As far as the graphic goes, this is my school stuff. Um, Im gon na give you this. Is the new Windows update. So let me show you what the menu looks like now. Um, you can download just about anything on here. Um show you what the game! Graphics looks like this is really good for a kid whos in school and likes to play, games or whatever um, but I just usually mostly for my pay papers and um my papers and um entertainment like Netflix Hulu, Spotify um. It also does um. I have all these features here. Um the battery last lasts all day. You can get a good Ill, see 12 hours, not 12. um a good 15 to 16 hours of this computers life before you have to plug it in, but I dont let it get too too low um, and these are some of the apps you can download To it, you know, Microsoft store um, the Music UE movie, so you can see how that graphic looked sorry about this lamp glare here. So just so, it seems like I was born struggle after a while. I guess I just lost hope. Thats Im gon na help you my hair, grow back and so did my confidence. Maybe I could sell your product. Women will do anything to look like me even if deep down they know they cant like what you keep beating up on yourself, yeah from now on. Im doing my own hair, making my own hair growth come out.

Missy, I dont take orders no more. They can feed me 40 years back thats. Why Im gon na pay you and thats? Why youre? My favorite daughter in law lets talk about how he put us down. Tell us where ugly make us make us. You have leads to wonderful opportunities, mama youre, sure thats. Why I want to open my own Factory. Is such a thing as grown too fast, its just? Not our place, I didnt come ahead and make sandwiches. I came here to do business. You gon na. Do now sir steal your dream, mama Im not going back to London. They sacrifices. You wont do whats best for this family, serious power, videos or on this computer is really you know very, not inefficient, but it looks great um. The load of time on this is out Ill. Just let you see for yourself and then youre taking long to look. It up so heres your power button, youre gon na run um. I believe all these work, I dont really use them. So just give you a brief synopsis. Let me see here: okay, so heres the load up process like I said it doesnt take as long but Music, and this is what, though, full update The Pool isnt with a full update. Um, usually I shut it down and its like. You know its its still on so if a light bothers you, this is still going to be on until it like really just it cuts off on its own.

So, anyway, you want to load it back up, just click that, and you may get a please wake screen you may not.