In fact, just an hour ago, asus announced a bunch of rog. What do you say? Gaming, laptops tablets, etc, and, in fact i have one of them here with me. This is the asus rog flow z13 tablet, as you can see, and this one has to be one of the most powerful of windows. 11. What do you say tablet – and this is just not a normal tablet – this is actually a gaming tablet. Uh. You also get a proper keyboard with this one, and in fact this is a very, very powerful. What do you say form factor that they have, that weighs just 1.1 kilograms, but it is having the nvidia uh. What do you say? Uh 3050 ti gpu and in fact you can also attach external gpu to this one, and so lets have a closer look at this one and guys just want to make it very clear. This video was made in association with asus, but no way asus has any influence on this video. In fact, asus will also be seeing this video for the first time that you guys are seeing so lets have a closer look at this product now and by the way guys before. I actually show you this video. I just want to thank asus global team and asus india team. If you guys know this product was just announced worldwide and im really happy that the asus global team gave us access to this product.

But generally, what happens? Is that with many of the international products they get launched globally, but we in india get to access them. Only after a couple of months so nice to see this change, we are able to get access to the products globally at the global launch time so kudos for that so guys this is the asus rog flow z13 gaming tablet, as you can see and ill show. You, the internals and all the stuff a little bit later, but first let me give you a physical overview. This is having a 13.4 inch screen and actually at the back, if you notice, we also have a kickstand, so its actually very adjustable you can just. It goes up to 170 degrees and it has enough stiffness so that you can prop it up at any position. And let me start with the physical overview of this one guys and if you see over here, we have the power on off button and we also have embedded fingerprint scanner on this one. So thats a nice start. Then this is the volume rocker. We also get a proper, what do you say: uh, a type, a port for some old accessories and stuff like mouse, etc? And here is the combo 3.5 mm headphone jack – that we are having uh. This is for the kickstand opening the kickstand uh. This is the one went for the speaker, another one is the other side. The speaker is actually really good on this one uh bottom uh.

This is for docking. This keyboard ill show you that, and on this end, if you go, we have that others uh. What do you say went for the speaker over here, and this is actually a special port and if you open this up guys, if you remember the xg mobile, that i had covered a couple of months ago – thats the external gpu solution it this one is compatible With that, so you can expand it to what you say: rtx 3070 or a 3080 external gpu. If you really want that and uh over here, we have a type c port. This is actually not a regular type c port guys. This is actually thunderbolt. 4, uh port that you are getting so thats, really good on this one, and actually there is also one more thing underneath here: if you look at it, this is very small. We also have a micro sd card slot on this one and uh. This entire thing weighs one point: 1.1 kg, so its very easy to handle and just pull the kickstand like this, and let me just attach the keyboard also by the way guys the keyboard comes in the box, so thats a good thing, its not a separate accessory Or something so lets power this on, so guys lets just open. Let me just prop it up like this and lets just and again im using this uh as the trackpad so lets just log in, and the first thing i just want to talk about is the screen.

This is actually a 13.4 inch screen that we are getting and we actually get it in two variants: guys uh. This is actually the 4k variant, but its capped at 60 hertz. But if youre sort of a gamer or something then i would suggest you can go with the full hd panel, thats 120 hertz. The good thing is that this can go very, very bright 500 nets, its also pantone validated its dolby vision, certified and is having gorilla glass so again, very good. The panel that we are getting on this one good, viewing angles, and i like the fact that its having gorilla glass, because its a tablet kind of a solution now another thing is lets talk about the configuration and because again, this is a computer. You get it in various configurations, the version that we have right now here is the core i7 variant, but you can configure this one up to the core i9 variant, the latest format that is actually a 14 core processor. As you can see, let me just zoom in a little bit and as you can see, this is the latest 12th generation processor, the vm that we have is the core i7, and this is also a 14 core. Why one six plus eight uh? What do you say cores and its actually having 20 threads uh moving to the motherboard? Obviously, it is made by asos regarding the ram guys uh. This model specifically, is having 16 gigabytes of ram, but we can configure this machine up to 32gb and the good thing is that this is having the faster ddr5 ram, not ddr4, guys so thats a big edge and ddr5 is significantly faster.

Moving to the graphics uh. This one has the rtx 3050 ti graphic that i have told you and uh also it. Of course it has the intel xe graphics, also. In fact, this also supports the mux switch, which is a really good feature. If you are sort of a gamer, you know how advantageous it is. So we have a pretty powerful. What do you say? Gpu thats the 3050 in such a small and light form factor so thats. Regarding the configuration of this laptop and regarding storage, guys of course its having a ssd uh up to one terabyte of ssd, you can configure theres, also a variant with 512 gigabytes uh. Let me actually uh. This comes out of the box with windows 11 guys, and let me actually show you the speaker on this one, because i was impressed with the speakers also. So let me just its actually having two speakers and in fact it has two dedicated. What do you say? Smart times, two different times for both the end thats, why you get a very immersive? What do you say experience on this one? Let me increase the volume and go pretty loud Music and you get that stereo effect and again its dolby atmos also certified. So i was surprised with the output of the. What do you say: uh sound on this one. That way, i would say its great for even what you say movie watching like netflix, etc, because the speakers and the sound output that you get is actually really cool.

On this one uh again uh one more good thing that i have noticed is that this one is having the core. I seven variant as ive told you. Let me zoom out a little bit, so you get an idea, but one thing, ive noticed is that right now we are not doing some heavy tasks. Lets say: youre, just browsing and stuff, and all these things like this – and here i would say i do not notice any fan noise when youre just doing light tasks like this. In fact, it has two fans and in fact it also has a proper vapor chamber with liquid cooling, but i like the fact that, when youre not doing heavy tasks, almost zero noise because the fans get shut down, in fact, if you look at it, you also Have this armory crate, like many of the rog laptops that we have seen earlier this one also has that. So here you get a lot of information and from here you can actually move between the profiles and stuff that you want to do. Uh with this uh laptop, for example, while playing games etc, you can change from here. As you can see the game library i dont have. I didnt install a lot of games, but here again, as you can see, game visuals, you can adjust and all this stuff. So you have that complete rog. What is a crate that we have seen with other bigger rog laptops? So you have that also, and from here you can change the mode by default, its in the regular silent mode.

You can change the performance turbo also in menu. I didnt connect the the what do you say: type c port. It actually comes with a 100 watt, pd charger, so thats actually portable. So if you plug in you get options to the turbo and manual, but in the battery mode it can go up to silent and performance uh moving to the battery guys again, as ive told you guys, this is engineering sample. So now not the final version. So i dont want to comment a lot about the battery life, but the battery life seems to be good and according to asus, you can get up to 10 hours of what do you say battery on this one, and it also supports fast charging with a supplied Charger it can charge up to 50 in 30 minutes and its a 56 watt r battery that you are getting. Another thing is that, of course, as its a tablet, you, let me just detach by the way uh. The keyboard also has that rgb lighting on this one and the what you say trackpad is good. You can just detach this also like this and now its in the tablet mode. Another thing is that it also has a camera at the front. This is actually a regular 720p camera, but we also have one camera here at the back, and this is actually 8 megapixel uh, with which you can even do video recording up to 4k and again as its a gaming centric uh.

What do you say? You also have a nice accent over here, which actually looks pretty cool on this laptop, so in terms of build quality and fit, and finish asus has done an incredible job. It is, it feels solid in your hand, and the kickstand is also very good, as ive already shown you again, you can set it to any angle up to 170 degrees and it stays stiff like this. In any angle, you put it so guys. This was the asus rog flow tablet. You can call it a gaming tablet also. So what do you guys feel about this one and guys, as ive told you, this is actually uh? What do you say, engineering sample thats, why i didnt run any benchmarks or uh? What do you say any gaming on this one, because the firmware is not what you say ready but lets hope that asus india launches uh these products very soon in india uh, so whenever they launch it ill. Try to do a proper review of the same im. Also, looking forward to this one and in fact the other rog products that were launched, but what do you guys think about this form factor that is a portable? What do you say gaming tablet? Do let me know in the comment section below anyways guys thats it for now for this video and, if you guys, are still not subscribed to this youtube channel hit that subscribe button.