After all, the necessities for content creation do not always align with the need for gameplay, and while there are laptops that balance the essentials for both gaming and studio performance, they do leave little space for other features like portability or even long battery life. Luckily, i think we finally found a solution to that. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the asus rog flow x13 let’s check it out marketed as the world’s most powerful 13 inch ultra portable laptop the asus rog flow x13 boasts impressive specifications that rival even top tier gaming. Desktops and with a weight of only 1.3 kilograms and a thickness of 15.8 millimeters, it makes leading portable gaming laptops. Look oversold, but the real highlight of this laptop is its pre, bundled external gpu, the asus rog xg mobile now asus for every right reason is redesigning the concept of what an external gpu should be combined with the compact factor, providing power, speed and portability. It sports. A built in rtx, 3080 gpu card clocked at 1810, megahertz at 150, watts, letting you experience smooth and vivid gameplay, like no other laptop. Can it uses a single proprietary interface to avoid the use of common bottlenecks, so you can harness more reliable power and speeds. It also doubles as a charging brick to the laptop when it’s plugged in and even has a multi interface hub, ultimately eliminating the necessity of buying more accessories to replicate the desktop computer experience. It weighs only one kilogram making it easier to carry with you everywhere.

You go and, if you’re planning to use it at home, it also gives you the option of extending your screen space via displayport or hdmi, with a 4k output resolution and amazingly allows for up to four display outputs by using all of the ports on the xg Mobile and the rog flow itself. It has these nice textured groves that are not only for aesthetics, but also doubles as robust cooling vents for it in silent fans. As for the flow x13 itself from a designer’s perspective, it looks impeccably. Sleek asus uses a selection of high quality materials for its flow x13, such as magnesium and aluminum, but also uses plastic, which we find on the base unit’s top side, it’s matte in texture. So it feels smooth to the touch, but it does tend to be a fingerprint magnet, especially with oily hands. So do take note of that. Its body is engraved with what asus calls the gravity wave pattern all around, which speaks of the fluid form factor that they’re trying to embody with this device. It also doubles as an extra grip to prevent accidental slips and falls. On the other hand, its slim profile is perfect for slipping into backpacks, carry cases or even tote bags without adding a necessary bulk as a standalone device. The flow x13 is equipped with all the essentials you would need now. The rear is reserved for exhaust drills, but on the right is the power button that doubles as a fingerprint scanner: a single usb, a port, your type c port for charging and some extra space for more ventilation.

While on the left, you can find two led indicators for power and charge a 3.5 millimeter jack, an hdmi port and, of course, the proprietary port for the xg mobile gpu, but with the xg mobile gpu hooked up we’re, getting a plethora of ports and interfaces. That’S. Four usb a connections, an sd card slot, an ethernet port as well as the displayport and hdmi port, which essentially is everything a standard desktop, could possibly have except much more portable and that’s, not the only thing, that’s cool about this production workhorse if you’re, the type Of loves versatility, then you’re also going to be in for a ride. The flow x13 has four modes: we’ve got stand mode to keep you immersed in your multimedia consumption, tet mode, which gives better air ventilation perfect for playing console games on the fly. And finally, you can even flip the screen all the way to enter tablet mode and get the full windows experience with the tap of a finger while they’re not the first to do this. It is the first time to emulate it at a very high spec level. Heck, this may even be one of the only hybrid gaming laptops that actually do well in all departments its 360 degree. Convertible design also allows it to easily adapt to your preferred viewing angle, making it perfect for those that love gaming, editing or even possibly sketching on the go. The keyboard is also a pleasure to use, as it does require a good amount of actuation force.

Nk rollover is present to ensure all inputs are registered and just generally gives a great typing experience, there’s no rgb to be found anywhere, so that versatility is even able to trickle down to a more business environment. The touchpad is equally as good, it’s, very responsive spacious. Enough for the cursor to easily reach all four corners of your desktop without lifting a finger and also has a satisfying clicky feel on both the left and right input, buttons equipped with a 13.4 inch, corning gorilla glass panel and adaptive sync. The flow x13 is durable and highly intuitive. The flow x13 has an option for two different displays, one of which is a 1080p 100 srgb panel with a refresh rate of 120 hertz. But for now the one currently available here in the philippines comes with an immersive 4k uhd panel at 60hz, with 116s rgb it’s also covered with corning gorilla glass, protecting the touchscreen enabled panel, if you’re a gamer who’s, also into content creation. This should be a real treat to use. Adaptivesync is certified with pantone validated colors that adapt to your photos and videos color spaces in an instant making. It perfect for those who do professional photography and color grading. The 16 by 10 aspect ratio gives you more vertical space, which is perfect for those that use it as a work or editing device as well. This also means less scrolling and zooming in and out. We even get this pen stylus.

That comes with the package, which is pretty neat, so if you want to do a little bit of reading up with microsoft, edge highlighter get creative with paint 3d or even just drop down, notes, that’s all very possible. It also comes with a built in 720p resolution. Webcam, while its actual performance is standard at best, the fact that its presence doesn’t add to the weight nor takes away any space from its almost seamless monitor. Design is definitely a bonus, but a third party webcam would probably suit your needs better. Now, as for audio generally speaking, laptop speakers do have a reputation for subpar quality and, although true is still to be said for a lot out there, the x13 slows in highs paired with dolby atmos are surprisingly one of the nicest i’ve heard on a laptop. So far, so if you end up forgetting to bring your external bluetooth speakers, along with you, you’ll find the flow’s built in speakers to be more than capable of getting you through with an adequate listening experience running the software department is windows. 10, home you’ve, experienced rog laptops before one of the essential tools installed out of the box is the armory crate, which is quickly accessible by pressing the dedicated rog button on the top row of the keyboard. From here you can access cpu and gpu stats memory and storage, consumption, fan speeds and even system acoustics. This is also where you can select operating modes such as windows, silent performance and turbo, set scenario, profiles, chain, system, configurations, access, rsync and aura creator and see your game library as well.

When it comes to performance, the asus rg flow x13 is anything but small. While it does have a compact build it’s on paper specifications are far beyond the standards of most gaming laptops underneath its lightweight chassis. It features an amd ryzen 9 and a dedicated gtx 1650 gpu with max q design, while in terms of ram our unit boasts 16 gigabytes right out of the box. Although this does come with a 32 gigabyte option as well. There are actually three cpu variants to pick from, but the one that’s chucked in our unit right now is the r9 5900 hs that’s clocked in at 3.30 gigahertz. This all around powerhouse is further reinforced by the asus rog xg mobile, which is equipped with the new nvidia rtx 3080, making gameplay on high settings for even the most graphically intensive games a breeze. It also uses a single proprietary interface that allows it to double. As a charging, brick and multi port interface hub solving the problem and bulk of having too many devices plugged in i mean the sheer ability to easily switch to an rtx 3080 is a massive upgrade from a geforce gtx, 1650 performance, wise alone. If you’re wondering here are some side by side benchmark comparisons, Music, the flow x13 comes with a 100 watt usbc charging brick and boasts a 10 hour battery life, even with continuous hd video playback. However, you can expect a decline in battery life when put through graphically intensive gameplay at 6 hours and 30 minutes, while this might seem like a big decrease.

You also have to put into perspective that most gaming laptops only last an average of about 4 hours when used unplugged, so for a premium gaming laptop. This fare is well above average. So to cap things off is the flow x13, the best laptop for editors and gamers on the go well, whether you’re a hardcore gamer, a content creator, or even both there’s. No denying that the search for one true laptop is difficult. There are so many factors you have to put up against each other and seemingly no one laptop really meets all those criteria, as the best ones always reserve their focus on a niche feature. However, with this guy over here, i think we finally have a chance at eliminating the need for separate devices it’s a very capable machine, especially for graphically intensive tasks and if you’re, just a casual professional, all you got to do is take the flow x13 with you In the day, get all that work done and then at night plug in the rog xg mobile for when it’s time to get ready the game. There are so many factors you have to put up against each other and seemingly not one laptop really meets all those criteria, as the best ones always reserve their focus on a niche feature. The only possible downside to this is the fact that the xg mobile is still in its first version, but regardless it’s undeniable that this all around laptop exemplifies what the tech world has yet to bring and what is already on the table.

That can be further enhanced and modified. So if you’re looking for a powerhouse laptop to supplement all your content creation and gaming needs, then the flow x13 might just be your best bet yet.