5 inch touchscreen 16 by 10 aspect ratio, mediatek, 8183, processor, 64, gigabytes of storage and 4 gigabytes of ram. Now this one also comes with the usi stylus, and this is made out of aluminum this one’s currently 369 bucks on amazon, but i’ll leave a link in the description below with current pricing and more information, it’s 7.9 millimeters thin, and this one does have fast charging. So that’s nice to see they’re advertising up to 12 hours battery life and it’s got 45 watt fast charging, and this is model cm 3000 db or just cm3 for short, so let’s go ahead and open it up and see what we’ve got okay. This definitely has some weight to it, so you’ve got a user guide, warranty card and information about their active, stylus or asus pen, okay, so pretty large charging brake here and usb c connection a decent length on this one, a nice looking case here. You can see the rear facing camera on the back. You can see. The case sticks to the back through magnets nice little kickstand there as well power and volume buttons there on the side. Then you have two speakers along the top and then your usbc charging port and headphone jack. A really nice looking thin keyboard here as well that just snaps onto the bottom it’s definitely a little tricky to get the stylus out. But overall it definitely feels like good build quality sort of similar to an s.

Pen i’ll lay this down just so you can get a better view of what this looks. Like okay looks like we got a few updates, while that’s updating i’ll show you a few of the shortcuts here down the corner down here in the corner, you’re going to get things like wi fi, bluetooth, accessibility, keyboard, you’re, also going to get volume and screen brightness And, of course, you can turn the power off right there as well. It also shows date time and what your battery life is. I guess the bezels on here aren’t too bad feels like they should be a little bit smaller, but i don’t know maybe that’s. Just me once you log in you can use a pin for extra security, looks like you can connect this to your phone. If you want to share your internet connection, reply to conversation notification and unlock your chromebook with your phone that’s, actually, a nice option to have let’s go ahead and take the keyboard off for a second swipe up from the bottom to go home, swipe up and hold To switch to another app and then to go back just swipe from the left to the right. So as far as what comes on here right out of the box, looks like you’re gon na get most of the google apps and not really a lot of bloatware. So that’s nice to see, if you connect this to your phone, you can click down here in the corner, see what your battery percentage is on your phone.

You can also get notifications from your phone, enable hotspot silence, phone locate phone and even bring up recent chrome tabs looks like i’ve got about 45 gigabytes available of the 64 gig, so i guess that’s not too bad. Now probably one of the best things about chromebooks is: you can go right to the google play, store and download a lot of the apps that you can on pretty much any other android tablet? And then you got a shortcut down here in the corner. If you want to do search on your device, apps settings or if you want to do an online search, so it doesn’t look like call of duty mobile is on here, but pubg mobile is on here. So that’s good now, let’s try the keyboard out real quick! So far, i really like what they did with this keyboard. It sort of locks into place as you push it forward. They’Ve got a few shortcuts here on the keyboard. You can do recent apps full screen refresh you get a forwards and backwards. Button. You’Ve also got lock volume controls mute button, so just a quick typing test here on the keyboard overall, that feels pretty good. It does look and feel a little bit on the cheap side, maybe a step up from some of those cheaper third party keyboards you’re gon na get online, but then not quite as good as something you’re gon na get from logitech. Once you had a bluetooth mouse.

This is definitely gon na feel more like a regular laptop. Then you can do some really important work, like figuring out what new cabinets are coming out from arcade one up Music, the on screen keyboard is actually nice and large. If you don’t want to use the included keyboard overall, i feel like the build quality on. This is really nice. The cover on this is almost identical to what you’re gon na get with the lenovo chromebook duet. The good thing is the resolution on the screen looks really nice. You’Re, not gon na, have any problems, reading books or really reading anything on here. So i feel like overall, the stylus with this tablet is actually pretty decent and just when drawing something real quick, it works pretty decent for that i don’t think it’s as good as an s pen though, but i feel like the sensitivity, could be a little bit Better and the palm rejection could be better as well. I noticed sometimes when i’m trying to draw nothing is actually happening but i’m, also not a professional illustrator, so i’m sure it depends on which app you’re using and there’s probably a lot of variables. With this i just know it doesn’t feel as good as an s pen on something from samsung or the apple pencil with an ipad. I do like the stylus tools shortcuts they have down in the corner, though you get a magnifying glass laser pointer, create no and screen capture Music, here’s, a quick, sound test of the speakers just to get an idea of what they sound like Music, okay, so yeah.

These definitely look pretty good in person. These do have fold flat, ear cups, so that’s definitely nice to see nice little leatherette cushion there on the headband appears to be some type of memory: foam pretty typical metal sliders here on the side, really nice and thick ear cups on here, and it looks like You’Ve got good thing is on youtube: you’re gon na get 1080p resolution. Downside is when you turn the speakers all the way up. They do sound a little bit distorted Music. You can use the netflix app on this device, but you’re only going to get sd playback. So chances are, if you just log in to the netflix website, you’re, probably going to get a little better resolution. Let’S, try out the camera app on here, real quick, just to see what it looks like shutter speed on here seems a little bit on the slow side, but as far as resolution goes yeah that actually looks pretty good. So in the camera app you’re going to get video photo square and portrait on the back, you get a 8 megapixel rear camera. Now downside is you only get a 2 megapixel front facing camera and then, when it comes to video, you can go up to 1080p. For the rear facing camera and then actually 1200p for the front facing camera, that’s sort of weird for only being two megapixels and then your front facing camera is right in the center towards the top.

When you have this in landscape mode, here’s, a few samples of photos and video just to give you an idea of what to expect so as long as you have really good lighting like here in my studio area photos, look, fine problem is pretty much anywhere else. The photos aren’t going to look very good sort of the same thing with video, so yeah. I would not recommend the cameras on here if you’re wanting to use this for zoom meetings either have really good studio lighting, which most people aren’t going to have or just use your cell phone it’s going to look a lot better Music. So the benchmark results on this tablet – isn’t going to be anything great, but i feel like performance overall is actually pretty decent on here. But then i tested out a couple games on here: pubg mobile and asphalt 9., and they seem to play really smooth on here. No glitches or problems with the graphics loading here’s, some more game footage. Just to give you an idea of what it looks like. I feel, like anyone doing some light. Gaming on this tablet is definitely going to be satisfied with the gaming performance on here. So my first impressions of this is yeah it’s, actually a pretty good package with the keyboard and stylus. I just can’t help, but think is this better than the chromebook duo by lenovo. You don’t get a stylus with that one, but yeah.

It feels very similar Music. So if you’ve made it this far into the video, you may want to say thanks by subscribing and don’t forget to give a thumbs up. If this video was helpful, this is brian from fishbee productions.