This was a very well reviewed device and i think for a lot of people. They would consider this to be the best gaming laptop of its class, so it was thin and light amd. Cpu nvidia gpu was just stacked with a lot of good components and delivered great performance for a reasonable price. I just it was good and it’s the device that i use. This is my personal laptop that i bought right. This is a this is a great device. Now, a little while ago, i was sent this thing also from asus. This is the m16. Now the idea behind this product and the g15 is very similar same kind of design language same footprint. A lot of it is identical between the two but there’s. Two big differences number one it’s running an intel cpu instead of amd, but also the screen is a lot nicer like this is a full screen, no chin thin bezels it’s, just an excellent, really nice looking screen now. The first thing i want to talk about is the cpu, so on this particular unit, this is running the intel, 11900h it’s a fast cpu and the temperature is actually a little bit lower than the amd based g15, which is a little bit misleading we’ll. Get into that in a second but it’s a great performer, and if you do stuff like video editing and you can take advantage of hardware based encoding, the intel product is going to be better.

It also has undervolting something that i’m glad to see, because it does help with temperatures for the people that want to get a little sweaty in the bios. Okay, let’s talk about the gpu, so this is where things get a little bit interesting this product, the m16, is equipped with an rtx 3060 for that price point of sixteen hundred and eighty or whatever it has an rtx 3060.. The g15 at an equivalent price point, has an rtx 3070, and my initial reaction to this was the g15 has got to be better. It’S got to be noticeably faster right because 3070s are better than 3060s. Okay, here’s the cool thing so because the clock speed on the intel chip is a little bit faster. It can keep up really close to an rtx, 3070 equipped. G15 it’s quite impressive, now keep in mind. This is only for rasterized graphics, where, if you’re talking about ray tracing it’s a completely different story, the 3070 is going to outperform the 360., but when it comes to regular graphics, just you know, regular directx, graphics, it’s, very close between the two systems now keep in Mind the m16 does not have the of the option of a 3080 configuration. You can only get with an rtx 3060 or an rtx 3070, whereas the g15. You could get all of the video cards the 36e 3080, and i think it boils down to the thermal capabilities or thermal limitations of this chassis when you have a chip like this new intel, i9 or i7, whatever you get in here, you have to do a Couple things to this product to make it work number one they’ve made this back rubber strip here, a little bit thicker.

So it’s made the device slightly taller on the back end, but it allows for more airflow number. Two. The fans are noticeably louder in the m16 than the g15, like we’re talking in terms of perceived volume, i want to say it’s, like 50 louder at the top end than the g15 that’s, not an exaggeration like if you look at the decimal ratings, the numbers aren’t That far apart, but in terms of perceived volume, because it’s logarithmic it’s noticeably louder than the g15 and then the third thing is that you can’t get an rtx 3080 in this system, now it’s possible that it’s related to supply chain issues. But my gut feeling is that if they put a 3080 in here, it would not be able to keep up the the thermal requirements of the intel chip. So the screen this is my favorite part about this device. It’S bright it’s, color, accurate, it’s, fast it’s, just an awesome screen: it’s 16 by 10 aspect ratio, it’s got a webcam up top it’s, just so good it’s great for games, great for video, editing and it’s. A screen that’s actually so bright that when i’m playing certain games, i should have to dim down the screen a bit it’s, just a really really nice. Looking screen. The keyboard is slightly improved over the g15, now i’m partial to that g15 keyboard. I really like it i’ve gone so used to it over the past few months. It’S great layout and the responsivity of the m16 version is slightly better and it also has a rgb variant if you’re into that kind of stuff.

But there is one thing and it there’s no print screen so i’m, someone that uses the print screen. Frequently people will say: oh just hit windows shift s. Everyone knows about that shortcut, but it’s, not the same. The windows print screen button would put a file directly into a folder just without any other clicks or buttons windows shift s just puts it into your clipboard they’re, completely different. Okay, the keyboard, though it’s awesome and i think most people that touch this thing are going to like it, it’s just a nice feel and great layout. I should mention that the keyboard deck has a soft touch finish. I like this material, but it does show oily fingerprints and smudges quite readily. The trackpad’s also well done. It’S got clean, mechanics on it with a nice glass, surface, texture, it’s, a good one speakers as well for a gaming laptop i’d say these are like a b plus at least there’s, just not much competition out there in terms of gaming laptop speakers. These are pretty good they’re, just nothing like an actual set of good laptop speakers, like apple, is producing all right inside. We have two drive bays that are super fast. These are pcie four there’s, also a single replaceable ram slot. The other component of the ram is soldered on board there’s, also a replaceable wi fi, and the battery down here is 90 watt hours. Now i ran my battery test a couple times just to be sure but i’m getting noticeably shorter battery life on the m16 than the g15.

I don’t know if it’s because of the screen, difference or it’s an intel chip difference, but it is a lot shorter. So g15, i got six and a half hours on multiple tests. On the m16, i got five and a half hours that’s, like i don’t, know almost 15 20 less battery life on the same battery size. So my overall take on this product. I, like the m16 a lot and considering it’s fairly reasonable price. Point i’d, actually consider it to be for a lot of people, the better choice than the g15, but it’s really dependent on what you want to get out of your gaming laptop. There are trade offs like so one you don’t get the top end gpu performance. If you want a 3080, you have to go with the g15. You do have a slightly thicker feeling device like there’s, that extra rubber strip on the bottom plus the screen is a little bit thicker, because the drivers and stuff are on the back of the display and it’s also a slightly louder machine and it’s hard to convey This stuff, like you, know the importance of it right because everyone’s different about how how annoying is fan noise to you. I will say one thing when i edit videos i require like because i’m doing it, you know i’m listening to the audio while i’m doing it. I need my computer to be as quiet as possible and on the m16 i found that the frequent fan noise is it’s, just it’s a little bit too much.

I much prefer editing videos on the g15, despite the drop in performance and despite the smaller screen. I actually like the g15 more than the m16 for my personal use, but that’s yeah, that’s that’s for me that’s a personal thing: okay, that’s. It hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs. You liked it subs.