You can check it by clicking the link in description now, let’s check some customer reviews on this product. I researched this on the asus website, which implies that all models include a stylus, but that turns out not to be the case on this model. There is a plastic cover where the stylus would normal ego. Someone asked this here is a question, but i noticed too late. Unfortunately, asus support was not helpful when i reached out to see if a stylus could be added in the brief time i had this, it did seem well constructed, but the screen did not impress it. Could be that i’m just used to more expensive laptops, though at this price i am going to wait until the second generation lenovo 500 e is in stock and try that instead, i bought this for my mom and i am legitimately jealous. I have a one thousand dollar google pixel book and i would rather have this. The pixel book still works, but the screen is cracked and the frame is bent. This is just as fast and a far better value for a third of the price. My mom had a nuke that stopped working, and this is the perfect replacement. My favorite thing about it is the rugged exterior. It just feels durable when you hold it. The weight is perfect, it’s, an excellent balance of size and comfort, and the screen is bright and easy to read main reasons to buy this computer water resistant keyboard comfortable to hold versatile laptop tablet modes.

Excellent value, simple and easy to use for technophobes pros easy to set up imho and use starts up wakes up very quickly. Long battery life, light easy to carry in a purse or backpack has charger ports on both sides. Cons very low speaker volume be prepared to have to use earphones for movies, shows and games solo. I considered sending it back, but i mainly use this in class at my internship or when i’m in bed, and the hubs is asleep and i’m wearing earphones anyway. So not a huge issue. Currently the bezel around the screen is really thick and makes it hard to click on tabs. In my browser, to close them usually takes me, a few tries each time and i don’t have large fingers. The screen looks and feels kind of cheap, not sure how to explain further that’s, just my impression using the it as a touch screen has been a good experience, though it’s very responsive, and you can adjust its sensitivity. The only issue that limits its functionality is the thick bezel. On the bright side, the thickness may help protect the screen when it’s dropped. This is a criticism of the google chromebook operating system in general, not of asus. If you’re expecting to be able to run all apps from the google play store, especially games you’re going to be disappointed. Quite a few games won’t play online. Also, some google apps are pretty pointless to download because the chromebook version of the app is harder to use than the website version example.

I never use google drive app and other apps like google doc on my chromebook, because i don’t like the way the app looks and functions on it. The same apps look and behave differently on my pixel 3 phone doesn’t come with a stylus. I realized, after the fact that you have to go with a different product listing that’s about 50 dollars more to get the stylus. This is a good computer to use for work, school note, taking and leisure stuff like watching, shows or playing games the ones that will work on it. That is, i wouldn’t buy this if it were going to be used as my primary computer. I also have a desktop, but i got it for taking notes in my grad classes and at my internship, so it works for me right now. If i didn’t have a desktop, i probably would have gone with the surface pro or a larger google brand chromebook. This is a nice solid product. I just wanted a device to read emails and surf the web. I have a samsung, s9 plus so thought it would be a nice compliment to the phone. I use my dell desktop for serious work. Like writing this review. The reason for my love review is this chromebook is, it is very temperamental i spend about as much time trying to get it to work as i do using it. Keypad works sometimes other times does not very frustrating that the chromebook requires a password.

I cannot opt out of using one so when it turns on and requires a pw, but the kb does not. Work have to spend time trying to get the kb to work open, close on off reset options, usually something finally works, but not always the same thing. The on screen, kb will not show up when the pw is required, so i’ve learned to never let it shut down just try to keep it in the sleep mode, bought it for class love. Taking notes digitally with the stylus platform is great for browsing and working online also has both android and chrome store. We bought this for my daughter for christmas purchased ate 11.29. She was so excited on christmas morning. She was no issues until early june when the touchscreen went a little wonky and would respond, and then wouldn’t. However, that seemed to resolve itself now as of july 2nd. It will not power on and the charging light isn’t even coming on, though it was. This am i researched how to resolve things, heart, reset, etc, but to no avail i’m, so frustrated for my daughter, because she is very protective of her electronics. We are all befuddled as to what happened. So i can’t recommend this asus chromebook model i’m, looking into how to get a power cord to see if that is the problem versus the laptop itself, i’m hoping so because seven months on a 400 piece of technology is totally unacceptable.

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