I hope i pronounced your name right and he asked me to go out and try to find one of these new asus memo pad 7s and the reason is that they’re running with the new Moorefield chipset. So I found them over at Best Buy for a hundred and fifty bucks, which is a great deal for what you’re getting here. This is a pretty impressive little tablet now. This is an Intel based chipset but it’s running Android and there isn’t a plan for Windows. Yet I reached out to Asus to find out because this would be an awesome little Windows tablet, but alas, we’re gon na be stuck with Android and you’re, also stuck with Android KitKat, because it does not run the current version of Android lollipop. So maybe they’ll have an update, maybe they won’t I’ve seen a lot of major. You know, name brand HP and others make these Android tablets and you’re kind of locked in with the version of Android that they come with. But that said, it actually is a really decent little tablet, so let’s step through the hardware first. So we got that Moorefield chipset under the hood, and that gives you a little bit better battery life and slightly better performance than some older versions of that ship and I’ll show you a few benchmarks in a minute. You got this beautiful 1920 by 1200 display very high resolution for a 7 inch display so really nice to look at you’re, not gon na see any pixels very sharp and very crisp the viewing angles aren’t bad.

It does lose a little bit of brightness when you tilt it one way or the other, so it doesn’t you do want to kind of look directly at it, but you can go off a little bit, but you will lose a little bit of display intensity. It is an IPS display. It’S got a nice anti fingerprint coating on it as well. It really does feel like a premium device which is again very nice to see here there isn’t much for ports. You have your USB OTG port at the bottom. You have stereo speakers on the top and the bottom, essentially depending on which which orientation you have it in the sound quality, is excellent. I’Ve been really impressed with the sound coming out if you’re a good stereo separation, a good range of sound, then it’s pretty loud too it doesn’t sound, tinny they’ve really done a nice job. With the multimedia experience on here, there’s a headphone microphone jack here, it’s a dual port and then a memory card slot here so there’s, no HDMI out or anything like that. So pretty basic transportation and, of course, you’ve got your volume rocker and your power button and a five megapixel camera on the back there. So pretty tablet, but really I’ll tell you what it just feels. Really, nice and it’s, which these bezels here were not as big as they are, so it’s got 2 gigs of ram for its memory and it has 16 gigabytes of storage.

In this version, I believe there is also a 32 gigabyte version available as well. It is emmc storage, so if you’re curious about that that’s, what it’s got in there does not support wireless AC. So it is just 802, 11 B G and N and it doesn’t support 5 gigahertz Wi Fi, either there’s Wi Fi range on here is not as good as it is on some of my other Android and Apple devices. So I found that I was running out of Wi Fi range a little bit a little bit closer to the access point than I did with some of those other devices. So keep that in mind also has bluetooth there. So you can plug in your game controllers and that sort of thing so let’s take a look at a couple of things. Now you see up here, I’ve got the dolphin emulator. I want to point out something when you’re running with Intel hardware and you want to use some of the higher end, emulators specifically dolphin, which emulates the Nintendo GameCube and Dreamcast, which emulates the iconic Sega Dreamcast. One of my favorite consoles. None of those work on here, because those are really targeted at arm based processors, and I just haven’t seen any kind of performance out of this. In fact, they don’t really run at all. They tend to crash a lot. So if you’re looking for high end emulation look elsewhere, I think some of the you know the the less powerful stuff that, like the 8 bit and 16 bit consoles, should run just fine.

The 3dmark benchmark actually runs really nice on here. So you’ll see good frame rates out of there and when I ran my test earlier, I had some really interesting results here. So the asus memo pad came in at 16000, 43, just a notch above the lenovo yoga tablet to that we looked at. That is also an Intel based design, but it was running with the prior generation bay trail processor, so this kind of gives you an idea of. You may be the little bit of a bump in performance that you’ll see when you go from that bay trail processor. Over to one running Moorefield, but as you can see here, the 3dmark benchmark runs really nicely at ends, does get you know, stay close to the 60 frames per second mark here, as it’s, going at least with its little demo running here so for gaming, it’s gon Na do really really well let’s check out an example of a modern Android game here. This is Castle of illusion and it runs just beautifully on here. The overall frame rate is awesome: it’s a I’ve seen this on the Xbox 360, a few of the other last gen consoles, and it really looks nice on those as well, and it looks just it’s almost the same here. It really just plays wonderfully and even with the touchscreen as a game controller, which is typically not my preferred way of playing games like this. It does really feel pretty comfortable, so they’ve done a nice job here and I think maybe that’s where these big bezels actually come in handy because you don’t have to worry about a spot to rest, your thumb or something you can.

You know get a better grip at the screen, so really nice. Overall, the one thing they did do is: they did kind of skinned Android with their own little design, language here very similar it’s, a lollipop, but it isn’t lollipop and an example of how this is not stock. Android is that you really can’t get rid of the navbar unless the app is directly calling for it. So I looked up here in the the menu where you would usually try to find that fullscreen mode in KitKat, and it is nowhere to be found so that’s. The kind of thing when they start you know doing their own little, it takes on what Android should look like. You lose some of those features that I like to have, which is again the ability to go fullscreen and there’s. Probably a few other things like that too. They also give you a bunch of their own apps on here too, so they have like some proprietary stuff like a little thing. If you’re at a party, you can all share photos with each other. They’Ve got a little calculator here, a few other apps he’s, even a file manager that they put on as well. That is designed just for it, so they kind of have this little design language that follows around with everything. So if you’re a connoisseur of stock Android, this is not quite stocky Android, they did do a little bit of skinning to it.

Even the browser has a bit of that skin put on it as well, so not stock, but it certainly isn’t too bad either in. As you can see, it does function pretty well and it’s a decent KitKat device. I do wish if they will get lollipop on here at some point, because I think you’d want to have something that’ll keep current, even if you’re paying only 150 dollars for the tablet. I think we want to have an upgrade path, especially from a major manufacturer, but overall this is a really nice little tablet for the money. 150 right now at Best Buy – usually, I think, it’s a hundred and seventy nine dollars and feels really premium for the price. Very lightweight the battery life is decent. The gaming performance is good and it’s overall, just a great little tablet. It is only seven inches. So if you have a hard time seeing small text and that kind of thing, this might be an issue, but everything looks so nice on here, I have to say, they’ve done a nice job. I just wish they would come out with a Windows version too.