Resolutions. Lets start off with the specs. Theres an 8 core 16 thread: overclockable i9, 9980HK CPU, RTX, 2080, graphics. Definitely no Max Q, here 64gb of memory in dual channel and a 17.3 4K 60Hz screen with G Sync.. You can find examples of other configurations and updated prices linked in the description.. What makes the Mothership different is that the heat generating components are behind the screen, so it should be able to get plenty of air no problem.. This design does mean that it needs a stand to sit up and cant really be used as a traditional laptop, its more of an all in one desktop replacement., The ASUS Armoury crate software allows us to disable Nvidia Optimus for G Sync, which will boost performance in Some games, so Ive used this. Ive, also performed all tests in turbo mode for best performance, and this overclocks, the processor and graphics to these levels. Were only covering gaming performance here. So if youre new to the channel youll definitely want to get subscribed for the thermal testing and full review videos where Ill push the overclocks even further., Well start off by going through all games at all setting levels at three resolutions, then afterwards see how the ASUS Mothership compares with some other gaming laptops. Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign mode. At 1080p. Even RTX was playing alright with 60 FPS averages still reached at ultra settings, while RTX off shown by the purple bars was getting much higher.

Performance 130 FPS at ultra is pretty crazy, stuff. Stepping up to 1440p and were still getting results better than what most other gaming laptops are able to provide. At 1080p, though, the RTX results are now about inline, with 1080p results from those other machines. RTX on was still playable at all settings, though much better at medium and 100 FPS at ultra, with RTX off at this resolution is quite impressive. At 4K. Rtx on is pretty much a write off at all, but the lower setting levels making it kind of pointless. In my opinion, however, we were still almost able to average 60 FPS, even at ultra 4K, with RTX off. Control was tested by running through the start of the game and again Ive tested both RTX on in green and RTX off in purple. RTX on played fine. Even at max settings, though, like Battlefield 5, we could get much higher FPS with RTX off. At 1440p. Rtx off still played perfectly fine for me, averaging above 60 FPS at max settings, though RTX on was starting to get a little slower at medium and high settings, but was usable. At 4K. Rtx is pretty much a no go, however, with ray tracing off it was still playable at low settings and didnt. Look too bad. The game looks quite decent. Even with the low preset. Shadow of the Tomb, Raider was tested with the built in benchmark, and these are some of the best results Ive ever seen from a laptop.

Well, I guess its not really a laptop if you cant use it on your lap, plus itd crush you. Anyway, for reference at max settings, the Mothership is even beating the Alienware 51m with 9900K. Well, look at how these compare soon. At 1440p, the frame rates are still good, even at higher settings, still excellent performance here. At 4K. The results drop back significantly. However, 60 FPS was still achieved with the second highest setting preset, with almost 100 FPS still from lowest settings. Ghost Recon Breakpoint was also tested using the built in benchmark., Starting out with 1080p ultra settings was still averaging above 100 FPS, again extremely impressive results compared to The other laptops Ive tested this game on so far.. At 1440p, the frame rates drop back a little but 100 FPS averages were still possible at very high settings and above 60, was still coming out of ultimate. Settings.. 4K is pretty rough on this resource heavy game, but the Mothership is handling it pretty well, with 60 FPS still possible at very high settings.. Borderlands 3 was again tested using the built in benchmark, so the exact same test was done at all setting levels and all resolutions and above 100 FPS was still possible with high settings in this test. At 1440p. Theres minimal change at the lower setting levels and more of a difference at the higher presets which are more resource intensive, though even at max settings above 60 FPS averages were still being reached.

At 4K. The frame rate at max settings almost drops in half with medium settings are now required to maintain above 60 FPS averages in this test. Fortnite was tested with the replay feature, and while this game runs fine on pretty much any modern machine, I was interested to see How high it would go on the Mothership and it was almost possible to get to 500 FPS at low settings 1080p with 200 being hit maxed out.. Even at 1440p, the frame rates are still quite high. Maxed out with epic settings was around 100 even for the 1 low well above the refresh rate of my display. When running at the native 4K resolution of the display. My unit has 60 FPS was still being reached at epic settings, so definitely still usable and much higher frame rates were still possible at lower settings.. The Division 2 was tested with the built in benchmark and as a game that seems to be on the resource. Heavy side these results are much better compared to most machines. I usually test at 1080p. At 1440p, high settings was still able to average above 100 FPS and above 200 was possible at low settings. Pretty impressive stuff. At 4K. High settings is still averaging around 60 FPS and the 1 low performance isnt too far below the averages either. So the performance was quite consistent.. Pubg was tested with the replay feature, just like Fortnite., I know were dealing with some powerful hardware here, but this game has really come a long way compared to last year.

There have definitely been some optimizations to help it out. Anyway, 200 FPS could be achieved with medium settings at 1080p. At 1440p. Even ultra settings is still able to average 120 FPS with above 200 FPS still possible at minimum. Settings. 4K was still able to offer 60 FPS averages at ultra settings granted. I doubt many people would play competitively at this resolution and frame rate, but it still worked fine with minimal dips in performance, as shown by the 1 low, which wasnt too far behind the average. Assassins. Creed Odyssey was tested with the built in benchmark and as a CPU heavy test seems to benefit well from the overclocked 8 core CPU.. The game doesnt need a super high frame rate to play so at 1080p. This should be just fine, even with the ultra high preset. At 1440p. The results dont change that much ultra high settings is still averaging above 60 FPS in this test, which is still better than most other machines, Ive tested at 1080p.. The 4K results actually look closer to what I typically see at 1080p with most other machines, so it should still go alright with around high settings, while medium was needed to average 60 FPS in this test.. The Witcher 3 is another game that doesnt really benefit from super high FPS, but at 1080p were still able to hit 140 FPS, even with the ultra preset, which is outstanding. Performance. At 1440p ultra settings was still sitting around the 100 FPS mark, which I still think is plenty for this game for most people.

At 4K. I thought it was still ok at ultra settings, but I did find high and medium settings to feel a bit better. Rainbow. Six Siege was tested with the games built in benchmark and even with a 100 render scale well above 200. Fps was being hit in this test with the highest ultra setting preset. At 1440p. Ultra settings was still giving great performance around the 150 FPS mark, though more than double this was still coming out of the low preset. At 4K. The results drop back a fair bit comparatively with high settings around the 100 FPS mark, which I think is still a good result for this test. Metro Exodus was tested using the games built in benchmark too. However, this one is more of a worst case and doesnt represent performance throughout the entire game.. Despite this, ultra settings was still giving above 60 FPS averages at 1080p. At 1440p. Ultra settings is now on 60 FPS and, like most other games, these results are better than most other laptops. I test with 1080p just for rough comparison.. The 4K results look like what I generally see from many mid range laptops at 1080p, so it just goes to show how much power the Mothership is. Packing. Far Cry 5 was also tested with the built in benchmark and as a CPU heavy test were seeing. Nice results here with that overclocked 8, core i9 CPU. At 1440p. The results are still excellent and easily above 100 FPS.

Then at 4K, like many other games, the numbers do drop back quite a bit. However, despite this drop, ultra settings was still around 60 FPS. Lets. Also, take a look at how this config of the ASUS Mothership compares with other laptops use these results as a rough guide only as they were tested at different times with different drivers. Ive tested Battlefield 5 with ultra settings and Ive got the Mothership highlighted in red.. This is the best result, Ive ever recorded for a machine like this. It was actually ahead of the Alienware 51m, with desktop 9900K, most likely, as I found, the 2080 would run at 200 watts, so it had more GPU. Power. Here are the results from Far Cry 5 with ultra settings in the built in benchmark. This time the 51m was slightly ahead in terms of average FPS, but it was only a couple of frames while the 1 low from the mothership was ahead., Either way, both Machines are clearly on a completely different level from what I usually test.. These are the results from Shadow of the Tomb raider with the built in benchmark at highest settings and again the Mothership was out ahead here.. This was expected, given the GPU power limit differences between the two and that this test at max settings is fairly GPU heavy.. As weve seen, the ASUS Mothership is offering serious levels of performance, which is to be expected, its a thick machine with an overclocked 8 core CPU and overclocked RTX 2080 graphics capable of running up to 200 watts.

1080p and 1440p. Gaming was no problem at all. While many titles at 4K ran alright too, depending on setting level., There are definitely some compromises to be made with a machine like this, mainly in terms of size, battery life portability and price., Its more of a desktop replacement that can still be moved rather than a Gaming laptop., Especially due to the unique design of the Mothership the way it opens kind of prevents you actually using this thing on your lap, but well, look at that more in the upcoming detailed review. Ill, be testing thermal performance in the next detailed video. So if youre new to the channel consider getting subscribed for that, as well as for future tech.