I’Ll show you all. In fact, asus launched actually six chromebooks uh and they have sent me actually four versions of them. So we’ll have a look at that one uh, but before that guys just want to make it very clear that this video was made an association with asus india. But no way they have any influence about this video. In fact, asus will also be seeing this video for the first time like you guys, are going to see so let’s have a look at these chromebooks, but before that let’s uh, let me talk a little bit about what is this chromebook and what is this chrome Os and guys the chrome os is actually a very light operating system by google, which runs on these laptops and it’s extremely fast, because it’s very light to use, and it is also very secure because all chromebooks actually have the titan c chip. So you don’t have to actually worry about viruses or anything like that and it’s actually updated automatically by google. That makes it very friendly for what you say: students and others and, as you can see, with the screenshot, this gives you an idea about some of the features that you can find on chromebooks and now let’s, actually look at uh, some of the chromebooks that were Launched by asus and in fact, uh, they launched six. I have four of them and the pricing starts, i believe, from 17999 and goes up to about 25 pounds so actually pretty affordable, and i am actually pretty excited about this one, because i feel uh.

These laptops can be really good, uh thing for students or people who really live in the online world. So let’s have a closer look at these laptops now so guys, as you can see, we have the four chromebooks but let’s quickly, look one by one. In fact, the processor is same on all of them it’s having an intel dual core processor and the thing with chromebooks is that it’s very light, so you don’t need very beefy processors or anything and, as you can see, i just opened it up and it’s ready To use uh, we have all our tabs and stuff okay, so basically, this is the base variant uh. This is the c223 model uh. This is supposed to be the most affordable. I believe this will be for 17999 and, as you can see, i’m just holding it in a single hand, because it weighs just one kilogram. So this is the lightest one that we have and we have a type c port over here and here again we have one more type c: port uh. We have a led that indicates the battery uh. Again, all chromebooks have a micro sd card so for expansion. So we have that and we also have a headphone uh, so you can put your headphones, etc, mic combo and we also have a usb port again. This is pretty light uh. This is metallic again, all of them are metallic in nature. We have the obviously uh the chrome logo over here and you just open it up and again oops it’s, going to my uh yeah, as you can see, and again uh all chromebooks also come with the webcam.

So this one also has a webcam and uh. This one is january at ces, with three new chromebooks oops, this video, that you get an idea about the audio also and now this is actually having a 11.6 inch screen uh out of uh. All this one does not have a touch screen, but there are variants that have touch screen also, so this is without the touch screen, as you can see. So this is the most affordable and the keyboard is good on this one. The trackpad is good uh. So again, a most affordable uh one in the lot uh let’s move to the next one that we have, and this is the most unique among all of them uh. This is having a actually touch screen, also matte again, as you can see so that’s nice. So you can use this, but this is actually the 360 model and this is actually the rugged model and if you notice, i can actually, as this is a tablet variant, so you can use it like a tablet like this, so uh that’s the speciality of this One – and this is the most rugged one in fact, as you can see the from the screenshot – this got that military rating, so this is actually pretty rugged, uh so again, great for children, i would say uh it has reinforcements. In fact, i dropped it once and again, as you can see, nothing happened to this one so uh.

This is the one and i use this quite a bit uh on and i like this one uh again. This is also having that smaller screen 11.68, but again, it’s perfect, i would say – and if you noticed again you might say: hey it’s, just having a celeron processor but again, chrome os is very very light again, as you can see uh. In fact, if you notice this is the uh trading view, if you use the stock market and stuff you’ll there’s a pretty heavy site, a lot of javascript and stuff, then also, if you notice how fluidly it works on these chromebooks and the reason for that is It’S a very light operating system, unlike windows, which is very heavy that’s. Why? Even with intel core uh? What do you say, a dual core celeron processor? The performance is actually really good, and i like that this is the touchscreen again uh. The beauty of chromebooks is that now we have support for google android apps. In fact, this is the play store that we have and you can install your all your apps and stuff. For example, in fact, uh i installed word uh. This is the android version and if you noticed in fact i can open the articles that i had written on my mac and windows computers from here so again that sort of functionality is there and because of these android apps. Now i feel the chromebook ecosystem has evolved quite a bit, so this is the rugged model.

In fact, the 316 model – i would say – and if you notice yes, this one also has one webcam over here, but as this is a tablet model, you also have one more webcam over here. So this is the unique thing about this and you might say why you can use it like this in the tablet mode and you can invoke the camera and use the rear facing camera. So this is the one and i’ll just keep this one to the side. So this is the rugged model again the specs very similar uh in terms of processor it’s, the same so guys now let’s look at this 14 inch. That is the c 423 model and if i bring it over here, as you can see, it’s uh let’s just go back over here and, and this is uh, the 14 inch variant, and this is having the touchscreen in fact it’s available, even without the touchscreen. This is having a 1080p screen, unlike the smaller ones, that had a 720p screen, as you can see, and uh works fine again very similar again with these models. These look like traditional laptops, as you can see, and this is the touchscreen variant and the bezels are actually thinner on this one. So these actually look a little bit more sleeker. If you wanted that traditional laptop kind of look again, a rest of the things are the same, it also has a webcam, and this in fact, can actually go 180 degrees flat like this.

So i don’t know you can use it like this and it has a bigger. What do you say, a keyboard area so very comfortable to type and stuff, and in fact this one is almost identical to that variant. Uh. This is just the 15 inch variant known as the c523, and this also comes in two variants: the one what we have is actually the touch screen again. This is also 1080p, but you also get another variant uh without the touchscreen. If you want and again this is having a glossy screen, as you have noticed, and again as i’ve told you uh now, the chromebooks have support for uh your android app, so the functionality improves drastically. In fact, i had installed the skype for video conferencing and stuff. You can use the front facing camera with that one and, in fact netflix other apps, also, as you can see, the netflix app works without any issues so again because of the android ecosystem now, which is being supported on this one. This works very well. In fact, the functionality wise, i would say because of google play store now the chrome host becomes a lot more versatile. I would say, and in fact and because it’s running uh, what do you say? It’S, chrome, obviously, google. So you also have google assistant, for example. I can just say, without even touching: okay: google what’s the weather like currently in narsinghi ranga, ready, it’s, 80 degrees and mostly cloudy.

So as you can see that works very well on this uh chromebooks, the uh voice, recognition and stuff. Okay, let me just bring back this smaller rugged uh variant now and in fact you might also be very new to chrome os. This might be the first time that you’re using it, so what i’ll do is i’ll leave the link of this uh website, that’s actually made by google. It said which actually gives you virtual idea how to use these chromebooks and stuff like this. So you have a lot of options over here, so i’ll just leave this so that you can virtually experience the chrome os and guys. I feel that these chromebooks are a very good alternative to actually android tablets. I know many parents actually due to this online uh stuff, that we are living online education and all this and that’s a reality now have given their children or are thinking to buy a tablet. But i feel a chromebook is a better alternative than an android tablet. Uh because it’s a full fledged computer, as you saw so you have the proper keyboard so it’s, easier to work on projects and stuff, for example, on a tablet. You have to use just a touch screen and it can be a little bit cumbersome. But here it’s a proper computer like experience, hence it’s a lot more useful for doing hard, hardcore, uh stuff, i would say, rather than a tablet. In fact, i’ve been personally using this smaller one, the rugged one for the past three weeks, and it has handled all the online tasks that i do even heavy sites and stuff and snow issues.

So i feel this is a good alternative for online students or if you are uh basically online as i’ve mentioned. If you do most of your task via your smartphone and i always felt that uh, it would have been better if you had a device that had a bigger screen, then i think so. The chromebook fits in your scenario. I would say uh so again, a pretty good laptop, i would say for online education and other stuff and mostly, if you use online but again guys remember yes, it has all the android apps that’s why you have a lot more functionality now, but again guys if It’S, not a traditional computer, because let’s say you have some speciality windows software, for example, tally or something that will simply not work on a chromebook or let’s say you have a video editing software like final cut that specifically for mac, those things would not work on A chromebook but uh, if mostly things that you use uh, are online or you think, uh the apps that are used on android uh. That gets your job done. Then the chromebook is the right thing for you and guys as i’ve told you uh, these uh will be available uh in india, from on flipkart uh and, as i recall, the pricing starts at about 17999 and goes up to about 25 000. So what i’ll do is i’ll leave the link of flipkart in the description below so that you can check it out, anyways guys.

What do you guys think about these chrome books? Do? Let me know in the comment section below and guys that’s it for now for this video, if you guys, are still not subscribed to the youtube channel hit that subscribe button.