Yes, another one i’m down here so i’m, just kinda. This is gon na, be on epc, another one. Yes, i still have. I still have the other one. Actually here it is not this one, etc: 1005, h, a five that one right. There is a one thousand, eight aha, so this is a refurbished if it’s refurbished, then i get it for a half price. I believe yeah yeah. So let me just come around the other way. Get this unboxed there you go. Yes there, it is there’s the device set down Applause, it does cardboard here is charging brick the same as mine down there. Applause here is the cable and oops, and here is the battery there you go don’t, you see something. This is the battery. Now all mine doesn’t have a battery. You can’t, take it apart. Now on this, you can okay let’s get this out of the way. Oh one more thing: this is the user guide driver users manual, let’s, not read that this is in black actually and get this out now this device itself wow it has stuff and goes to battery ah tight fit for pieces, it’s a really tight fit. Actually there you go see that okay crack this one: oh wow, that’s, very nice when you open it up, you’ll see anti glare screen, it’s very nice same very different. Actually, do you see that here you can see it no anti glare and there you go.

This has been unboxing of unboxing, our first look of also eepc, 1005 aj and it’s right here throughout the game: peace. 1005 ha there.