I did some videos on that already excuse my voice here at a long night um. So let’s get this thing, cracked open, so this thing had been rumored for a very long time. Um! Oh, i like the little presentation there um. So they talked about this months ago and i had been keeping my eye on the aces site. It was also rumored that it was going to go to costco first uh, but i didn’t get it from either. I got it from amazon now. This is supposed to be the 64 gig model. I really wanted the 128 gig, but i didn’t see that option on amazon just yet so we’ll go ahead and see what’s inside the box here, so we got a 45 watt or supposed to be a 45 watt. There we go 45 watt charger. I don’t know how fast it’s going to charge this thing up, but usbc. So we’ve got some literature here, all right, so some stuff that nobody ever really reads and nothing else in the box itself. As far as i can see, that’s pretty much it for the contents there and for the star of the show let’s see oh yeah, very nice, very, very nice. So this is supposed to be a 10.5 inch screen. I want to say the duet is a 10.2. So we have a pretty sturdy cover on the device on both sides. If you recall, the duet has the keyboard case on the front, but it doesn’t stay in place.

It kind of slides around that was pretty annoying, but this one seems to stay in place. So let’s go ahead and flip that down. Then we got this interesting. How that plastic is in there. So all right, so we’ll take a look at the keyboard. First, pretty nice keyboard little track pad there, not too bad. I mean it’s, pretty close in size from the duet, a nice decent, key travel, um no backlit keys, though so that’s kind of a bummer, but for less than 400 bucks. I guess i won’t complain too much here. Let’S take the back piece off now. This is interesting because it supposedly folds multiple ways, so you can have it um in the regular, horizontal mode or portrait mode because of this flexibility here, so we can bend either way that way, or this way and let’s look at the device itself. So we got the uh pins at the bottom there to attach with the keyboard we have a headphone jack, which is nice with a usbc port on the top. We have two speakers now, i’m, really hoping that the speakers are decent on this thing. That was one of the major things i did not like about the duet and we got a power button and a volume rocker there on the back. We got a little branding and we got a camera. We’Ll have to test that out all right, so let’s go ahead and power. It up let’s see here where’s the power there.

It is well, maybe it’s got some juice or maybe there we go all right and we have a camera there. Good placement – hopefully the newer ipads, decide to put it there so it’s more usable for zoom, and things like that. So my first impressions of the hardware itself, um pretty decent hardware. It doesn’t feel like a cheap tablet, is uh pretty sturdy i’m gon na go ahead and get my information put in, and we’ll come back and take a look all right, so i’ve been playing around with this asus um or asus. However, you want to call it cm3 and my initial impressions is that it’s, a pretty decent device and i can’t help, but to continue to compare it to the duet, because i feel like those are so uh they’re in the same category. These are, if you’re interested in this one you’re, probably interested in the duet as well or you already have the duet. But i guess what it boils down to is what you’re going to use this device for um, both of which they still have. You know like the mediatek, the weaker processor, so you can’t do a whole lot of heavy lifting with it, but just some browsing and whatnot is going to be very decent um. I will say using this keyboard. I want to say the the experience is a little bit better like with the trackpad and everything on the duet. I kind of prefer that one.

However, this one does have an extra. I guess feature there, where you can kind of very surface like have that magnetic attachment for the keyboard there that kind of lifts it up um, instead of it being just really flat. I still don’t believe that it’s very useful on your lap um, but also what this can do is this back piece here. This bag cover. Not only can it do the 90 degree fold this way and i know with the duet it folds down even further, but it can also give you the portrait viewing. I don’t know how many people would use it this way um. Maybe there are some so that gives you an idea how that looks, but most people are probably going to use it this way and that’s how i’ve been using it um. The speakers are testing them out, they’re decent. They have they, they kind of sound hollowy. I don’t know if that’s a word let’s see let’s play one of my videos: we’re taking a look at the pixelbook, go, give you an idea of the volume there and it is the year 2021. How does this fare in 2021? Well, i think it fairs. So the speakers are okay, i mean that was one of the weakest points for the duet. For me, the speakers um there’s not a strong suit here either. So for those that were looking to have better speakers on this device, yeah, maybe on a duet too, not on this asus or asus detachable cm3, i got ta, keep saying that name to get used to it, but uh really good viewing angles from you know what I’Ve been able to test out so far no complaints there, the screen gets decent brightness, see here that’s as bright as it goes, so it gets plenty bright.

So i don’t think you’ll have any issues there unless you’re in direct sunlight, so a nice screen now what i didn’t show in the unboxing was this uh pin – and this is a pain point already like. I literally cannot get this thing out just with my fingers. This i don’t know how they figured. This was a good design. I wish it was like the spring loaded one but it’s, not you have to kind of put your finger in there to pull it out and the only way i’ve been able to get it out. So far is just to use like my safe unboxing knife to kind of apply a little pressure to get it to detach. So i am not a fan of the way that the pen um detaches, it is a decent size, pin um there’s, no buttons, no capacitive buttons or anything like that. However, maybe your experience would be better than mine, but i tried a couple of different apps and there’s very little of any like palm rejection, so it’s, not the best writing experience at least to me – and i don’t like if you can hear that this is very Apple pencil, like the way it hits off of the screen from what i found the best writing experience. I mean if we’re taking notes, you’d have to have some sort of um like screen protector on there, like paper like or something like that. I don’t know if they make it for this device yet, but then that’ll give you a better experience as far as writing or taking notes or drawing or whatnot.

I found the best experience to be with like the s pen on uh galaxy tablets. Those have been some pretty good because of the way that the pen tip is pretty soft on those hitting the screen. So you don’t get that constant tapping um, but i mean if you can find a decent um notes taking app. Maybe the pin will be useful, but i guess the big question is going to be whether or not it’s worth that additional um hundred dollars, basically because on amazon right now this thing is was 369. The 128 gig version, i believe, is 389 from asus um, but the lenovo duet. You can get for 299 a lot of times, it’s on sale for 249 and that’s, the 128 gig. So around 100 difference um Music. Is it worth it? I don’t know you guys. Will have to tell me uh, let me know if there’s anything that you want me to try out on here in particular, but overall i like the idea of these small portable uh chrome devices, there’s, definitely room for improvement um. This is a nice package, maybe if they were a little better on the price, i would say if you can pick one of these up for less than 300 bucks, that it might be a really good deal at that price. But getting one of these around 400 bucks when you could possibly get the duet for 250, i would say: do the duet but yeah.

These are my first impressions i’m, definitely going to test it out a little more hit me up in the comments.