduce heat, and only in this mode flow zortin is comfortable to use in your hands like a regular tablet. At the same time, the back metal cover heats up quite noticeably, and it is failed, but the keyboard remains absolutely cold. In terms of autonomy, this tablet cannot complete with regular ipad or android tablets, but in the quiet performance mode it gives about 5 6 hours at medium brightness. But if you play, then the time will be reduced to an hour. A maximum of one and half lets summarize i like the idea of a gaming tablet. It gives a more flexible layout and design. You cannot only play but also work and watch movies. This philosophy seems to me quite viable. The tablet is not very big, comparable to a certain inch laptop, so carrying aero g flows. Ethos in will be quite comfortable, but you can directly compare it with regular tablets. Just like you, cant, compare it with portable game consoles. This is completely different, closer to laptops and right now the biggest problem with the rog flow z14 is the price. If it was cheaper, then perhaps it would be of interest to much more people because of the additional features in the meantime.