Of course, i’m talking about asus, chromebook, flip c43 twin one laptop. I am so excited to tell you about it. First of all, what makes it so unique okay, so this thing is on sale. Now it costs only 429 bucks instead of 480. for 429. You won’t ever find another laptop with this specs and such an amazing design. Listen intently, it is a 360 degrees, flexible laptop, so you can use it also as a tablet. This thing is extremely thin and light it’s only 16.5 millimeters thickness and 1.5 kilograms weight. This is extremely portable laptop. It slips into your backpack like it’s. Nothing and it looks fantastic, it’s, so minimalistic and so business and premium kind of style. Since i wear a suit pretty often i really respect that type of laptop’s designer style direction and, being that thin, this asus chromebook still has all the ports you need. It has a regular usb type, a and it’s fast, two usb type c ports, micro, sd card reader and an audio jack, because it turns into a tablet. They also put a volume, control button and a power button on the left side of this machine. Now let’s get a little closer to its specs, because we definitely have something crazy to look at here. The screen is a 14 inch, full hd ips touch panel and look at those bezels it’s insane how thin they are. On the other hand, the screen brightness is definitely not the best here.

180 nits, however, the colors and the view angles are great talking about cpu. We got a dual core four threats: intel core m3, with the base frequency at 1.1 gigahertz and in turbo boost mode. It can reach up to 3.4 gigahertz. We also got 8 gigabytes, ddr3 ram and fast 64 gigabytes, emmc storage. Here both of them are not expandable or replaceable. Keep that in mind. But the thing is that since it’s, a chromebook and running chrome os with all this hardware, the laptop works perfect any pages or documents load immediately and the overall experience is overwhelming. Now, if you don’t know what chrome os is well it’s, an operating system by google, which is very secure, highly optimized, intuitive and it’s linux based it allows you to install any apps from google play. So the variety of software is endless and you won’t feel yourself left out. Of course you can play games yep. Your minecraft is still here. Watch movies and videos draw and do any other of your regular everyday tasks, but this laptop was mostly built for programming, business and study purposes, and it has everything to be the top of the line laptop for these tasks. Let’S take, for example, the battery life because, as a student, you definitely need that long, lasting battery life i’ve been there. I know it. Okay, and this machine provides amazing, 8 9 hours of work from a single charge in a mixed usage and just watching movies online.

Will get you about 10 to 11 hours yeah? I know it’s pretty average for a chromebook, but still it’s impressive, the webcam, because i know this quarantine has definitely made some noise and a lot of us have to attend online video conferences. So we need a good camera right and this laptop has one and it’s hd quality. So you’ll always look great. The keyboard, oh yeah, it’s, full size, it’s, backlit, the key travel distance and tactile response are just perfect. As you might know, i’m a macbook user and with this keyboard, it’s almost as pleasant to work as with my macs also, this laptop is equipped with a 5th gen wi fi, so the connection is stable and the speeds are high. Plus there is your personal assistant on board all the time. Just for you just say: hey google buying this laptop through my link in description, you also get a hundred gigabytes of google cloud storage for your photos, documents and other stuff absolutely for free. Alright, ladies and gentlemen, i think that is it for the video. If you got any questions to me, let me know about them in the comments below. I will answer them asap. I hope this video was helpful for you and now you know for sure.