quot. The only gains that a gamer cares about is FPS.. You know what Today we’re going to be reviewing this tiny little gaming laptop the Asus ROG Flow X13 that floats like a butterfly but punch like The Rock, because ROG mah., The ROG geddit, And to sock it to the blue team. This is also the only AMD laptop in the world that is able to plug into an eGPU or external GPU. Without using Thunderbolt 3. Special leh Don’t go anywhere.. You know back in the day when I was still in architecture school in Aussie. I was a little bit naughty.. No, I wanted to be that cool kid with the gaming laptop and not a fruit brand conformist., Okay, fine! I was a little bit hipster. Anyways! I bought this Alienware M17R2 because I saw it in Big Bang Theory and I thought it was cool and I was walking around with my big laptop energy and living my dream. … of hurting, my back because of the weight and also fighting off locals to get to the power socket as the laptop would just die in literally an hour. Fast forward to 2021.. What changed? Obviously my shape. Let’s just say that I’ve gotten a lot more. All rounded since then., But unlike me, gaming laptops have gotten slimmer and slimmer., But can this thin and light gaming laptop the Asus ROG Flow X13 really compete with one of those thick bulky HulkThanos. Looking gaming laptops out there Let’s take a closer look.

, Oh yeah. If you ain’t got time for all of this feel free to check out all the timestamps down below to skip to whichever part you’re interested in and I’ll see you later. Anyways let’s get crackin. In terms of aesthetics on the exterior at the top and bottom. We have a very nice matte black magnesium alloy body, with a pattern of diagonal grooves and a sandblasted finish that feels really nice to the touch and provides a little bit extra grip. And because we have the bangsawan SuperNova edition. It comes with a nice ultraviolet metal. Nameplate for that extra flex. Inside the keyboard, deck is made of a smooth plastic at the top, with a ripped textured finish around the touchpad with a low profile. Rog logo below the directional keys. Build quality is pretty good with minimal flex, and you can even flip the entire screen around to convert it into a tablet that you can draw on with the included stylus.. I can see this being useful for taking notes in class or even during meetings., But I must say that when it comes to a tablet experience the fruit brand is still my preference.. One of the advantages of having a 360 degree hinge is that you could potentially sit the screen up, use an external keyboard and mouse to get a lot more clearance for the cooling system to draw in fresh air lowering the temp. So you can flip on the overclock to improve your overall performance for more serious workloads.

Here’s, a simple test with Cinebench and Blender, to show that a little extra clearance comes a long way.. In fact, Asus definitely knows this because they included a recyclable, makeshift laptop stand in the box that I know 90 of you guys would definitely miss out on.. So you’re welcome Malcolm. In terms of dimensions. The laptop is 299mm long, 222mm wide and 15.8mm thick.. It also only weighs 1.3kg. Here in Malaysia. Our SuperNova edition comes with a 13.4 inch touch capable IPS panel with a 60Hz refresh rate and a resolution of 3840 pixels across and 2400 pixels vertical, with a 1610 aspect ratio which is a little bit taller than your regular 169 aspect ratio screen.. It also has Adaptive sync and a max brightness of 290 nits, which is fine for most use cases, except for maybe taking it out for a picnic under the hot Malaysian sun., But that’s not really a problem these days, because we are in FMCU.. So I will see you later alligator. For most people. I would actually recommend the models with the Full HD 1920×1200 pixel IPS panel because of the 120Hz refresh rate that will be better for gaming.. Also with such a small screen, the pixel density of a 4K panel would just be overkill.. I would wager that 90 of you guys won’t be able to tell the two screens apart if you put them side by side. Unless you look at your laptop like this like when you work or you game.

Like that … Then uh, you need new glasses bro.. What is wrong with you, Jokes aside, the 4K panel actually has better color accuracy. Asus states that this thing has an sRGB coverage of 116. Here’s. Our test result with our X Rite i1 Display Pro calibrator.. If you’re, like me and you’re planning to edit photos and videos on this laptop, I would urge that you to choose this model with the 4K panel instead.. The keyboard here is a 15 inch. Full sized keyboard and on a laptop full size means that the keys are actually the same size as your regular desktop keyboard.. It doesn’t have RGB but comes with your regular white backlight, which I think is fine., While gaming on this thing feels really nice. The typing experience feels a teeny bit mushy for me., Although the layout itself, with the arrow keys, actually feel pretty comfortable even on a 13 inch laptop like this. Also I’m. Personally, not a big fan of this quite gamer y font., But hey that’s, just me. Touchpad looks textured, but it’s actually pretty smooth. Tracks well and has good buttons. But it’s a little bit small. If you’re somebody who edits with a touchpad. Weirdo. Or if you use gestures., But they are giving you a free mouse anyway., So maybe just use that., Unlike the Zephyrus G14 and 15, this laptop does come with a 720p webcam.. You know what The webcam actually looks. Pretty good. Let’s test the mic now.

I gotchu moonlight you’re, my starlight, I needchu all night come on dance with me: I’m levitating many yeahs. The Flow X13 doesn’t come with Windows, Hello, but it does come with Asus fingerprint caching technology, which means that once you use the fingerprint reader once to boot into the system, you won’t have to use it again. Every time you want to access the system. In terms of audio a cool thing about this laptop is that the 3.5 inch jack for your headset comes with a two way: AI noise, cancelling feature that will make playing with your friends a lot more pleasant because you Won’T have to hear each other’s ambient noise floating around.. The speakers are well pretty decent.. You have a pair of 1W downward firing speakers at the front of the laptop. With Dolby Atmos. The stereo separation is actually pretty good. In terms of sound signature. The mid range and the treble are pretty clear., So it means that it would do well with most types of video content like Netflix Youtube and all that good stuff.. If you want to party during MCO by yourself, though, the bass lacks a little bit of a kick. For your reference here’s a sound test of the speakers on the Flow X13. In terms of IO ports, this laptop is actually pretty unique.. On the left side, you have one ROG XG Mobile Interface, with an integrated Type C, USB 3.2 Gen 2 port with power delivery and Display Port.

. Then you have the HDMI 2.0 port and also the 3.5mm combo audio jack.. On the right side, you have a USB 3.2 Gen, 2 Type, A port and another Type C, USB 3.2 Gen 2 with power delivery and Display Port., Depending on where you are in the world. You’Re gon na get different Flow X13 models with different specs and price points.. Here in Malaysia, we have three different models and here they are.. There are three models of Flow X13 laptops in Malaysia: two without the XG Mobile module and one SuperNova edition with the RTX 3080 mobile GPU in an XG Mobile module.. However, they all have the same GTX 1650 GPU inside the laptop itself.. Both the non XG Mobile versions come with the Full HD 120Hz screen and 16GB of RAM, while the SuperNova edition comes with the 4K 60Hz screen and 32GB memory. In ascending order. The RM 599 version comes with the Ryzen 7 5800HS and 512GB of NVMe storage. Moving up. We have the RM 6499 version that comes with the Ryzen, 9, 5900HS and 1TB of NVMe storage.. Finally, we have the flagship SuperNova edition with the Ryzen 9 5900HS and also 1TB of NVMe storage., Although it would have been great to see lower end RTX 3070 or 3060 GPUs inside the XG Mobile module. I think that people who are spending above RM 10000 here in Malaysia to buy a laptop like this, will probably prefer the 3080 mobile.

. So what we have here is the XG Mobile module itself, and this one has the RTX 3080 mobile inside. It’s, pretty light at 1kg and has a built in 280W power supply that powers, the eGPU as well as the laptop., How it does. This is with that integrated USB Type C header with power delivery., But the way that the eGPU connects to the laptop is actually pretty cool., Since this is an AMD laptop and we don’t have Thunderbolt 3. This XG Mobile module comes with a pretty unique PCIe. Gen 3 X8 header that attaches to the laptop., To make this even more useful. This Type C is actually a combo port and it expands your laptop’s connectivity.. You get one HDMI 2.0 port, one DisplayPort 1.4, that supports G Sync, one RJ 45 LAN port. One DC input, jack for power, four USB 3.2 Gen, 1 Type, A ports and also one SD card reader – that supports speeds up to UHS II, about 312MB per second. In terms of accessories with the laptop. Obviously you get the 100W power supply.. Then you get this nice laptop sleeve with very aggressive ROG branding.. The zips themselves also feel pretty okay, I guess. And you get that free, ROG, Chakram, Core mouse and the stylus or pen.. The Flow X13 laptops in Malaysia also come with a two year. Global warranty, with the first year being a perfect warranty., Pretty good actually. Moving on to the benchmarks.

. Firstly, we test out the laptop itself for a 1080p medium gaming, as well as lighter productivity tasks.. Then we plugged in this XG Mobile with the RTX 3080 mobile to test for things such as 1440p gaming.. Can you believe it In such a tiny package like this, as well as heavier productivity, workloads for editing, 3D works and stuff like that., So let’s check it? Out., Firstly, we have synthetic benchmarks. And in 3DMark both TimeSpy and TimeSpy Extreme. You can see that with the XG Mobile plugged in the CPU scores are about 7 9 higher.. This is probably because the onboard GTX 1650 was not in use and putting out heat., Thus giving the CPU a lil extra thermal headroom. With the XG Mobile RTX 3080 Mobile GPU scores are about 3.5 times higher in both regular TimeSpy and TimeSpy Extreme. Very impressive.. Fire Strike again shows us how much better of an experience youre gon na get for GPU reliant tasks when you plug in that XG Mobile.. Moving on to gaming benchmarks, and, firstly, we have Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Youre not going to get 60 FPS on Full HD on medium in this game. Without plugging in that XG Mobile., Maybe on low, it will be more playable. With the XG. Mobile module were looking at 80 fps without RTX and DLSS, and even a respectable 62 FPS, with both on. Very impressive.. In Doom Eternal, the laptop itself is hitting over 60 FPS on Full HD on medium.

, which is very playable., But with the RTX 3080 Mobile, even on Ultra Nightmare on 1440p, were getting 146 FPS.. Now that is what im talking about.. We all know that Cyberpunk 2077 eats RTX 3080s for breakfast, So without the XG Mobile on Full HD medium, you can expect a very cinematic 31 FPS.. Anything higher is just watching paint dry at this moment. Hey at least you can still play the game with the XG Mobile module at 1440p on both high and ultra. Its hovering around 55 66 FPS. When you turn on DLSS Quality., But you should probably just leave the RTX off for …, erm …, obvious reasons. A competitive title like Valorant is probably where you wan na, be at with the Flow X13 by itself., Which is great. Plugging in that XG Mobile. With the RTX 3080 Mobile is gon na whip out over 300 FPS as expected.. Finally, we have real world benchmarks in PugetBench as expected. Premiere Pro and After Effects barely uses GPU, so the difference is minimal, But with Resolve, you can definitely appreciate a little extra juice.. No alot more extra juice from that RTX 3080 Mobile. In Blender, while the Flow X13 with the XG Mobile combo, Is about 6 times faster in Classroom and 5 times faster in BMW than the laptop by itself. For some reason, CPU render times seems to have slowed down a little bit when you plug in that XG Mobile module, which is a little strange.

. Finally, we have the verdict, and, to recap here are some pros: mehs and cons of the Asus ROG Flow X13 gaming laptop.. Overall, I give this Asus ROG Flow X13. A very BangsawanOnly CheapBuy, 8.5 out of 10., Hear me out.. This is why I said that this is a very bangsawan only product., If you don’t, already have a gaming PC with the money that you would spend decking this out fully with the RTX 3080 mobile. You can use to buy a pretty powerful gaming PC, as well as a decent laptop that you can use for working on the go.. But if you are like me – and you already have a RM 30000 40000 gaming PC with an RTX 3090 Threadripper or Ryzen 9 5950X, then this could be a perfect solution for you. For people that want to edit videos on the go with the power of a Desktop RTX 3070 in not much bigger of a package. It is actually quite small.. If you add these two things together and chuck it in a backpack they’re, not that big.. I think that this is kind of like the Ferrari of thin and light gaming. Laptops. Sure your Honda Civic might have better fuel efficiency and value for money. But for someone like me who can afford a Ferrari we’re, probably not considering a Honda Civic.? In fact, we probably already own a Bentley for everyday use.. You know like going to the market and stuff like that.

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