Mod says it all must go, but i say each piece has a story: welcome to the gear graveyard, welcome back to the gear graveyard with dad and true uh, and today we have the asus triple e, pc right and some people say asus, but we say asus Because that’s, how they say it, but nobody knows that so so for those who who feel like it should be asus: okay, fine, it’s asus! This is from 2008.. In fact, i bought this in january of 2008 for 300 bucks, and this is in the class called a netbook sounds like a chromebook or something like that uh before a chromebook uh, it was a netbook just meant like something that was really only ever designed to Like browse the web, this is the asus uh epc 512 megabyte, which in fact was actually known. As the 2g surf and surf was to indicate the uh. You can surf the land surf the web exactly. That was the the whole idea, and this is the very first. This is the first model that asus ever made of this um in many places of the parts of the world it was sold as the 700, but in this part of the world it was sold as the 2g surf, which just you know, the same same exact Thing we wondered about the the three e’s of the e e e p c, and if that meant anything and actually on the outside of the box there, you can see it says easy to learn easy to work easy to play.

So those three e’s all stand for easy, but the cover of the manual begs to differ. The cover of the manual says easy to learn, work and play excellent internet experience. Excellent on the go here. It stands for easy, excellent, excellent. I don’t know one way or another it’s a lot of ease and they never really was a very catchy name, and you can see that it came in many different colors many different flavors, yes different foods. Yes, you could get the pink flavor or the blue flavor or the green flavor, and i got what do you what’s your guess. I bet you’re, probably boiling get like something like black or something yeah. I got the black absolutely all right, so uh we’ll just take a look at the outside here and kind of see that we’ve got uh the model number model information and though this is used when i, when we decided to not use it anymore, i just packed It all back up in its spots and so it’s, just like the other ones it’s in that’s in the box, but it is used. Uh here is more information about the uh model, number uh and information from that and i don’t think there’s anything. This shows the color right here. This color is indicated as a little sticker right there uh and the whole idea behind this computer was that you surf the web and that’s it now. It ended up, though we didn’t really use it to surf the web, because in fact it didn’t do that very well.

It didn’t do that very well uh, but we found a game and your mom loved this game and she used the system to play this game and that’s primarily what this system got used for. So, okay, so we’re opening it up. We’Re unboxing here and we’ve got just really your use usual stuff. There uh ac adapter, looks like that. There we got. This is your battery, oh wow, which hope has a charge in it. Uh, you got your paperwork all right, here’s, the goods. You can take the box, and here it is here it is oh it’s, tiny, it’s, tiny wow got the nifty asus logo on it. There way smaller than i thought i know and feel how light it is. Oh wow yeah. I would guess that that’s that’s under a pound, probably well with the battery pack it’s – probably not right well, so we’ll put the battery pack in the battery pack goes in, like so it’s a very weird way to put a battery. If it just drops on there snaps in – and this is the little protector for the screen, as you can see, little teeny tiny screen too wow, okay um – it does not fold folds above back about that far, which is how a lot of them that’s yeah. It was pretty typical of the time and let’s see if it powers up see the battery’s got to charge it and batteries looking good. We got green lights here now.

I remember resetting this, so this is all reset to the factory defaults, so it doesn’t have any personal information on it and we will just go through the setup screens and we’ll just see what it see, what it can do. It notice the keyboard is like little tiny keys, right, it’s, really young small fingers, and that was another thing that i really didn’t really like about it yeah. I got big fingers and uh yeah, so we did a quick review of the keyboard and pretty standard stuff. The blue indicators here go with the blue function. Key the home key takes you immediately to that front screen in most cases, not all cases, sometimes within an application you have to hit escape to get out of it. This one over here, activates menus um beyond that it’s, a pretty standard keyboard, although it is rather small – and it is open here – is our here – are options that are available um i’m. A little surprised to see google docs on there let’s just see what the web does and we’ll see. If we actually can connect to the web um, it doesn’t exist that doesn’t exist and so we’re gon na we’re gon na go back and we’re just gon na. Try might need the www, it might need the http colon slash. Oh there we go hello there. It is happy i’m gon na search. We can search for uh, huh cats. Why not cats? Why not? What are you getting? What else are you gon na search for that was? That was a big thing when this was around cats? Oh there, you go some kitties and images.

Now, really the picture quality let’s just take a picture of one of these casts. This looks a little bit like jimmy uh. The messages are getting me a little bit down, but you can see the picture. Quality is not that bad i’m to hold it up here. Surprisingly, yeah the the screen quality is pretty good other than you know, it’s really small. Now one of the things to note about this is that it has these very big speakers right here. Yeah they’re not very good, and i doubt let’s see if we go to youtube if we can get a video going and we’ll just oh, please update your browser. Your browser isn’t supported anymore wow, okay! Well, that should be no surprise that’s about what we read all right, but we know it can connect to the web. We did it now. What i want to do is i want to do so. There are tabs across the top look at that. The work tab has accessories documents, spreadsheets presentations, pdf file manager, etc. The learn tab language, math paint web learn we’re going to skip over play. We’Ll come back to that settings. This lets you go into various things on the you can change that cursor size. If you want to favorites at this point, no favorites because we’re at factory defaults and then we’ll go to play and the play tab is where we found games and frozen bubble. So i frankly i don’t remember how to play frozen.

I don’t know i’m remembering trying to shoot if you shoot the same color as your bubble is and probably has to be more than one see it knocks them down now we’re trying to we’re now we’re trying to get the yellow in there. We have no place to put a red, so the games on here are solitaire frozen bubble, penguin, racer and potato guy, and i don’t even remember playing those other ones. They must have been dumb, but we played frozen bubble a lot, because that is what this turned out to be good good for just playing frozen bubble. So a quick review here of the ports, it did have the ability to connect an external monitor, two usb connectors. There and an sd connector there and on the other side a corded ethernet another usb, so it had three usb ports all together, which is pretty good for the time and the record microphone and the headphones. So you could actually play and listen so um, probably well. The biggest thing about the system was that it does not have any moving parts inside the hard drive is not a moving hard drive, it’s solid state memory. I know that i’m touching this i’m realizing that it’s getting fairly hot. Is it warm yeah it’s fairly warm yeah? It is pretty warm actually, but you know the battery’s doing great. Considering the battery is 13 years old uh. How long have we been on it? We’Ve been on this for over a half an hour and uh we’re.

Doing just fine we’re doing just fine, so does it give you an indication of how low it is? It does give you a battery indicator here right there right about the halfway, so it gets about an hour all right, so the asus epc here’s, the story from my point of view, purchased in 2008, the year of your blessed birth, the iphone was still a new Thing and barely a new thing at that point, and so this was like people wanted to browse the web. We wanted to browse the web, but you didn’t want to have to do it at your desktop computer. You wanted a laptop and laptops were still kind of expensive, and this seemed like kind of like the future it’s like an actual appliance that would browse the web and you could carry it with you and it was small and compact and everything like that. It was designed to do that and really not much else, but you could do a little bit of work. You could do a little bit of work of you, often so that’s the that’s, the reason it was acquired and i did use it at least a little bit for that. But, of course, as i as we’ve now gone over many times frozen bubble was the real. Mostly frozen, it was the killer app on the asus, uh and uh netbooks uh, though i did buy one more netbook a few years later, a more capable acer – and i put this one away.

I still think of this as like a very a very cool piece of gear uh and it still actually functions as we learned and so uh. There is actually apparently a community of people out there who are into these things. I really like they really like them. For some reason – and i don’t really know what that is – but we’re gon na try and find one of those and sell this guy on ebay, uh, so uh. What was your impression of netbooks? It seems like i mean at least now. It seems like it’s totally destroyed by the phones. You know right, like it’s, completely useless, because you have a magic box in your pocket. That can tell you more more than anything on this thing ever could faster and more reliably than ever. It’S. You know yeah the phones, well tablets, kind of put one of the stakes through its heart and phones put the other stake through its heart and they’re dead and they’re dead yeah. Their new netbooks are not really a thing anymore. Although low powered laptops like uh chromebooks, although chromebook is a different thing, but even low powered laptops are still a thing, i mean they’re, like the 200 laptops out there. Now that have really basic capabilities and can do real. You know what most people want to do. Email and and browsing the web and stuff like that, this one did claim to be able to play, play video and play audio, so it wanted to be a music player, as well as a productivity device and uh a web browser.

So it wanted to be other things and it was okay. It never really turned out it didn’t. You know, i think they sold plenty of these because of the the uh sort of the potential for it um. But then everybody has a phone. Once you’ve got a phone, why are you gon na need that thing? Why are you gon na need this thing? Well, apparently, you need these things for kits uh, and so some people out there somebody out there is gon na get this guy and put it to some good use. I am going to press the magic button on the back here and reset it to uh factory defaults.