And if generally those subtasks are what you need, then a chromebook can be perfect for you. Ive turned a lot of people over to chromebooks over the past couple years, because they dont need to be able to edit photos or edit videos or work in a word document. They can generally use web apps for most of the stuff they do, which is great. But for me i sometimes need that extra bit of horsepower and i want a premium experience. So ive been looking into a number of chromebooks to see if i can get that sort of solution. So this is the asus 2n1, its a c433, i believe, which is kind of a mid range chromebook with a couple premium features to set it across. Apart from the pack and its a decent machine, but after the last couple weeks of using it, would i recommend it to anyone else? Looking for a premium, chromebook lets talk about it. This is an oiso, and this is the asus 211 chromebook review. While i typically start laptop reviews with covering the design lets start with, instead, what makes a chromebook a chromebook in the software see chrome os is quite different from mac, os or windows, in that theres kind of a continuous upgrade cycle, rather than the same sort of Annual or biannual release that we get with windows and mac os now thats, not a bad thing. It means that you continue to get more features that you wouldnt, expect and since chrome os typically has had kind of fewer features as a desktop operating system.

It really seems to be catching up every single year. What really seems to be coming together with chrome os is its interactions with android. If you have an android or a pixel device, chances are a chromebook will complement it really well with automatic login or sharing notifications or appsync, or anything like that. You can generally get a similar android experience on a bigger screen. Now, notably, chrome os does have support for running full android applications, and if you are particularly interested in running phone applications on your laptop, then this is probably the best solution that weve seen so far, because mac os still seems to be missing a whole bunch of Apps from the ios store and windows 11 is still waiting on an upgrade in order to get support for android applications through the amazon store. Now generally. For me, i only have a couple applications that i consistently want to run through android. Otherwise, since im running a desktop operating system, i generally can access those applications through their own web apps, but even then theres going to be some sacrifices that you are making in going with chrome os over a desktop operating system. If, like me, you see yourself as a power user, then unfortunately youre not going to have hotkey short cuts in onenote or youre going to have to use the kind of downgraded version of office on web or the web apps, rather than using the desktop version of Office outside of that, the experience like i said, is generally getting to the point where its kind of consistent with the experience on android, the bluetooth experience and notifications and generally the entire settings menu, looks like it was ported over directly from android, which, if youre already Familiar with android is a really good thing and i think, for the average person that isnt familiar with desktop operating systems, they should be able to navigate chrome os.

Just fine. The problem lies instead in kind of customization. Unfortunately, chrome os has a significantly smaller set of settings that you can set, unlike a windows device where you can basically change everything in the registry. If you wanted to chrome os seems to be significantly more locked in so if you want kind of more obscure features. Unfortunately, its going to be tougher to achieve an example ill give our sleep settings which are significantly hamstrung relative to what you might get on windows. As far as your different optionality goes, where the story really changes is the fact that you can run full linux on a chromebook. So, however, you want to customize it. You can go for it, but generally i see that as kind of pushing towards the far end of the super user or a power user spectrum where im kind of somewhere in between, like for me, im, not very good with linux, im, still trying to learn it In many ways, and generally i prefer having a little bit more customization without having to learn and then completely new operating system, but maybe for you thats going to be an easier process, but with that lets get to the laptop itself. Now, this laptop is pretty okay. When it comes to this performance now, this has a core m3 eighth generation processor, which is perfectly fast enough to run linux and its got four gigs of ram. Now, in most cases, i would say just for chromebooks four gigs of ram shouldnt be enough, but a lot has changed in the last year, notably when you are specifically on video calls.

It is very tasking on just about any computer and, as a result, four gigs of ram might and a core m3 eighth generation processor might actually start to sweat under the weight of a full video chat. I specifically run google meets google sheets and google slides all. At the same time, and notably, it was on a windows laptop with 16 gigs of ram, and it still seems to kind of struggle under the weight of the all those applications and on a chromebook. Ive ive really noticed the difference where i, if i try to have video chats, i see it starting to kind of chug along and so for that reason, while previously, i would have said four gigs of ram and a core m, three eighth generation is fine. On a chromebook, things have really started to change with work and school from home. As a result, i highly recommend that you probably go for eight gigs of ram, if not more, when youre looking for a chromebook yourself just to be prepared for the future and then lets talk about the rest of the laptop in terms of design. The asus chromebook 433 is c433 is relatively good. It is very mid range in that, yes, it has a metal design and yes, it is generally more premium than your average chromebook, but i wouldnt set it too far. Apart from your average metal, inspiron dell inspiron that you might get for five or six hundred dollars, while on paper on metal, chassis and small bezels and the fully glass display sounds like theyre super premium in person, it seems just kind of okay.

The design doesnt really strike me as super premium, in that the keyboard deck itself is significantly lighter than the display itself. As a result, it feels quite unbalanced. So if you set it on your lap at an angle, chances are the screen will flip backwards, which has already always kind of marked a non perfect laptop for me. Of course you can flip it all the way around, because it is a two in one device, but i really wouldnt want to do it myself too often, because it is relatively heavy for what the size is. It is a 14 inch display, so this isnt a tiny little 13 inch. It is not as compact as many other devices, but thankfully it does have small enough bezels that the footprint is quite small and probably comparable to a 13 inch from a few years ago. Head on the 10 14 inch, 1080p screen looks quite good. It gets bright enough, at least in indoor environments, but unfortunately the kind of glossy finish leaves a lot of glare and fingerprints. If you decide to be touching the screen a lot while its still a good display in that its going to be great for watching youtube or doing spreadsheet work, for example in google sheets, i generally wouldnt want to use this as my primary laptop for a longer Period of time as compared to many of the more premium laptops that i typically use when it comes to the trackpad and the keyboard, the trackpad is all in all quite good.

It is big for the size of the laptop, its smooth, its responsive and the click feels really nice and it distributes all the way across the body, but the keyboard, unfortunately, is not nearly as good. The first problem that i have with the keyboard is that its silver, meaning that it has the exact same color as the chassis or the keyboard deck itself and just staring at it right now. I cant tell you what the keys all say, because they are the same color. I dont know why this is such a common design, but id find that if the font of the keys was black, then itd be a better solution or the backlights of the keys got brighter, notably even with keys at full brightness. It really doesnt feel like. I could see the the full legend and my problems with the keyboard. Unfortunately, dont end there, the keys feel very, very meh, like youre pushing down, and you get through a lot of travel before you actually feel any sort of resistance right before the actual actuation, which means that its not a very comfortable keystroke. It feels kind of squishy and not very tactile. Now generally, this is a personal opinion, so you might feel quite differently, but i found that most keyboards. This is probably in the lower 25th percentile of keyboards that ive tried in the last couple years. Then, as far as the layout goes, if you are not familiar with the chromebook keyboard layout, then youll have to get familiar, because while there is some keyboard customization in that you can change the function keys to true f keys, you can change the search key to Be a true caps, lock key its a little bit limited and you have fewer keys on the keyboard relative to a typical windows laptop, and so just keep that in mind.

If you are particularly familiar with certain shortcuts, notably, what i found is that shortcuts in many applications many web applications like google sheets, are different between chromebooks and windows laptops. So, even though i had gotten familiar with all the keyboard shortcuts in google sheets, i had to kind of switch them as soon as i switched over the chromebook one redeeming quality of this device is the fact that it has a usba port on the left side. Usb c ports for charging and data on either side and an sd card microsd card reader, which means, if you want to use it for offloading photos, then its going to be a great device. But for me i dont typically use this for photo editing. So i didnt find myself using the sd card reader too often im, also not the biggest fan of chrome, oss files app its more difficult for me to manage files than where i would on mac, os or windows. While this laptop had all the markings to be a fully premium chromebook, i think it really falls short thats, not to say there arent chrome, premium chromebooks out there. I just dont think this is the one for me im going to be looking for more and theres a couple, others that ive got my eye on so keep an eye on the channel if youre interested in seeing more chromebook reviews. If you like this video, please like and subscribe, let me know down in the comments what you think about the asus chromebook two in one.

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