com and let’s face it. These days we really come across a new laptop. That can surprise us really get our excitement going, but you know what it’s something that really happened with me with this: the new asus rog flow x30. Honestly, when i first unboxed this laptop, i thought it’s a usual nice ultrabook. Then i found out it’s also a two in one convertible, and then i found out that it’s also a powerful machine that can even handle games yup. This is basically three laptops rolled into one laptop. It is super exciting and now that this has launched in india let’s take a look at all of the laptops inside this one laptop so i’m, going to start with the work laptop aspect of the rog floor x13. Now i think this is a great general purpose. Ultrabook, because of its design and hardware, i mean you expect ultrabooks to look good and be very portable, and this is both of those things see. This is a 13 inch laptop and trust me. You will be amazed at how lightweight and compact this thing is just look at this laptop from all the sides it’s just so sleek, unified and very lightweight at 1.3 kgs also, like i said it looks good the whole texture design with the rog branding on the Bottom gives it a very classy look even the palm rest has this texture and it looks good, although this whole matte design is a big fingerprint magnet which does kind of ruin.

The look at times now do note that it is a complete magnesium mellow chassis under the soft touch paint. As for the port selection, it is fine on the left. You get the xg mobile egpu interface, which is hidden. You also get a full hdmi port and the headphone jack, along with two indicators on the right. You get the usbc port, usb a port and the power button which, by the way, also doubles as a fingerprint scan. Now the fingerprint scanner is very fast, as you can see here and what i like is when the laptop is turned off. I can just press the power button to turn on the laptop, and it will also recognize my fingerprint then and there so it’ll just go ahead and log into my windows account no need to authorize my fingerprint again yup, that is pretty cool. Now a good work laptop also needs to have a good display and the rog flow x13 variant. We have has this 4k ips touchscreen display with a 60hz refresh rate 116 srgb coverage 300 nits of max brightness and gorilla glass protection. Now do note that the rog floor x13 is available in a 120 hertz fhd variant as well. So you have the options, but the 4k panel in this laptop is beautiful. It’S, obviously sharp the brightness and contrast is pretty good and the viewing angles don’t suffer at all on most angles: it’s also a touch screen like i mentioned, and it’s very responsive and there’s also support for asus pen, the stylus that asus offers.

Now this 4k panel is obviously great for content creators, but if you’re wondering about the response time, while gaming, i think it’s kind of fine, but the 120 hertz version of the laptop will be better in terms of the response time anyway. The rest of the basics in this laptop are pretty good too. The keyboard has a white backlight with three brightness levels, and you get these four hotkeys on the top for volume up down mute, mic very useful these days and a key to open the armory crate. As for the keyboard experience it’s a very crisp experience, the keys have good grip, the 1.7 millimeter travel is nice and overall, if you type a lot like me, you will like this keyboard. The trackpad is pretty good, too it’s, not the biggest but it’s responsive and smooth, then there’s, the webcam in the top bezel and it’s, a 720p camera, which is ok, all that is great. But what actually makes this laptop a great work laptop is the performance. The specs are really good here. The rg flow x13 variant we have is powered by the amd ryzen 9 5900 hs cpu, which is a 7 nanometer chipset with 8 cores and 16 threads. It also has the discrete gtx 1650 gpu, with the max q design and the ssd and ram are also top notch. So this is clearly a very powerful laptop. I mean people who don’t know the new hs series.

Chips from ryzen are fast while being efficient, and that shows in the performance of the rog flow. Frankly, i would not call myself an intensive pc user, but in my day to day usage, which includes a lot of chrome, tabs file, transfers, etc. The laptop was just snappy all thanks to the fast cpu, the ssd and the ram combo. I did want to test how the laptop handled intensive apps so installed, photoshop, which worked flawlessly on this laptop, and i also tried out a bit of 4k video editing on premiere pro and the rog flu x13 did kind of fine. So i honestly have no doubts that this can be a great work laptop, but what makes the rog flow so exciting is that it can also be more than a work laptop thanks to the 1650 max q gpu. You can also use it as a gaming. Laptop now, i’ll be honest with you, the 1650 max q, gpu won’t really handle today’s aaa titles at the highest graphics settings, but esports titles, older, aaa titles should run fine on this laptop now. I’M. No pc gamer, but i tried out a few games. I played cs going fortnite to start off my gaming experience with this laptop and i got very good performance. I mean the cs: go at the best graphics settings. I was getting frame rates, not 100 fps, which is awesome now the fps does drop when playing on 4k, but it’s still decent enough.

I also tried out a newer game like hitman 3 on this laptop and the gameplay was pretty good, see, i think the medium graphic settings or high graphics settings with the screen set to 1080p is the sweet spot here, because an ultra settings, the fps, was around 4050, which is fine, but i did face some stutters here and there, whereas on high and medium the game looks good while also performing decently. Needless to say, if you are a gamer you’re, better off with the fhd 120 hertz option now, if you’re wondering about the thermal performance of this laptop, the rog flow x13 comes with liquid metal, cooling, upgraded fans and the ergo lift hinge design. All of that to handle the thermals better see in my usage, i did notice this area below the screen get hot, but it does not really spread to the keyboard. I use the laptop on a solid surface, so it never really got uncomfortable for me. As for the fan noise, the laptop is mostly very silent, but the fans do get loud while gaming it’s not crazy loud but loud. Moving on one aspect of the rog flow x13 that i still haven’t talked about is the whole two in one convertible design, yeah. The two in one convertible design is: what really makes me call this a great multimedia laptop. So the hinge here is a 360 degree hinge, and that means you can use this laptop in four ways.

You can use it like this, the traditional laptop or you can just flip this over and use this as a tablet which works well, especially because the touch screen is responsive. Third, you can set up the laptop like this in tent mode. This is great for watching movies and shows on the laptop, and i did notice the speaker. Experience is better this way. The speakers here are not the loudest and on a soft surface i did notice the speakers getting muffled up, but on the tent mode, it’s a lot better, but loudness apart. The sound quality is very clear and detailed, there’s, also decent bass for a laptop speaker. So it’s good, the last mode you can use it in is the stand mode which can be useful for when you’re sharing a screen, or maybe you want a game with an external mouse and keyboard. Apart from that, when it comes to battery life, the rg flow x13 has a 62 wattage battery, which is decent, not very big but it’s, a very thin and light laptop, so i’m not complaining anyway. Asus claims up to 10 hours of video playback and 18 hours of max running time. In my regular usage, i got the laptop to last around 7 hours, which i think is still pretty good. As for charging there’s, a 100 watt usbc charger, which first of all is surprisingly compact, as you can see, and second it fast charges the laptop to 50 in half an hour, so yeah pretty good.

Lastly, when it comes to connectivity, the rog flow x13 comes with wi fi 6 support and bluetooth 5.2. So that was a good look at the brand new asus rog flow x13 twin one, and this has to be one of the most well rounded laptops. I have ever used it’s just so many things, it’s a great productivity, laptop thanks to its sleek and premium design, great display and the fact that it gets the other laptop basics right, it’s, also a great laptop for power users who also want a game because the Amd plus nvidia combo makes up for an appealing experience and, lastly, it also makes sense for people who want a laptop with good multimedia capabilities or anyone who is creative, because the two in one form factor is very handy. Look to some things up. I will tell you this: these are some of my first impressions, but the rog flow x13 definitely looks like an interesting laptop. You can consider in 2021.. Anyway. I want to know what you guys think of this new rog flow x13 twin. One comment down below also give this video a like: if you enjoyed it, make sure to share it, subscribe to our channel for more amazing tech videos.