Again. This is 19 year old, asus epc laptop now i’m going to talk about the specs. It has an intel antem and the laptop itself runs windows. 7 starter. It has 12 hours battery life, but no more because if i have unplugged the charger it turns off immediately, so it doesn’t hold the charge Music. We talked about the enter antenna express gate, which means fast boot, up 500 gigabytes, asus, rip storage, easy sharing and a camera cover for additional protection, which is right here. This is the laptop’s battery, as you can see, it’s an asus l. I i n battery pack and the battery is only 22.2 centimeters long. So once i was talking to my parents how the technology went through and they told me that their face laptops. What was this and they found it for me, and when i tried to charges as i, as i told you, it didn’t hold a charge and it was like an in an emerging boot up and i used to play around with the keyboard and by mistake. I broke off the left, arrow key, but that’s no problem because the keyboard on this laptop actually doesn’t work. So how did i fix it? I bought this keyboard which is compatible with windows 7, so yeah that’s, good and yeah. Now it works. You know and now i’m going to talk about about that emergency Music, so Music, so yeah. There is all this coding stuff but to be safe.

I just did this press f total of default values and continue because it’s default i’m gon na press f2 on the keyboard and now it’s starting. So this is what i was talking about. The first book tab. It doesn’t like show the four colors of the window. Seven it just like goes to windows, vista startup, but it’s windows, 7.. Okay, as you can see, it’s windows even started right here, Music. There you go it’s the home screen. Oh and you click this arrow. You will have access, sharing experience and tools for the epc and after when the keyboard broke, they used this on screen keyboard app because i don’t need this anymore. Hopefully you know i made it work and i’m gon na prove to you that every keyboard, doesn’t work let’s, see if it’s going to type here type snap. But then i don’t know like the cable of the keyboard is like not stuck to the binary board. Because then, this this and the file doesn’t work. So i don’t know because of that, and then this Applause works. So my parents used to watch movies on this and when the keyboard broke, they try to fix it by taking it to a technician but – and they just like wipe the hard drive, they didn’t really fix the keyboard. So let’s start what’s theirs in the folders. In accessories you have bluetooth file, transfer calculator command, prompt connect to a projector, so you can connect it to a projector.

You got getting started like the setup, notepad paint, remote scroll connection, run sound sound recorder. You can connect a mic to it. Sync center windows explorer wordpad and in the asus folder you got asus vibe asus web storage, asus update for your pc, docking, epc front resizer live, updates, locate me, then the game section you got free cell games explorer where you like: choose these hearts minesweeper more games From microsoft, you can like buy more games and purple play solitaire and spiders right and yeah that’s like the most important things, and you got the microsoft offices i didn’t talk about. I got microsoft. Office word 2007. This is the 2007 version of the microsoft office. Microsoft, office powerpoint microsoft, office, onenose, microsoft, officexer, microsoft, office60 data now we’re gon na browse the web. So when i made it work, i had to update the google chrome because it was an old version Music, but the internet explorer i didn’t manage to and when i go to, google chrome and search like youtube a website or something. It says that the date is far behind and it’s. True, every time i shut it down, it becomes 2002. that’s when i said in the intro that’s that it’s 19 years old, but then for some reason. This is why i totally just said it. Doesn’T touch me like pre supply, so in the comments like, if you have any ideas, why you can tell me okay, first july it’s, five 11 yeah, this is just me – apply Music.

Now we can browse the web and we’re in the google shop Music. I was thinking that the solution wouldn’t work, because i was thinking that the usb might be a part of the keyboard, but it was not gon na go to my youtube channel here’s my youtube channel, if you’re not subscribed. Also what i don’t like about this keyboard. That’S you can’t lower the sound, so you still have to do it from here: Music, okay, i guess that’s it for the review shutting down. You can also push that that’s power button and then it will automatically shut down. But like it’s, not a force shutdown, you don’t have to like put stay, pushing it down yeah. This is, i think, it’s like a glitch because it says waiting for background programs to close, but then there is nothing but i don’t do voice shut down just in case Music, Music and, as you can see over here, there’s lights and the battery light flashes. All the time red – and that means not charging – and even when i like go to the battery percentage, it says 0. 0 percent available charging, it doesn’t say not charging but it’s, always zero percent and i guess that’s it Music.