I'Ve had a lot of requests in the comments to cover the G 703. So here we go at last just quickly before we jump into the benchmark results. I'Ll cover off the specs in my unit there's, an Intel I nine 8950 HK CPU nvidia, gtx, 1080 graphics and 64 gig of memory running a dual channel, but it's also available with other specs like an i7 cpu, so expect different results with different configurations. Testing was done with overboost mode enabled, so the fan was maxed out and the following CPU and GPU overclocked string place. I was running Windows 10, with the latest Nvidia drivers available, so let's see how well it runs. Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign mode and not in multiplayer mode as it's easier to consistently reproduce the test run. Even with ultra settings I was able to average almost 100 FPS with above 60 for the 1 lower. It was running perfectly fine. Fortnight was tested with the replay feature and even with epic settings I was able to average above 150 fps and while I for 100 FPS for the 1 leur. So it was running very nicely with absolutely no issues at all, not surprising as it's a well optimised game. It was a similar deal with overwatch, which was tested playing in the practice range low, medium and high settings were basically constantly hitting the frame cap of 300 and even maxed out at epic settings. Almost 200 FPS averages impossible.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with a built in benchmark, and this test was getting very high results for a laptop around 150 FPS averages with lowest settings and just under 90, even with highest settings, babji was tested using the replay feature and once again, very Nice frame rates even for this somewhat sub optimally optimised game with over 100 FPS possible in this test, with ultra settings and over 130 possible with medium settings of allure, csgo was tested using the oolitic, Aleph PS benchmark and with all settings maxed out. The test was still getting almost 300 FPS and just under 400 possible with all settings a minimum and at one percent low above 100 FPS again, very nice results for a laptop rainbow succeed was tested with a built in benchmark and given this runs well on law And hardware it's no surprise to see that even with ultra settings, the 1 lawyer is near the 144 Hertz refresh rate of the screen with over 200 FPS averages. Far cry 5 was also tested with the built in benchmark, and the results were very nice for this test, with over 100 FPS averages possible at Ultra settings and up to 130 with low settings if, for some reason, that's not enough for you, Assassin's Creed Odyssey was Another that was tested with the built in benchmark – and I found a playable even with ultra high settings as you don't – need a super high frame rate for this one.

Although higher was definitely possible with lower settings, dota 2 was tested using a fairly intensive replay. So this should be a worst case scenario. These results are not the same as actually playing the game which would result in higher performance. I did play a quick game with ultra settings just for comparison, and it was averaging around 120 FPS with no much going on watchdogs. 2 is a demanding game, but it doesn't need a high frame rate to play. I can play it just fine with a solid 30 FPS, but if in ultra settings were averaging over 70 FPS with 50 for the one percent alert, so no problems at all here with max settings, Ghost Recon is another demanding game and was tested using the built In benchmark and most laptops that I test aren't able to handle Ultra settings in this game, however, in this test, almost 60 FPS averages were possible. Thanks to that powerful hardware, The Witcher 3 played very nicely even with ultra settings, despite the 50 FPS 1 lower. The 100 average still felt smooth enough, though, of course better results are possible with lower settings. The eye 9 8950 HK GTX, 1080 and 64 gig of dual channel memory are giving us very impressive results in all games tested even in max settings, there's, absolutely no problem playing at 1080p with the laptop screen and I'd expect 1440p to be perfectly fine. Should you wish to plug in at larger external monitor again, the G 703 is available with different specs, so I expect different results with different hardware configurations.

With all this power, the temperatures were quite warm, but I'll cover that in detail in a future video dedicated to thermal test. So how do you guys think the associate or three gaming laptop did in these games if anything, it's overkill for the 1080p screen that it's paired with? I think it makes more sense for a desktop replacement with a secondary, monitor, either way, though, with these specs you'll be able to play anything no problems. Let me know what you guys thought down in the comments and don't forget to subscribe for the full review of the associate or three gaming laptop temperature testing and, of course, future tech.