I would like to talk about a topic that I have addressed A few videos now Regarding laptop versus tablet, Specifically the statement I made In the idea that I would stay away from Celeron and processors. The reason I had this opinion is that until that moment, the experience I have Had one with those processors stopped me. I recommend that kind of laptop to everyone, Because not everyone has an interest in the technical area of laptops or tablets And then When he starts to move hard, You feel like you’ve given alms, And maybe not everyone wants to To spend time searching the internet for Various information on what to delete and what to improve You are What to clean And so on, to bring your laptop back to an area Normal to call it usage And then kiss At Scel the heroines and leave for the side, mills and the minimum goods a Ryzen 3 Or an i3 From Intel Instead. Recently, I saw this Laptop that I would like to talk a little about today, because it takes me Liver, a little opinion about Celeron processors. This type of laptop is entry level and has from RON 40 20 Until the Pentium Silver, So it’s, an entry level laptop with a midrange laptop look With Ports Useful, But also with some features Interesting because he saw it Somewhere around 1400 1500 RON. Well, what did he say to this money to have a finish Pleasant To have A Deck Which does not flex Ocleppo, Which doesn’t have much Flex 14 inch Full HD And it’s approaching IPS in that area, but it’s not an ip.

The screen is not very bright, but the elements are displayed very, very well And then I said pa. What? What do I think about Intel Celeron? It changed, Let’s, see what it’s about and why. I think this laptop is part of it Color. It deserves your attention when I know you need a laptop, You need a cheap office laptop Or you just need a laptop On which to waste time on the internet. Watch movies up You listen to music to run your local music library. If that’s something to write documents or to Be a virtual diary. I have no idea Everyone does things Different with laptop. I took it And wood tested for a Scenario: Okay documents, Netflix YouTube, Music and Maybe something Super Super Lite Edit photo And don’t. Imagine that I installed Photoshop. I installed two programs Which I’m going to get cold You too, And it worked. This laptop has overtaken them Expectations. Let’S talk through the mill about building the laptop. The main reason that drew attention is Design Usually see Something shiny, something matte Something else textured In the more expensive area of the laptop, Despite the fact that it is made of plastic Fully From the lid, The DEX And the back cover It doesn’t leave you feeling That is A laptop Ultra entry level, 1 dm, which first price range. This first laptop, you get a Plastic That’s enough. Someone like that. Do your best to make them a designer.

Someone did his best To make the finishes, and I like it because it blends properly Any edge any corner any screw. I really appreciate that On a laptop Cheap. The second thing I found interesting is that This lid is given Open to 180 degrees. I don’t know exactly what the utility is These Functions, But maybe you can find it And let me out too Next. I would like to talk a little about the keyboard and Remain silent. Why? Because when you consider such a cheap laptop, You will most likely spend it Very long time In this area You will write and document. You will get your ass on different web pages. You will have a lot of pages, Only open And obviously it probably will Use a text editor Quite often For a 14 inch laptop. We don’t have a numeric keypad On the right, But We have a numpad Integrated in touch, But the keyboard has a layout Classic. A simple lion: The tactile sensation is very pleasant When you press it, But of course it doesn’t compare, I know with laptops. I really appreciate it That tactile sensation. It is uniform from left to right of the keyboard, Inclusive Flex, It’s the minimum For a plastic case, And I, like it very much. Unfortunately, the keyboard is not illuminating, but There is a variant. This laptop What’s the matter Light under the test. I particularly like this laptop. I have a way Volume: minus volume plus low brightness high brightness, Numbed lock, The f7 key is empty, But here is the button for keyboard brightness on the model that has this function, Project button That button that we accidentally press and the Windows menu appears In which We want to many We’re leaving the lock display, So I can lock the laptop directly with the f9 key.

I no longer have to press Windows, He a button that locks and unlocks my webcam software and the most useful. From my point of view, for such a laptop, a key goes What is given directly Snip and sketch. I can press this key and I can use the mouse to To cut. I will edit a portion of the screen and send it or insert another document Text further to talk about silence, Which is a touch panel. It feels like a touchpad Good, Like a touchpad Which did not have That finger. I slide you without ABS. The buttons are integrated, Obviously at the bottom, you attack p, But what I particularly liked These are These figures, that It helps you And I make up Lack of a numpad At a keyboard Full on the right. It has a button that, if you hold water, An LED will light up. This tells you that The numbers sound They are active, But It doesn’t stop Touching the touchpad. I can still use Taci on the duel for Move the cursor And if I want to introduce Digits, Plus minus Percentage or Press the enter key, I can do it In this area. Marathon, great, When you have that This feature is enabled because you can select On and If you accidentally press the five key We put all the selected text will be replaced. We talked about the keyboard, we talked about the touchpad. Let’s talk, often Towards connectivity And I’ll start with ports.

We have two type USB plugs. They are one of them, It’s, 2.0 Other. It is 3.2. We also have a USB plug type c. What a generation 3.2, 2, A micro SD card reader, A combo plug Jack And an HDMI Four. From my point of view, I am Enough ports in the idea of USB hub Hello. The price has dropped quite a lot, and if you want a USB 3.0 hub – And you would like to connect it see The Us plug Usb3 2 From the laptop you can have quite high transfer speeds. Why? Because my model, this model of it Laptop good with SSD, There are also variants with mmc of 64 and 128 GB, but myra variants Jump so to speak. This is how I come to you with SSD. On the wireless side, we have wifi AC and bluetooth. 4. Point one Again Sufficient Fast internet connection, but also to connect various accessories Stories like Mouse Headphones or a Portable speakers. In the end, we get to talk about Display And battery The first one has a full HD resolution, 14 inch Diagonally and exists in several variants. The RCA I have here has a brightness Of 200000. That means I’m not going out absolutely Very, very, Very bright, But be Regent for rooms. If you go outside and The light shines directly into him, You will notice a slight difficulty in viewing the account Pee on the screen. However, Again I’m, not so sorry about the battery 42 w hour three cells, I managed to pull out somewhere at 500 Six hours of average use.

I mean what you wrote, including the ideas for this video too. I wrote on this laptop. I listened Some music. I plugged in my headphones and listened to some more music. It doesn’t look very, very interesting, though, For five Six hours, That means a day of classes Or a school day In which you can You can search for information on the internet and make projects And of course, you can relax while letting go. And finally, we came to the chapter Audio, Because it’s, Asu And ASUS always had Slightly better speakers than average. I really appreciate it That on this ASUS entry level model, They put some More color than How decent the sound level is not very high. Instead, the quality is something above environment. We have some bass There’s, something else in return, It looks like my laptop Perfect For meetings on Zoom Google meet Skype or whatever Platforms used again. The voice sounds very good. It sounds clear, But If you turn up the laptop And someone is talking to you., Maybe with By covering The sound, came out System, It hurts in the end we get to the end of this video, something you promise me to tell you, but the two editing Software Photo, one of them is paintdotnet And the second is the Jeep. You have probably heard of these programs. Otherwise I tell you now there are some Light variants of You could call them that I’m free. You can download them on absolutely any system, including Linux, Less Pink dot That doesn’t work on.

It is Windows only They even work on such a laptop And give us Ion who wants to make a mini logo. You want to edit Easy A photo and you don’t have to export it 4k a day. I know what else Other resolutions like this. You can work on the air and this processor Leads, if you connect it to an accurate, monitor, Better reproduction of colors. You do an even better job And that’s it. You have a package Semicomplete, Because I cannot To play The game With very old or in the browser About that for today until next time You know what you have to do And I’m very curious. What do you think In relation to this Laptop, or rather what do you think about this segment of laptops Cheap? Maybe we should approach more, Maybe more should be studied because, From my point of view, This model of ASUS, You could say he’s lifting Relay A little bit of everything. A bit of everything is the equivalent of poko m3, But in the world of laptops – And why do I say this because offers Quite a few things At a fairly low price? I’M.