We unboxed this chromebook a few months back, so i dont really want to get bogged down by all the specs at this point, but real quick were looking at a 14 inch. Full hd chromebook with convertible hinges. A stowed us eye, pin 11th gen core i5, its fanless up to 16 gigs of ram 256 gigs of nvme storage and its all aluminum. It looks great. It performs well in all the ways you want a chromebook to, but honestly all of that can be said of a lot of chromebooks up to this point. So why is it ive put this one in the bag? Lets start with the overall look of this chromebook with its clean all aluminum body, the the flip cx 5400 isnt winning any awards necessarily for breakthrough and design or anything. But it just looks nice closed up on a desk. It oozes quality. The seams are all tight. Theres no flex to the bottom part of the chassis, the lack of fan ports makes it all feel cohesive and just thought out, and the aluminum is the right type of texture that keeps fingerprints at bay and still feels really good. Under the palms and the chamfered edges around the keyboard, polish everything off with some style, so i mean under the palms in your hand, in a bag. It just looks great, and it feels great in like any scenario, but you cant get by on, looks and feel alone. At the end of the day, a laptop is a production device.

It needs to perform better than it looks, and the flip cx 5400 is that sort of chromebook sure the internal specs are nice and speedy. The one were testing is actually the top end spec with 16 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage, but a fast chromebook isnt, exactly the measure of greatness. These days there are tons of fast devices out there, but few pair that speed with all the other niceties you get with this chromebook. Alright, so weve talked about the superb build quality, but the superlatives dont really stop there. The screen on this chromebook is what i would consider ideal for a high end. Chromebook display its over 300 nits of brightness. We measured it at like 330., its full hd, which is perfect for a 14 inch device. Doesnt add any more pixels on the screen than necessary and the colors and the viewing angles are really really good. I mean i love working on this device and honestly, the screen is a big part of that and while i do love screens that get over 400 nits of brightness im, just an advocate of simply getting over that 300 mark and making sure things like colors viewing Angles and contrast are all really good, and this display does all of that stuff, and it just makes for a great experience. All right, so good looks great, feel a great screen fast performance thats. Just not all you need, though, and the flip cx 5400 pairs.

All of that stuff, with a great backlit keyboard and a huge glass trackpad, the keyboards clicky and responsive its fast and accurate to type on and the trackpad is absolute butter. It feels great, the click is solid and the combo of the two makes all sorts of input easy its enjoyable, regardless of what youre doing on it and asus even made sure that, with the great keys on this one, that there are no issues and seeing the Characters in bright lighting situations, its been a problem on other laptops and other chromebooks up to this point, its not one here, okay, so now we have good, looks great power, a solid display, comfy inputs. I mean what else is there well for starters, with the rise of usi stylus capabilities on chromebooks, some sort of pin input is a nice thing to have, and not only does this device have usi ability, it has a stowed recharging, pin that fits right in the Back of it and as ive said many times before, the best pen that you can have is the ones youve got on you, and so, while you can opt for a nicer overall usi pin, if you want to with this one theres one included and its always There, its always charged and its always ready to go and then theres the speakers, while not the absolute best you can get on a chromebook. That title seems like its always going to rest with the pixelbook go.

They are miles better than most, and that means when youre, watching content on youtube or netflix on this great screen, the audio that goes along with it isnt going to be terrible while its not going to replace like dedicated speakers or something these speakers do provide full Sound with great stereo separation and its great for media or for gaming, and especially for video calls other niceties include the built in camera, shade up top, so you can be sure youve closed off the camera when you need to usb type c ports on both sides And a well weighted hinge mechanism that feels solid and firm, like when youre poking on the screen in clamshell mode, but then can switch just as smoothly to the display, tent and tablet modes. When you need to look, i know ive just rattled off a bunch of good individual things about this chromebook, but at the end of the day, there are other chromebooks that could technically meet these same exact criteria, theres one final step that has to take place and Thats the part of the experience that we cant really put technical measurements on its the part that brings all the good pieces together and builds a solid user experience and the asus chromebook flip. The cx 5400 gets that more right than most specs are needed for great chromebooks theres. No doubting that, but getting all of that good stuff to come together and make one solid experience.

Take something else that immeasurable thing that undefined quality that just makes you truly enjoy using something the flip, cx 5400. Has that thing and pairing it up to all these other superlatives? It just makes this a chromebook. I have no issue in saying: is my go to favorite device in the office right now? I fully expect that place to be taken by one of these stellar chromebooks that are coming in 2022, but for now the flip cx 5400 is staying in my bag and every time i get it out to use im pretty happy about that, but guys thats it For this one, if you enjoyed this video, give us a thumbs up head down there and hit that subscribe button and be sure and ring the notification icon as well. If youd like to be alerted when we make future videos just like this one till next time.