They did a briefing with me and theyre, like yeah check these things out, youre going to like them, and they seemed really cool. But when i got them in god, damn these are like. Some of these are just phenomenal, and i want to share these things with you. So lets start off with my personal favorite of the bunch. This is the g14. The exterior hasnt changed its still got that nice white, exterior with that iridescent purple badge and its still in that 14 inch form factor, but inside we finally have a webcam. This is something that people have been asking for for the past couple of years and its finally available and its with infrared capability, so you can use it for windows, hello to log in with facial id now in terms of performance. This is all amd this year. Its got the ryzen 6000 series cpu and the radeon 6000 s series gpus and because theyre all amd its got the ability to do stuff like smart shift and just work together more efficiently. Its the amd advantage thats what they always been calling it when you have the two from the same company, but in addition to running all amd, it now has a vapor chamber on both components. Both the cpu and gpu are better cooled than they were last year, but, interestingly, the gpu wattage is significantly higher this year than was last year, so now its running at 105 watts, whereas last years systems on the g14.

They capped out at like 80 watt gpus. So those are some big gains in thermal capabilities on the g14 im sure part of it is due to the updated vapor chamber, but its also. The fan like theyve tweaked a little bit, but the lift is the same like the keyboard lift and the exhaust looks to be the same. It doesnt feel, like theyve, changed a ton from the exterior, but somehow theyre able to pump an extra 20 watts into the gpu this year, which is really significant in a package this size, so im pretty excited to test this thing out thoroughly in the actual review. Ive played with this thing just to kind of see what this thing was capable of, and it looks promising. The amd advantage looks legit. Now the screen is another pain point that has bothered me about the g14 for the past couple of years, but this year, not only is it that 16 by 10 aspect ratio, but but they fixed the response time. This thing has always had this really janky response time on, like the base model screen, and it was so stupid to have a gaming laptop of this caliber of this kind of price point and to have ghosting it just killed me its fixed 100 ive tested it Ive looked at it like its a proper fast gaming screen. Now they claim three milliseconds. I think thats a bit generous, but its a really good screen this year, and i think the overall package is so good.

I dont know pricing, hopefully its not crazy, but yeah. The g14, its on point now internally uh. This is gon na, be taken with a grain of salt because its an engineering sample, i dont, know how close the layout will be to the retail unit. But you get one slot of ddr5 thats replaceable, and then you have another 16 gig thats soldered on board, and you also have one slot of pcie 4 nvme and its a pretty similar kind of loadout from the previous generations, but its just an overall way. Better package: i think this is just like its its on point this year, so there you have it g14. Okay. Moving on to my personal laptop right now that i use right now is the g15. Now this product has also been updated this year, its got the updated 6000 series amd cpu, but theyre sticking with nvidia, so up to a 3080 ti. Now again, interestingly, they were able to bump the wattage on this gpu compared to the g15 last year and its strange right. They didnt change the internals this time, theres no tweak to the fans nor any of the thermal configurations that ive been told about, and yet they were able to bump up that gpu wattage by 20 watts. So now can hit 120 watts, with the 3080 ti and its just strange right, its significant again in a package this size be able to jack up that wattage like that.

But there you have it the g15 and i will be testing that thing in full uh when i get the review unit now. This is an interesting one. So this is the g15 strix scar edition. This is their most premium version of the strix 15, and it comes in this nice, translucent gray, color its a really nice design, aesthetic, and it also has this keystone, which you can remove for personalizing the device like if you plug it up it activates with your Profile – and it also has this removable back cap that you can use to kind of customize your device, this isnt new for this year, but i thought id show it again because its so cool now its a 2d version of this device. But this is supposed to be like their most powerful gaming device in the strix series right, its like the competitive esports gaming laptop super fast screens, 300 hertz, 360 hertz and its drenched in super bright rgbs. But last year they had equipped this system with the amd 5000 series cpus, which were very fast, but this year they swapped those out and they went with intel theyre going with 12th gen intel and i think its because that just gives you the best possible frame Rate like i havent, been allowed to benchmark these things. These are engineering samples, but it makes you think right if theyre going for a device where every frame matters on, like you know, 360 hertz screens, they would go with the fastest possible cpu and clearly they went with intel for a reason im just saying now: the Screen is still a 300 hertz panel on the 15 inch model, but this year it has a mux switch.

Now. Normally i dont get too sweaty about mock switches on devices just because the games that were playing plus the resolutions were playing. It doesnt make a huge difference for a lot of games, but on this device i mentioned it last year, because this is that type of machine and its for people playing those types of games where muck switches make a huge difference. So finally, has it thank goodness and because its an intel chip, its got thunderbolt its got all the intel stuff uh. The keyboard is also something that has been tweaked this year. So last year they had an optomechanical keyboard, which i thought felt nice, but it bumped up the price of that machine. It was too expensive. It priced itself out of the competition, because so many other companies could offer something similar in terms of performance at a better price, but its gone this year, its a regular keyboard, hopefully a more competitive price and it can be equipped with a 3080 ti thats. Also running at higher wattage than the previous stuff internally weve got two ram slots, two drive slots and you still have the ribbon cables. You need to detach from the motherboard, which i would have liked to see them switch to a more elegant solution like some kind of pogo pins or something so you dont have to unplug stuff every time, but there you have it the strix and scar g15. Okay. Next up, oh man, this is a really cool device.

So i did the briefing for this thing like two or three weeks ago and i remember thinking okay, its kind of cool, but i want to see it in person and i get it in person its like. Oh, my god, this to me is the coolest gaming device that asus has put out in several years. So this is a gaming tablet for lack of a better term. It is a tablet that has a very capable cpu and gpu in there, but its only 12 millimeters thin, and i actually think this is going to be the worlds thinnest device that has the i9 12 900k in it its super powerful for a tablet. It comes with a keyboard and if you want to you can connect this thing to an external gpu. So you can use the proprietary asus connection like that xg mobile connection that we saw from previous generations. Itll connect right up to here or because its an intel chip with thunderbolt 4. You can use a thunderbolt 4 connection, but if you think about it for a second, this type of product, like a 12 millimeter thick tablet with an intel i9 chip in it would have been impossible before. Like can you imagine like theres? No way you could get a product, this thin that had an i9 at least one that was cooled properly right. It was impossible before and they have one now i get it in. I plug it up and im blown away like its so weird to see.

Overwatch running at over 120 frames per second on a tablet like thats, just not a thing, and now it is. The fans were also surprisingly quiet, like theyre right on the back of the system, and you would assume that on a device like this thats got a powerful chip in it. The fans have to be running at full tilt just to keep this thing from catching on fire right, but its quiet, like not silent, but i dont know my guess – is 30 35 decibels its a quiet system. I dont know how long it can maintain a boost clock again: im, not benchmarking and testing this stuff im, just like playing a casual game of overwatch but yeah man. This thing is its something special now on the back. You have this kickstand, so you can position the screen to whatever angle that youd like and theres. Also, this red rubber tab to help you pop it up in a kind of easier fashion, theres also a camera for the people that are interested in photography with their tablet, but theres. Also, the signature, aesthetic on this thing, its this window. That looks right into the pcb of the system. Now it looks like theres some kind of shielding with a design on it, and i think its a nice touch to have this rgb lit window, its pretty cool. However, there is a bit of a issue with this thing, so if you use this tablet and youre carrying it around, you have to place it down like if you rest it on the table window side up like it just has to be that way, because if You put it in a regular manner like this is how i normally put like a surface product theres a wobble to it, and you run the risk of scratching the window or the surface that its on so rainbows up to the sky.

I do think its like. You could you know you could be like walking in class and some dudes, like hey man, thats a nice microsoft surface. You got there, hell no dude im a gamer because its all about the gaming window, okay, uh the keyboard. So this is a detachable magnetically attached keyboard and it feels really good types: nice, its got a lot of travel, its got, rgb lighting and the front of it has the alcantara finish that you would see with most of the surface keyboards, but the whole package is Way, cooler than i thought it would be its such a neat device and i feel like if i wasnt, making youtube videos and like it didnt need a powerful gpu for my system like. I would strongly consider picking this thing up. Okay, there you have it the z13 okay. Next up, we have the duo 16 and its been tweaked a lot so this year that second screen on the inside doesnt just pop up. It also slides back to bring it closer to that main screen, and if this really cool mechanism that does it its super smooth, it pops up and it slides it back and the purpose of pushing that screen back is to get it closer to the main screen. So theres just a more seamless visual experience between the primary screen and the secondary screen. Now this year, theres also the option of a mini led main panel, so you get higher contrast, ratios and theres.

Also, the inclusion of a webcam up top this year now in terms of performance, it gets up to a rtx 3080 ti, but its also running amd 6000 series, cpus uh. That is the duo 16, but remember because its got that secondary screen. The keyboard is always shifted down, and you also have the trackpad on the right, with its cool number pad feature. Okay, last but not least, are these four devices now i think that these will probably be the best selling of the asus lineup, because these are kind of priced and geared towards that entry level to mid tier market. These are the a15, the f15, as well as the dash f15. Now lets start off with the bottom two, so the a15 and f15 a stands for amd equipped ones, f stands for intel equipped ones and whats interesting about all. Four of them is that they share the same kind of chassis and design, but they will change the thickness of the bottom panel depending on the thermal requirements of the device, and i think it helps to keep the cost down like by sharing so many components across The different product lines theres a lot of what i would imagine to be safe cost, which hopefully passed down to the consumer. Now last year they came out with the dash f15 and this was a white device. That is arguably the best looking laptop that has ever existed, but that thing had a four core cpu that just did not make sense for a 1700 gaming laptop, but they were willing to toss that thing out the window and replace it with the new f50 and It comes in black and it comes in white now its no longer fully metal its got a metal top panel uh its got plastic on the inside, but the overall product is so much better than what they had last year and i swear asus i havent tested This stuff or benchmarked it i mean thats the thing i have to say right, but im im excited, and i feel like this year.

If youre a viewer thats been like looking for a new laptop, you have someone thats like three four years old. This is a really good year to get in on devices. Okay hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs. If you liked it subs, if you loved it ill, see you guys next time and ill be reviewing most of these, maybe all, but most of these uh.