First, one being the components as they are the key factor of streamlining your productivity, and then we have the factor of weight, as you will be moving a lot with these powerful portable machines. The third one is the battery backup, as it is indeed a big deal to power you through an entire workday. The fourth one is the security for protecting your sensitive data. And, last but not least, we have the structural rigidity to go along with your dynamic lifestyle. Asus took all of these factors and brilliantly executed them on their expert book p2, a powerful lightweight and secure business laptop with outstanding battery backup. We have got the fortune to get our hands on this and we will be reviewing it to see whether it’s up to the mark. So without further ado, let’s pop the box right open hold on before opening the box. We have got ta appreciate the minimalist packaging that asus has put effort into the tagline in search of incredible accompanied by the asus logo, looks really clean. Alright enough about the box, let’s open it up, take it out. The lid you will come face to face with the laptop itself, wrapped up in a white cover. Let’S put it aside for now, beneath the laptop is the user manual and the disc, with plenty of necessary drivers to get the expert book up and running. There is a separate compartment on the right where the charging brick along with the cable, can be found.

This one is a 65 watts, brick capable of fast charging, the laptop at a remarkable speed. Alright, back to the laptop pulling off the white cover, we get to see the actual expert book p2 at its full glory. The max silver finishing looks quite impressive, while the glossy reflective branding shines gracefully in the middle, the hinge feels satisfying to open and can be pushed back 180 degrees flat on the surface. There is plenty of space beneath the chicklet keyboard to comfortably place. Your palm while typing and the fingerprint reader for unlocking the laptop with your thumb, the entirety of the laptop, weighs only about 3.53 pounds enough for it to fall under the lightweight category, which makes it a perfect everyday companion. The ventilation panel is designed on the back for effectively maintaining the thermal level when the laptop is being used intensively. It has two down firing speakers that sounds fairly good and is clear to hear looking at the i o ends, we can see the kensington lock a vga two usb 3.2 gen 2, a headphone jack and an sd card reader. On the other side, we have the power input, lan port, a usbc, a single hdmi and a usb 2.0 port. This laptop also happens to support wi fi 6 to keep your rest assured about the internet connection by keeping it stable and uninterrupted when you are working on your projects display wise. This sleek laptop has been equipped with a 14 inch ips level panel with a native resolution of 1080p for optimal viewing.

The led backlit panel has fair visibility in varying light conditions and when combined with the 60hz refresh rate working long time on project feels really soothing and comforting to the eyes. To give you an even clearer picture of this laptop’s display. We have compared it with the display of ideapad s340, although the ideapad s340 outperforms the p2, with greater brightness. It won’t do much good in a lengthy working session, as you might experience ice stream. So, in this case, expert book p2 holds its ground in a productivity perspective. Now that we have ranted so much about how awesome this laptop looks, let’s see what’s beneath the hood that powers it up. The model we have in our hands is powered by a 10th gen intel, i5 processor and 4 gigabyte of ram. It shows fair performance potentially to meet your multitasking demands. It comes with one terabyte of hdd and we have equipped it with an external ssd for faster windows, boot times and performance, and if you require more processing power and demand more storage, you can get the i7 version with one terabyte of ssd, one terabyte of hdd Or the combination of both to gracefully meet your demands, the 48 watt hour battery on this thing holds pretty well for regular use and we have tested it in our one hour: 4k video playback test in best performance mode. During this test, the battery drained about 45, while still having a remarkable amount of juice left.

So it is safe to say that the expert book p2 will support you through an entire workday for mixed usage, as you will be typing a lot with this laptop. The keyboard has an important role to play here at first. It may feel a little uncomfortable, but it does feel a lot more comfortable once you get used to it. Another factor is tapping in low light conditions with it. The one we have right here, doesn’t incorporate any backlit, so it is kind of difficult to type in a low light atmosphere. So if you have trouble tapping in the dark we recommend going for the backlit version to be on the safer side. The 720p webcam showcases decent capture, quality that will come in handy while participating in online meeting and zoom calls as privacy is a huge deal nowadays. The secure camera will, let you maintain your privacy, as all you have to do, is swipe it to the left and conceal it. Lastly, the fingerprint scanner is fairly responsive too, as you won’t feel that much of a delay, while unlocking your laptop with your thumb, just beside that we have the trackpad, which also feels fairly responsive to move your cursor with, and you can do about right without using A mouse with this laptop we got ta say that the expert book p2 is indeed a remarkable business laptop with solid processing power, lightweight design, amazing battery backup and lots of perky features to cope up with your dynamic, productive lifestyle.

Now is it worth it compared to other competing laptops? Well, it certainly is the value you are likely to get from. It outweighs its price tag, specifically the battery life, as it will stay functional for quite a while between various performing tasks. If you are in for the performance and reliability, then going for the expert book p2 can be a smart choice, so that was all about the asus expert book p2 catch us on our upcoming videos and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon.