I have one right here: the Asus Chromebook Vibe, cx 34 flip, and the goal of these Chromebooks is to give you more premium. Hardware, experience on Chrome OS because cloud gaming is just getting better and better. Now I think this is a perfect time for Google to bring back the original pixel book, my favorite Chromebook of all time. The hardware was impeccable, just update the internals and were good to go anyways lets get into the video of the Asus Chromebook Vibe really excited. This has a 144hz display obviously helps out with that gaming. It has a 12th gen Intel processor, a stylus included a custom keyboard as well were going to open this up, see what comes in the Box. Im really excited to see the hardware and design of this Chromebook lets get started. Here is the new Asus Chromebook Vibe. I have my address all over this box, so I cant really show you the entire box, pretty plain, but I dont expect the design of this Chromebook to be very plain, you get your standard booklets along with this card for offers, and finally, in the Box, you Just get your charger, which is USB type c connected to the adapter, so it does not disconnect its 45 Watts. As you can tell, and theres some information about our charger. I dont know what you came to see the Chromebook Vibe. As you can tell in white. We are going to take a closer look at this Hardware.

First of all, like I do in all of my laptop Chromebook unboxing videos, one handed test opening it up. It did lift up just a tiny bit but can definitely be opened up with one hand. So thats good also, you can see the custom keyboard I mentioned with more are gaming highlights, so this is an RGB keyboard, but obviously wasd is highlighted. Taking a close look at the left side, you get your stylus, so let me check this out very quickly. Well, take a closer look in just a second, but, as you can tell on the left side, just slide it on in you have a USB type c port HDMI port love to see that in case, you want a game on an external monitor: 3.5 millimeter, headphone Jack and a Micro SD card slot for expandable storage along the front, absolutely nothing except this little Notch, thats right here and thats actually to cover your webcam. This is a 720p webcam, but if you slide this youll notice in Orange Little Dot that shows up to physically cover the webcam, so love that privacy and then along the right side. We have a status light. You know power button volume rockers, because this is a 306 60 degree. Laptop goes all the way around into a tablet. You have a USB type, a port, USB type c, and then your lock quick, look along the back with the hinge and some slots for some heat dissipation along the right theres.

The other hinge down at the bottom. All four corners have grips, youve got more Vents and a full bar up towards the top with grip, so it doesnt slide around and at the top weve got Chromebook and Asus branding. This is a very good. Looking Chromebook Im excited to get this going so lets. Actually boot this up, while it boots up another quick, close up, has some grips with that orange accent. I, like the white and orange accent, Intel Iris, XE Graphics here – is that track pad fairly wide love to see that you have Sound by Harman Kardon, and here is a look at that Chiclet style keyboard. I believe 1.4 millimeters of travel for your gaming needs again. Wasd highlighted this is an RGB keyboard, with the Chromebook booted up Im going to run through the startup process, talk about anything noteworthy running through the setup process. Unfortunately, it doesnt have a fingerprint scanner, so you just have to use a pin. I send it into my account and its prompting me for a light or a dark theme. Our setup is complete, get your device ready for gaming next, so it prompts you to actually set that up were all set up and ready to go. Opens up the Play Store right away, lets you know, theres a Chrome, OS update so Ill. I will apply that, but also check it out. Look at that icon right down there stadia is there rip that is officially discontinued, so were gon na have to use other streaming services, which is totally fine, sorry to shut the lights off on you, but take a look.

This is a completely backlit keyboard and RGB. So you can actually customize the backlighting. If you want just standard the white light backdrop you can switch it to. This is yellow heres, blue and theres, also just a rainbow option. So youll notice that the the colors kind of shift, depending on what side of the keyboard youre on you, even change the color based on the wallpaper that youre using and I have to say I wish it got just a little bit brighter. As you can even tell on camera its not quite as bright as I would like it to be, I wish it had settings. I cant seem to find any moving along. This is a 360 degree laptop. It can sit all the way flat. I dont know why you would do that, but you could flip it all the way around and use it just like a tablet. It does recognize it switches to tablet mode, prompts you to navigate with gestures so for the gestures pretty similar to what youd find on Android, where its got quick, shortcuts right here, pressing or swipe up and hold, and it will bring you to your recent apps. If you do swipe from the sides, I believe its to go back. So if I go into an app swipe over from the side, its just that back gesture theres also grips on the bottom, so it wont slide around if you want to put it in this mode.

I also want to make note that the stylus is very easy to pull out when you are in this mode, so you can just go ahead and start using it. There are tools for our stylus lets, go ahead and select it screen, capture, create note, laser, pointer and magnifying glass, so lets try a laser pointer, which I dont actually know how thats going to work lets maybe go into uh. It looks like touching the screen. Okay, so that must just be, if youre doing a screen, recording and a presentation, so you have to actually touch the screen for that laser to show up, I thought it would actually recognize it like a wand, but apparently not continuing through a magnifying glass create note Screen capture lets go into settings of our stylus, just showing it stylus tools when you take it out, but also a quick shortcut to the Play Store for certain apps that you can take full advantage of this stylus one more closer. Look at the stylus is Asus on the side, its fairly big. Actually so it fits in the body feels more like a regular pencil or a pen anyway, ways going through its already restoring a bunch of my apps, including GeForce. Now so I think its about that time lets do some gaming tests, so opening up GeForce now Ill get it all set up by the way. This is a 14 inch, 1080p display with a 1610 aspect ratio all the way up to 144 Hertz.

Now, like I mentioned, we are going to do a little bit of gaming, so I logged into nvd to GeForce. Now you can use Xboxes, you can use Amazons, but lets load up a game lets try Apex Legends very quickly. Almost forgot Im going to go into custom and change. My frame rate cant take advantage of the higher uh refresh rate, but in Nvidia GeForce. Now it is all the way up to 120 frames per second, so again, keep in mind youre, not taking full advantage because its not at 144 Hertz Im sure, maybe in the future. They might update that all right. Just some quick Apex Legends gameplay feels very smooth. Overall, which is good to see now now were just going to kind of run through and test out a few things now, obviously, with cloud gaming, its pretty dependent on your internet connection, mine is seems to be very solid, theres a little bit of a latency with Cloud gaming, still, as I mean you could just kind of feel it when I compare playing on my gaming PC versus cloud gaming, but still its very impressive. How responsive this is and again just looks very smooth overall, with the higher frame rate higher refresh rate display. The chiclet style keyboard feels good, while doing some gaming Ill have to test it out a little bit more. You know but pressing it a decent amount of travel, its not obviously as good as a mechanical keyboard, in my opinion, but still really enjoying how smooth this looks and Im really happy theyre using more premium Hardware on Chromebooks.

Also real quick lets do a quick test. There we go now. I can just hide from that webcam and you dont just have to use the stylus to use a touch screen. You can just use your finger if youd like to, but overall obviously it runs, Chrome OS. Everything seems to be very smooth. Uh. Very quick, at least so far you can open up. You know, use all your Chrome browser extensions, all that good stuff, quick swap between different apps. You can multitask and with the Play Store, you can install just a bunch of games, anything that you want, whether it be angry birds or ping pong and some final thoughts on this gaming Chromebook. Overall, it feels a little bit plasticky. So just kind of make note of that and its a little bit thicker and heavier than I was expecting. It is nice. It has an HDMI and a Micro SD card slot, but just make note that its just a little bit thicker and heavier than I was hoping for and overall thats just about everything I wanted to show off with the Asus Chromebook Vibe. I hope you enjoyed the video a lot more content coming soon drop a comment. Let me know if this is something you would consider picking up again, aesthetically very good. Looking uh device really excited that theres more and more premium Chromebooks.