This is sponsored by asus. Rog lets see what we have in here. So, first of all, we have a game pass ultimate subscription, uh the codes there editor please blur that out. Jono put it in the comments. Someone gets this yeah, we also have some headphones. I didnt know these were in here, so thats pretty cool, so we have got the fusion 2 500. Apparently it has surround sound and rgb, and also in here we get the xbox wireless controller, its vinyl wrapped, with an rog little design on it and how do we get at it? Wheres, the laptop okay, never mind, uh asus, rog super overcompensated, and this box only had the peripherals in it. Oh did they send us one of their gpus jonno? Yes, so thats sick. This is the xg mobile and it connects to the flow z13 and allows you to have like a full blowns dedicated gpu. Well, i think its a mobile gpu actually in a little enclosure, but at the same time it is very powerful. Well, have to test this out later whats, the connector thing yeah, oh, so this right here is their xg mobile connector and what we have is we have. I believe this is thunderbolt. It might just be type c, but what we also have is pcie gen 3 by a connector right here. So that allows us to get the full bandwidth or pretty much the full bandwidth of this gpu to the laptop.

Whereas if you did it over thunderbolt or something like that, you would have way more latency and also just lower bandwidth, which sucks bandwidth over thunderbolts, only good for about a 1060 1070. So, when youre putting a 3080 in there, it would uh really impact your performance anyway, moving on heres the star of the show the power brick. What why, because im? This is what gallium nitride a hundred watts over type c, this things wicked gianno star of the show absolute unit, no heres, the actual star of the show. Are we allowed to call it just a surface pro but good, geno yeah. This is essentially a surface pro, but good microsoft has struggled a lot to cool. You know two four cores in a cpu and not turn the back of the chassis into a frying pan. So the first thing thats super cool about this design, is see through plastics love it. I absolutely adore that thats coming back it just looks cool and its kind of nostalgic, while also just being freaking awesome. We also have fan intakes here and here it looks like what do we have here for connectivity, so we have thunderbolt 4. This right here is the xg gpu port, although i believe you can use that as a type c there we go rubber thing, super easy to get out. Theres our xg connect port, and if you want there is another usb type c on the side of it.

That you can use, and on the other side we have our power button volume, button, full size, type, a port thats, pretty impressive and headphone microphone, combo jack. How did they fit in so much performance and also completely destroy the surface pros io jono yeah? She listened lets open her up, though that looks so cool yeah. This does look really cool, i have to say i was kind of skeptical about this thing because like tablets, but it looks sweet. What are you guys seeing? Oh, that is really fancy. Okay, yep keyboards working fine edge is not working thats great um. Thank you, microsoft for your incredible software. The first thing i was concerned about with this laptop is the super small track pad out of the box. I wasnt a huge fan, but after disabling mouse acceleration, its not bad im sure youll get used to it in a second also, the keyboard keyboards great, like its the kind of thing where obviously its not as good as an actual laptop like you can see here. Andy, probably there is some flex in it, but i also have seen worse in laptops and if you want, you know the traditional clamshell design, they have the flow x13, and so you should just buy that if you want a traditional clam shell design, if you do Go for a traditional laptop, though what you cant do. Is this remove the keyboard so that allows you to. You know not have a keyboard you could put whatever keyboard.

You want right here, use that or just you know, use it very simply as a tablet. This also would probably be awesome to have on a plane, because youre always just running out of space there. This, i see, is kind of like the dorm room hero of a little laptop. This thing would be awesome to have with a bunch of your friends just like plop it anywhere good. We can play some games as ive alluded to the really impressive thing about this laptop. Are the specs like look at how thick this is andy its a tablet, but its got 20 threads? What the hell! So in this we have an i9 12 900h thats, a 45 watt processor again in a tablet. We also have an nvidia rtx 3050 ti, along with 16 gigabytes of ram at 5200 mega transfers per second, that has to be ddr5 one terabyte ssd intel wi, fi 6e, basically, all of the best stuff im guessing its also incredibly expensive, and it is very expensive. This unit right here is 18.99. You can definitely get more power for the price, but you know look at it. Those are much much bigger uh. One thing i was curious about is how xbox controllers play with this im, assuming that they have batteries in the controller. First of all, but i would assume that they have an xbox controller dongle integrated into this, which would be awesome because otherwise we need one of those big old wireless xbox controller dongles hanging out of the side whenever we want to use it thats, not very elegant.

So i just pressed the pair button here. It immediately popped up on this that i wanted to connect and did it failed to pair okay that wasnt as flawless as i was hoping so wait? Does that mean that you can just pair xbox series controllers over bluetooth to your laptops, that is sick, haha controllers ready to go wow its amazing? How things just work once youve updated everything? Okay, did we get the game on it? I think we finally get to game on it. Heck yeah, oh here we go excellent 120 hertz got ta, enable that so we have a 1920 by 1200p display going at 120, hertz 16 by 10.. Freaking love that we also have an 8 bit color depth, and what did you say: 100, dcip3, okay, dont know exactly what the color space is, but it has dolby vision, support and its pantone validated. So all the colors should be nice and accurate yeah, so were here in forza horizon 5. 1080p. It looks like that were getting 60 to 70 fps on low now that might not sound amazing, but this game looks really good even on low settings and remember this is this: is a tablet like it is absolutely incredible that we can play a game that looks Like this record, it at the same time and still be getting 70 fps like this, is incredible. What its doing right now, its also nearly silent im, really impressed with how its not making absolute racket.

How are the speakers on this thats really quite good like this? Is loud enough that you could very easily if youre playing a game with a couple of your friends, you know, use these speakers effectively while having a group of dudes around it. Yes or gals, yeah like as far as just like a casual gaming experience goes. This is very good. There is a chance, though, that you saw that and were like 60 fps. What is this im? A pc gamer? I cant live with that, and i want to give asus a whole bunch more money, thats where the xg mobile comes in. Okay, so this is pretty sweet now youve got your multi monitor display. You can look at and at the same time you can boot up your games on the other screen. So we go to start manager, gpu rtx, 3080, oh yeah. So now weve got our ltt open and weve got forza up top, which is a 1440p on high. I think thats what well get away with with a mobile 3080 which to be clear. The 3080 in this egpu is not a desktop 3080, like youre, probably wondering how the heck is it so small and its 3080. It isnt 3080. its more like a 30 70 on the desktop, but they call it a 3080 in laptops, its the same die. 16 gigs. A few ram, though, is pretty sweet. Okay, andy! You have to say this is pretty sweet.

Oh yeah, oh 160. 160 fps! You cannot complain about that. We could probably increase the graphics a little bit but im one to go for 160 fps over ultra quality and 140 fps. This is clearly very awesome, especially that you have thats its running off a tablet like. Can you guys believe that yeah its a tablet and an egpu but like if you have bowler tier cash? This is a really awesome way to have like your cake and eat it too, with a laptop now. One thing that makes this so sweet is that it has a vapor chamber in there, so instead of having heat pipes that might dedicate a certain amount of your cooling to the gpu, certain amount to the cpu, the vapor chamber is able to just take all that Heat and sort of put it wherever it needs to go. It doesnt really care. So when you have it as a tablet, the gpu and the cpu are going to be vying for all of that heat dissipation, whereas in a setup like this, the gpu is basically off and the cpu gets all of the you know, thermals that this has built Into it so thats, why youre able to have a super awesome situation where youre doing 160 fps on a mobile cpu with any gpu okay, so this thing is clearly a small gaming beast. What im curious of is, can you upgrade it? Can you repair it? I dont know this is the kind of device where i dont expect it to really.

You know be upgradable, but if it is thats a massive bonus, i do see screws on the back. One thing i didnt notice before is that there appears to be a little sd card reader right here, so you could slot one in for additional storage, so it looks like with just one screw. You can take this little cover off and have access to your ssd for upgrading thats. Pretty awesome. Look at that andy yeah im getting real! If we want to get into this, we got ta break up the heat, gun, vibes and im, not in a heat gunning. This and destroying a kind of mood right now. It is too bad that we couldnt open it up. I really wanted to check out the big old vapor chamber that goes all the way along here. Underneath it there is liquid metal thats how you keep your parts. All nice and cool, and also there is a mux switch so that your gpu goes directly through your cpu and doesnt. Have you know the associated losses with that before we head out? I just want to quickly see how good this webcam is. Okay, front facing camera looks pretty good. This is more than acceptable for your typical, like tablet or laptop lets, see about the back facing okay yeah, so this is actually pretty decent, its pretty much.