Amp has introduced 4 new Chromebooks.. These include touchnon touch variants, amp Im excited about them, as they are need of the hour Im, saying theyre the need of the hour, because the way we workstudy has changed. Today, its all become WFHOnline classes, amp thats why the Chromebooks are very useful. When you buy A mid range laptop for regular use. You still have to pay around Rs 30, 40K. And laptops below this price are usually under powered amp slow, because WindowsOS is heavy.. These Chromebooks start from Rs 17K amp go up to Rs 25K, depending on your configuration amp screen. Type., These Chromebooks are for specific purposes: eg Webcam for Online classes, amp keyboard for typing., Elderly people who now have been used to smartphone. They find very easy to use. Android And ChromeOS. Experience is very similar to Android, as you can install android apps amp experience is very close to Android. Smartphone Working professionals can use it for their work, even housewives for watching recipetutorial videos. Chromebooks have a lot of advantages. Amp, it is ideal as well.. The battery is good amp. You can use it all day with a single charge. Amp you get a Type C port for charging.. Youd say these are tablets, but do you get good ones for Rs? 15? 20K. You get a full fledged keyboard with these Chromebooks amp. There arent good tablets around Rs, 18 25K.. These ASUS Chromebooks have a tagline Thoughtfully, Simple, which they truly are.

. This is for kids. It has big bezels, as they also wanted to include a keyboard amp a touchpad., So you can use it as a tablet or a laptop., And given that theyre made for kids, they are rubberised on the sides. Amp are built. Well, even if it falls down., It has round corners too amp. If you pick it up, youll see that theyre built quite well. ASUS claims. They have military grade durability, which is good, amp interesting.. If you keep it folded, you get an extra camera below in the ASUS C214 Chromebook. ASUS also claims that they have tested the openingclosing of the hinges, 50000 times., And it has also been tested if it falls from 4 ft. So theyre durable. ChromeOS doesnt need a heavy processor or CPU.. They all come with Intel’s dual core processor, with 4GB RAM, which is enough for most tasks.. The display sizes start from 11.6 for kids to 15.6 for working professionals. And also it gets options for touchnon touch. Screen. And these Chromebooks are portable amp weigh under 1.5kgs., So they are lightweight as well. And being so light Im impressed with their build quality. Amp material., Even the keyboards on the Chromebooks are good.. This is the C223 model for Rs 18K Ports amp Buttons. It has USB Type, A amp C, a 3.5mm jack SD card slot to expand the storage. You get 64GB in built with a 100GB Google Drive space for 1 year when you buy.

Weve, been using them for many days installed. Various apps, as they have support for Android apps. Playing games like BGMI, might be a problem, but normal games, AsphaltCandy Crush, will be fun.. Playing games like BGMI might be a problem, but normal games, AsphaltCandy Crush, will be fun.. You can install apps on these. Just like an Android smartphone., So you get the smartphone experience on a laptop with keyboard, amp, bigger screen. With the ChromeOS. You will get regular OTA updates, along with new features.. One thing you need to remember is that you’ll require an internet, or else these Chromebooks will not be too useful. With ChromeOS Explore feature you get step by step, guide to know more about ChromeOS And overall, the ChromeOS is easy to learn. Amp is user friendly. Theres a link in the description? If you want to exploretry the ChromeOS before buying Chromebooks. Connectivity, You get Bluetooth: Dual Band WiFi, amp stereo speakers in all of them. Theyre, the need of the hour amp, just like how were used to smartphones. These are similarly simple to use as well.. You cannot compare them with laptops, as there are many more things that you can do on laptop. Keep in mind that you’ll always need the internet., And if you have it, then thesell be useful for children housewives and also you can play casual games.. If you have any questions related to ASUS Chromebooks, you can ask them in the comments. And their links are provided in the description.

. Do check them. Out. Thats, all for this video.