This is not a laptop. You want to actually buy so the specs on paper seem really good an i7. The 8750 H that's, the latest 8th generation, 6 cores 12 threads 8 gigabytes of double data rate for DRAM. I don't we ain't gigabyte, nvme SSD. It has wireless AC, a one terabyte hard drive and the Nvidia 1050 Ti GPU with 4 gigabytes of RAM, but sadly it turned out to be a case of on paper. It looks great, but in reality it's not so let's find out why we get to screen options with this particular model here. So you can either get a fast 120 hertz TN panel with poor vertical viewing angles or an IPS panel, which is the one I have here, so the brightness isn't really that great it tops out at 212 lux. Ideally, I like to see over 250. It is matte coated, so it's great for glare you're, not gon na see a lot of glare and things with those glossy panels that you do see, but have a look at the Adobe RGB coverage. So you can see right here that it's only 48 percent and 64 of s RGB. So this is not a screen for professionals getting access to the internals isn't difficult. You just have to remove 11 screws and then pry off the red case. The SSD is upgradable. It'S a high next one right here and then the wireless card as well. If you're not happy with the one they've gone with, then this can also be replaced and RAM upgrades are very easy.

You don't need to pull out and swap around the motherboard same goes for that 2.5 inch drive very easy to replace this with a larger one. If you're not happy 1 terabyte or put in a faster SATA 3 SSD, the battery pack is rather small, 48 watt hours only it's, not the smallest, for this kind of hardware MSI have only 41 on one of their particular models that I'll probably be reviewing later On so this is only good for about 2 and a half hours of gaming or around 4 to 5 hours, as expected for a gaming laptop you're, not gon na get the best battery life and it's. Definitely not the case here now. This is what I do not recommend this laptop here: they're cooling on it just isn't sufficient enough and as I snow this, this is why they restrict with the bios, with the power limits it'll chop down to near 25 watts once it starts to get a little Hot because they know the cooling is not gon na, do a sufficient enough job. Unless you use that fan over booster mode, which results in fair noise of up to 55 decibels, then you get the 45 watts so they're going to use the one. Copper transfer heat pipe here now that is connected to both the CPU and GPU, and then this tiny little auxilary one which would just pan past but I'll, go back and show you that now other manufacturers, like MSI Dell, HP ASA they're using normally three four, even Five copper transfer heat pipes with the same exact spec.

Now. One of the things I do like about this laptop here is the keyboard, so only they in a miracle keyboard is really crammed, and the rest is quite spacious. I like what they've done with the space bar the power button as well, is separated away from the keyboard typing on it as good it's, firm and I'd even rate it as being better than the likes of the MSI SteelSeries keyboards, the backlight behind these keys it's Individual its birch, as you can see here, it's just in red there's, no RGB on this one and you have three different settings. The palm rest is made out of this textured plastic and, as a result, it doesn't tend to show the fingerprints and smudges as bad as other laptops. Some of the worse that I have seen er MSI's GL 62 in the 63 series they smudge up so easy, but not really the case here. You do get a little bit of it, though now this touchpad is one of the better ones for a gaming laptop. It is using Windows, precision drivers now. I have noticed that sometimes right in the middle here that the touch sensitivity and accuracy isn't quite there, but overall it is an above average touch pad I've used here for a gaming laptop there Zeus, logo along the top, is in black, so it doesn't really stand Out that much just below it, on the top of the keyboard here, you'll see an intake, vent there's, also intakes around and actually through the then the status LEDs here that when you close the lid, you can actually still see them because of that cutout on the Bottom of it, the lid also continues with that brushed plastic.

Look that almost looks like a brushed alloy, but it isn't. There is a little bit of flex on the lid, but overall, not too bad bill quality. I am impressed with this one and it definitely stands up to what the name suggests as a tough laptop. It seems a little bit tougher than normal, so good plastics on this, then, on the rear we got to exit vents. So this is where all the hot air is going to be coming out. I prefer this design, I don't like side vented ones that tend to heat up your hands or your mouse hand, slim pickings when it comes to our port selection, so a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. We got 2 USB 3 ports, USB 2 and then HDMI 1.4. A sadly now this to me should be HDMI to. I know that the Nvidia 1050 Ti is not really capable at all at driving games in 4k, but it's still nice to be able to run your desktop 4k and 60. Hertz also get Ethernet there, which is a gigabit port and then the ldcm for charging and on the right, a Kensington lock slot. So it is missing an SD card reader. It should have mini display out, I believe, as well, and even a Thunderbolt 3 port would be nice, so they really cheaped out a little bit here as zeus with this considering what the competition is offering. So the power brick is relatively large and this is as expected for a gaming laptop it's, a hundred and twenty watts, and it will charge that 48 watt hour battery in just over 1 hour and 30 minutes either side of the laptop.

You will find these side firing speakers. The loudness is okay, maxes out about 80 decibels, but what it is lacking in is bass because it doesn't have a little sub underneath which i feel they could have added, but i'll give you a sample of those speakers. Now, all right so let's take a look now at the performance. This is Cinebench r15, which is a good little test here of the core, i7 8750 h. So right now I have it on what is the balanced fan profile now these fan profiles are actually linked. As well to this thermal limits, we have so the TDP. The TDP is 45 watts on this particular CPU. But what keeps happening with this one as you'll see right here when you have a look at this graph here in Intel XT you, then we actually end up limiting itself right back here. It did it. You can see when we get power limit throttling. It will limit itself down to 2.2, gigahertz or 2.5, stuck at 25 watts as the the power limit, which is right here. Okay, 45 is the stock but it's linked to the fan, probably file. So this is a problem you keep running into whatever you do. It starts to either power limits, rot all and if you put it in the overboost mode, which I will do now so function f5 into the fan of every SMO, the fans get even louder. This is the only way you can get maximum performance.

Then this is what happens. You can see it's been triggering right here, a lot of thermal throttling, so it will peak at about 98 degrees, but it doesn't go over that at least that's one good thing, but the fan is up to 55 decibels, it's just getting far too loud there. So we repeat tests here like Cinebench, then you're able to get slightly higher scores, but eventually it will go back to the 25 watts power limit because, as you snow there's a problem with this laptop, even after the bias updates, the cooling is not good enough. So they have to cap the power limits throttling down that CPU, which is really disappointing. So what you are paying for. You are not getting now if you under volt something we shouldn't really have to do so. If you under volt, then you're able to get very good Cinebench scores out of this particular CPU, you can see right here and I mean that's an amazing score. That is really good, considering that this is a laptop, so that is not bad at all. Now I do have some other complaints with the hardware, so they've card even further corners here. So not just the cooling. With a cop heat transfer pipes, the SSD, alright it's, an nvme SSD you get reasonable, read speeds, okay, that's good, but look at the write speeds. They'Re quite low other manufacturers MSI HP Dell. They are going with faster drives, so really they could have gone better with this.

Another real disappointment is the wireless card, so the wireless card is a real tech, 88 21 C II, and this thing here not really that fast about 180 megabits per second only is the maximum speeds you will get out of it. So that's not good at all. I'Ll show you right here, so this is just a typical Wireless test: I'm able to get double this, on my mean up bug Pro so it's really not good. I even show you an example of steam downloading, so only fourteen point, seven minutes per second. I can get up to ' 35 on other laptops, so not a good card there at all here's the Geekbench full score. This is with an under volts. You get a really impressive multi core score here for this type of hardware, I mean this is crazy. It'S a really good score, but the single core score, considering a maximum turbo of our 4.1, not actually that good there, so it doesn't really want to hold that full point. One two about again: this is a Zeus, crippling the CPU a little bit because of the insufficient cooling, so that is really not good at all to see now general performance. I will not actually go over this, because this CPU handles everything, fine everything you can throw it at multitasking like crazy, 4k streaming websites, Chrome all that perfect there's, no need for me to really touch that fire strike. If you haven't seen my first video the unboxing video get to score of around our 7000, which isn't bad and yet another issue cropped up so every time I've done a reboot I've tried messing with drivers, so the camera does seem to work.

But to give you a sample of the webcam here, do a recording I keep getting this, so it keeps having this error and then it just crashes right out on me so that isn't good to see I'm, not sure what's behind there. But this is a Windows problem, not really a problem of the laptop, my feel now a 4k, sadly, because this isn't HDMI to spec testing it out of call that's gon na just camp out at 30 Hertz. So you won't be gaming at 4k, not with the 1050 Ti, but it would be nice to run desktop, of course, at 60 Hertz at least at 4k. Okay. So just how does it gain this? After all, is a gaming laptop and I'm happy to report here? The gaming performance is very decent from the 1050 tee. I highly recommend going for the 1050 tee. I don't go for the 1050. I feel, especially with the 2 gigabytes of RAM, because it's not as fast this one's a good about 30 faster than that model does GPU. So all the titles out there that I did test if you haven't seen my gaming review that was recorded in 60 frames per second, so it's a lot more smoother. You can see just how these games do run that they're all good the titles at 1080p. You don't need to lower the resolution. The only thing you might have to lower on some of the more demanding games like which the three you can see now, for example, is perhaps set that sitting on medium or low and lower down some of those more demanding visual settings to get a more smoother Framerate and experience, but overall gaming on this laptop is good.

Yes, the temperatures get a little bit high and, yes, you do hear that fan. It'S gon na be continually on and relatively loud around about 50 decibels up to 55. So I wanted to point out and focus more on the fan noise. So at the moment I'm not really doing something. Super strenuous take a look at the CPU load. You can see where I'm a mouse cursor is at the moment, it's about 1920 4 temperatures. Look at reaching 88 degrees, two more throttling I'm in the balanced mode, as well with the fans and the fan noise is ridiculous for what I'm doing it's just too loud I'll give you a sample of it right now. But if you don't like fan noise, then you definitely don't want to buy this laptop, but here's that fan noise, so internal temp, GPU maxes out about 76 degrees, the CPU I have shown you getting up to 89 degrees, but where it does get warm is just Her around the keyboard here does get quite a hot to the touch I've seen it get up to 48 degrees. This is after one hour of game. You can see it's just touching now. Almost 49 degrees Celsius there so getting quite hot there, and this is on the cooler booster. Well, the overboost mode. The palm rest is always good, so the primers do. You can see here around 26 degrees, so that's that's, good you're not going to get sweetie hot palms using this it's just around the keyboard, which concerns me a little with those temperatures which continually start to slowly creep up the longer you game on this.

So there we go, as you gather from the start of this video, that this is not a laptop to get and I'm really disappointed in a Zeus with this one, they've just cut so many corners. Did they not even test this laptop? I don't understand this. They know there's a problem with it because look at what they're doing when it comes to the power limits. They'Re throttling it back they're forcing the user to use the overboost fan mode, which puts it in the maximum rpms to try and keep it as cool as possible. But even then it will thermal throttle and you have to do some crazy under vaulting on this. To get the kind of performance that you're paying for that, you expect to get the wireless AC is also disappointing. It'S quite slow they've got a reasonably slow drive for the nvme s SSD there, so the academy's on the SSD, the wireless card, a battery capacity 48 watt hours is not huge. Now gaming laptops don't normally have good battery life, so I can't really complain too much about that compared to the competition, but you only get about five hours maximum. It is still disappointing. Now gaming performance let's go over the cons. Sorry, the pros the pros here: gaming performance, okay, it is actually decent. You get a lot of fan noise, but when you put a nervous mode, the performance is good. Once you apply the bias updates that fix the GPU stuttering so well after a bad start.

When I first got this, but luckily doing those updates has improved things there, but thermal ways: the fan, noise, it's really annoying. It does get hot around the keyboard. But I do like that keyboard. The keyboard is very nice to type on and I will go fires to say they're better than the SteelSeries keyboards on the MSI laptops that i have reviewed in this channel that it's just very nice to type on good travel. You even get them numerical, keypad or others don't they mess and skip there, but normal gaming laptops. We do have it so a little crush, then good touchpad as well is good. Overall. The build quality is good, not an amazing screen, but it is acceptable for a gaming laptop now, most people won't be doing professional, editing, color work and things like that on a screen like this, especially not what the 48 Adobe rating there that's not great. A 48 coverage very poor, but overall it's, just the thermals of a big major factor here. So we've got some nice Hardware in here. We'Ve got the 8th generation i7, very good CPU, but just in sufficient cooling. Basically, just there one connected thermal transfer pipe with half an additional, smaller pipe on it to aid the cooling of the CPU, and that is just really not good enough, and that is why I can now cannot just recommend this at all. This laptop has frustrated me. I have massive amounts of buyer's remorse.

I will be selling this and I will be buying something with better calling. So please do check out the competition check out msi HP Dell, all of those guys they have. I feel better. 1050 Ti gaming laptops. Thank you.