Gaming laptop has typically always been seen as one not powerful enough. However, what if we told you that asus has tried to bring to the market a gaming laptop which has a fully spec performance cpu and can potentially support up to the nvidia rdx 3080. you’ve, probably heard of this product in the market and we’ve had the chance To use the asus rog flow x13. Now it is a gaming laptop on paper, but it can do a lot more than just that. It’S also not one that supports rtx 3080 natively and we’re gon na talk about it in terms of whether a laptop like this makes sense for people to buy in our review of the asus rog flow x13. Now, let’s straight up start by talking about the design of the asus rg flow x13. It is a slim laptop to start with, and a very portable one is that in fact, it feels as light and portable as you would want any ultrabook to be. The good thing is that it doesn’t feel too light, and it feels sturdy enough on the overall sets. Yes, there are a bit too much plastic usage and the overall upper lid feels not as premium as many other metal build laptops would, but an overall turns a smooth. Rubberized finish does work and it doesn’t sustain too much damages. Although you have to be careful about keeping the laptop away from back, which has keys and other metal objects now on overall terms, it is very easy to use, it is very good to use and it is very ergonomic to use it looks fairly decent and, as A laptop on standalone terms, the asus rog flow x13 – does is the portability test.

Now when it comes to the overall ergonomics, the asus rg flow x13 is a bit of a mixed bag in terms of what’s. Good are the number of ports which is pretty decent. However, the rubber flap, which hides the xg port, which is the connector to the external gpu and the usb c4 to the left side, is something that you might tend to lose. If you are not particularly careful, the keyboard is very good to use of course. However, the display does seem to move around quite a bit and doesn’t stay absolutely steady with its hinge, and that is a problem that you might notice if you happen to type a lot when you’re off the move. Now, coming to the most important point of any performance laptop is, of course performance and the asus rog flow x13 does offer an interesting proposition. The laptop comes with an amd ryzen 5000 series, ryzen 9 processor, which sits at the top of amd’s file and is more than powerful enough to take on most everyday tasks and is competent enough for gaming as well. However, the internal gpu is only a gtx 1650 from nvidia and that by any means, is not the best gpu in the market for gaming purposes. In fact, most budget gaming laptops are the ones that still use gtx 1650, and on this note the rmg flow x13 will leave you wanting for more. It gets a 4k display and the gpu cannot make the most of it since you cannot render games at 4k.

In fact, playing even less demanding titles such as fifa, 21, even at full hd resolution, means that you will face stutters. If you set your graphics quality to maximum, so you will need to limit your frame rates and reduce your graphics quality to get a playable gameplay experience. However, asus wants to detail an external rtx 3080 with the xg port, which it controls with this laptop, and that is something that is designed to help you amp up the overall performance. Unfortunately, we did not have access to an external graphics card at the time of our review and there’s, no denying that the rtx 3080 is, of course, a gaming beast and with that there’s, no denying that the algae flow x13 should perform. Well enough. However, whether it’s going to do well enough as a cohesive unit in terms of heating, throttling and other factors, is something that remains to be seen on the overall terms as a general user for everyday usage, crt flow x13 is more than good enough. Its performance is super smooth for everyday tasks and multitasking and work for video conferencing, emails and multi tab browsing experiences. It is not just good enough, it is very, very good. The typing experience is also quite great, but the trackpad may not be the best in its class. So to sum up, is the asus lg flow x13, a laptop that you would want to buy? Is it something that feels like a good laptop and in one word? Yes, it does.

It feels like something that has a lot of innovation packed into it, and that has the prospect of being a beast of a machine when the external gpu is connected to it. Without it as a casual gamer and an everyday work person, you will find it more than good enough, but for work it’s, not the exact kind of laptop that you would want.