On the first tiger lake 11th gen intel cpu powered chromebook in the asus chromebook cx 5 it’s a 15.6 inch chromebook a core i3 again: 11th gen core i3 8 gigs of ram 128 gigs of internal storage. We’Re excited to finally start testing and seeing what tiger lake processors will do with chrome, os and so let’s just jump in the box Music today’s video is brought to you by our awesome and growing patreon community. Over there we offer things like behind the scenes. Footage early access content, access to our private discord channel and an ad free experience over at chromeunbox.com, both on the desktop and mobile versions of our website. If you’d like to learn more just head over to patreon.com forward, slash chrome, unboxed, all right so let’s get in this box uh, maybe we won’t spend a lot of time on the outside. Of this. Asus boxes are a little nicer than most chromebook boxes. There’S, a nice little hinge and stuff going on here, um, but it’s, just a cardboard box at the end of the day. So let me get that thing. Open and we’ll. Just move the chromebook over here for right now inside here there’s, you know, general paperwork and the charger is a pretty cool. Little brick. I, like these they’re, easier to stow in a bag stuff like that they do take a little bit more room on your power surge, which is unfortunate. They do they hawk space on a wall, mount wall bracket kind of thing too, which is again unfortunate, but uh it’s a lot more handy to carry this than the big brick and then the extended cable and all that stuff that you get in the older laptops.

So i’m glad they included that it feels like a nice little inclusion there, and i do want to tell you the exact number of the processor here. So this is a core i3 it’s, a dual core core i3. It is the 11th gen, i3. 115G4. The reason that’s important isn’t so much that you know the exact processor number here, it’s to know that it’s dual core and as i talk about this chromebook and what it’s capable of that’s important to note, because there are quad core versions of this thing. Coming in the core, i5 and i7, and the processors that it’s going against when we start talking about some benchmark things because yeah we’ve opened it up and and ran a couple tests on it, real quick, the the the processors it’s going up against are quad core I5S and i7s and flat out i’ll tell you right now. This thing is absolutely smoking, those other those other chromebooks. It is ridiculously fast uh way faster than i would have expected matter of fact. We do this a lot whenever we uh we get a new chromebook and we’ll we’ll, open it up and start running, uh benchmarks on it and just kind of go hey. What do you got? What do you got and we’ll try to guess real, quick? We so far underestimated this thing matter of fact we were, we were guessing uh. I guessed i want to say 42 500 or something like that on this thing to get in octane, which, yes, i know, is a retired benchmark, but we still go back to it along with other benchmarks.

This thing got somewhere around 58 57 000 on octane and for reference i don’t know of a chromebook that’s ever broken 50 000, ever even the fastest, most uh elaborate, chromebook, setups chrome boxes. All that stuff – nothing i know of – has cracked 50 000, and this way cracked fifties out. Fifty thousand, i think, fifty seven eight uh fifty seven thousand eight hundred is the the biggest score that we got and so uh don’t worry about performance here on chromebooks with 11th gen processors they’re going to be fast, because this is the dual core: i3 version again. It’S paired up with 8 gigs of ram 128 gigs of nvme storage, and we do need to talk about the outside of this thing because it’s gorgeous it is absolutely gorgeous. It’S, an aluminum kind of treated material on the outside, so it’s like a soft touch, but just super white and nice just hard edges. I really like the way this thing’s put together. The bottom is completely plastic, but doesn’t feel like it. The whole thing is is very rigid across the bottom. You can see. There are ports for fans. This thing does have a fan. There are speaker, grilles here, we’ll talk about that in just a minute and again, even though it’s plastic it it’s treated in the same way. So at first it took me a minute to figure out that this was actually plastic on the bottom, because again, it’s rigid and it it just has the same texture feel as the lid and so the whole thing just comes together and looks really cool in this White finish, i just love, i absolutely love the way.

This thing looks it’s a little heavy uh. We haven’t waited or anything like that. Yet, but you know it’s not going to be a light. Chrome book it’s a 15.6 inch device, but as far as port selections, we’ve got a usb a and c on this side, volume, rocker power, microphone, headphone, microphone, jack, full size, hdmi, which is always nice to have the usb type c and an sd card micro. Sd card slot around the back some ports for those fans like we were talking about all right, so that’s, the outside and everything, looks great here. It looks good. It feels really good, so checks across the board. There let’s actually crack this thing open and you get that nice little ergo lift thing. I don’t know if that’s what asus calls it everybody’s kind of got their own name for it. It slightly lifts up across the bottom as you open it up, but once you get inside this thing, you’re met with an entirely black chassis and so you’ve actually got this soft touch. I want to say it’s almost like rubberized feeling upper on the bottom. Half of the chassis and again white is white, can be on the outside, and just this nice matte finish black color on the inside, and it just gives off all these pixel panda, uh, vibes and it’s always been my favorite of google’s phones when they do the The black on white color scheme – and this just looks awesome as you kind of flip, and you look and it’s all white on the outside.

You flip it in and it’s just got this black internal look to it, it’s it’s, fantastic! It feels great. The trackpad is nice and wide it’s glass it’s got a great click mechanism – it’s, nice and quiet. I did have to open this one up and adjust that uh trackpad, though, because it did what i don’t like trackpads to do, and it was kind of elevated a little bit if you know how to do that. It wasn’t a hard adjustment to do. If you get one and you’re not satisfied with the way the trackpad is kind of bouncing on there, i would say: take it back and go get another one. Hopefully that won’t be the the case across the board with this particular device. But once i adjusted that down just a little bit the trackpad’s just fantastic feeling super smooth nice and wide you’ve got a numeric keypad over here you’ve got backlit keys. You’Ve got a keyboard with the capture key up top, so we’ve only seen that in the c1030 from hp, so that’s, a nice addition, i’ve i’ve grown to really love having that that screenshot button up there, especially with the screenshot tool being so awesome of late. But overall again just super attractive. We’Ve got a 1080p screen here, we’re going to talk about in a second 1920 by 1080 webcam up top, so everything you need here really great packaging. The thing just looks amazing: the keyboard is nice and quiet, but very very clicky.

Like i just i haven’t sat and typed a lot on this thing yet, but it feels like one i’m going to really really enjoy, because it just mean it sounds great. It feels really great. So the combination trackpad keyboard really good full hd at 16 by 9. On a 15.6 inch screen is always kind of a knockout, it works. You don’t have to do any scaling. None of that stuff. It looks good the way it is right out of the box. The only knock i’m going to have against this display, i think, is probably the brightness but overall 250 nits is not a deal breaker at all. The lenovo chromebook flex 5 is a 250 net screen and it’s fine it’s, just in really really bright conditions. You’Re going to run into situations where you might feel like man, i wish i had a couple more bumps of brightness that’s. Why i say 300 net screens should be what we get in every chromebook in the the 500 price bracket. And so we can talk about price too, while we’re here 569 dollars is what this thing is. Retailing for asus does not put sales on their chromebooks very often, so i wouldn’t expect it’s going to drop a bunch, but like right now, under this lighting, a lot of times dim monitors, even if i crank them up start feeling a little bit dim and they Never really rise to the occasion this one. I can tell you if i turn this around and pointed this at.

You would kind of blow the shot out, but i’ll turn it around anyway, and hopefully, we’ll we’ll get that lined out and it looks okay on camera. But again, like i said, 16×9 feels just perfectly settled in here: 1080p on a 15.6 inch screen feels right, like it just settles in here. Just right, i don’t have to change any of the scaling and if you think things are a little bit small on the screen, you’ve got the pixels to to bump it up a little bit. If you want to. But overall i think the screen is going to be good and i i was worried about the screen on this thing: i’m, not too worried about it anymore, after actually having it out and looking at it. The brightness is going to be sufficient for most people and again at this kind of price point. If they bump this thing up to 700 bucks, i don’t think that would be acceptable, but as it’s going to hover in this 500 type range, i think that’s perfectly acceptable, and so now you’ve got a good screen very usable lots of workspace. This awesome looking chassis, a great smooth, trackpad, this great keyboard, it’s backlit as well. So if we uh alt back that up, you can see the backlighting coming on there behind the keys. You got a number pad and this thing is going to be a productivity work horse before even talking about what’s inside of it, and we get into that core i3 11th gen processor and it is an absolute monster we’re putting some stuff out on the website.

Uh exact benchmarks and all that kind of stuff, and comparing that to the 10th gen and we’ll talk about that stuff. More in the review you, you don’t, need a review, though, to know this is by far this is the fastest chromebook i’ve ever used, and this is it. This is the low end of the core. I processors in the 11th gen it doesn’t have the best gpu of what’s going to be coming, so it it’s very, very impressive. So one final thing i want to point out is the surprise i had when i fired up the speakers on this thing. So give me just a second: let me pull up something that we won’t get in trouble for playing out loud, okay, we’ve pulled up some stuff on epidemic, sound and it’s, going to be hard. Obviously, for you to hear this, but if you’re listening in earphones you’ll probably get a good sense of how good these speakers are. And if you remember from the beginning there, there there’s a speaker port kind of facing down. But then it kind of angles out as well, so it really does come up off the desk pretty nicely even for downward firing speakers. But the first thing i played on here i honestly kind of sat back a little shocked because my expectation for chromebook speakers is always super low and i don’t think they really touted this too much uh it having great sound but yeah, take a listen Music again.

It’S uh it’s probably very difficult to hear there but it’s very full sounding it’s, very loud and it’s. Just this nice round sound there’s, not a bunch and a ton of bass coming out, but for spoken word and general video listening like this is going to be very enjoyable to watch a movie on, or something like that. So i mean i i’m pleasantly surprised. All around here i’m happy that the screen is not a detractor i’m blown away by the speed of the processor i’m, pleasantly surprised by the quality of the speakers. I’M. Very surprised, i shouldn’t be surprised by asus keyboards. Their keyboards have always been good. This is one of the best ones i’ve felt so far. The track pad is great. The the outside part of this thing looks great, looks like a million bucks it’s a convertible, so we haven’t done that yet we’ll just flip it up and drop it on the table. Here you know it does all the things a flippable chromebook should do, and so i mean all together when we start talking about this chromebook for under 600., i mean it’s, a knockout so far, i’ve just had it in, for you know a couple hours at this Point but it suffices to say i am super impressed with this device. Asus has done a great job here. Intel obviously has done a great job at putting together a processor that works really well with chromebooks. Again, i can’t speak to how it works with windows or anything, but as far as a chromebook is concerned, this is by far the best processors and it’s, the biggest jump we’ve seen in a single generation of intel processors.

So if you can’t tell i’m extremely extremely impressed by this chromebook so far, obviously we’re going to put it through its paces and the review. So we can get an idea of battery life. We can get an idea if that screen really is a detractor or not. I don’t think it’s going to be if the keyboard is as good as we think it is no question on performance. This thing’s going to be an absolute beast, but overall, i think we already kind of know how that review is going to turn out. This is going to be an impressive chromebook, and it makes me think that this whole line of tiger lake chromebooks that’s coming out this year are all going to be really really impressive and it’s going to be interesting.