This is the detachable chromebook right that you could detach from the keyboard. It’S really a tablet. So i want to let you know what i think of it, and granted i’ve only had this for like two hours, so i just wanted to give you some hands on footage. I’M. Not gon na have a lot of hot takes or anything like that, but i wanted to just give you some quick first impressions since there’s, just not a lot of videos out there for it and let you know what i think of it. So let’s get straight into this video and let’s get it going Music all right. So many of you have heard of the lenovo chromebook duet. It was one of the hottest tablets out there. It was one of the few chrome os tablets that we’ve seen we haven’t seen a lot of tablets out there and for a 10 inch device. The lenovo chromebook duet was amazing because it did have a keyboard that came with it and it also had a cool little kickstand, just like this tablet does here and people loved it because they just wanted something for basic use. A nice tablet, but the cool thing is chrome. Os is better for productivity than like an android tablet, for example, and android tablets typically only get one to two years of software updates and chromebooks. They typically get between six and eight years of software updates. So to be able to get the chrome os experience to get more software updates to be able to still run android apps, but also be able to do extra productivity work.

This is really really interesting because someone like me, i love android tablets, but on the other end i love to use windows and i love a little bit of both. I love chrome os, so this allows me to use android in a at least in a form because i could use android apps, but i could still use chrome os and get productivity work done when i need to so that’s. The appeal of this device right, it’s good for some productivity, but it’s great for entertainment, and it still allows you to use a chromebook which a lot of you really love to use. So the thing that made the lenovo chromebook duet great again was this kickstand part and the fact that it came with the keyboard. Well, we see the same thing here in this asus cm3 and the only real difference is here: i’m gon na state is you’re gon na see a better keyboard, so this i’ve already noticed when i do attach it it’s a better keyboard because it actually attaches to The chromebook itself, it gives you this little elevation, so you see a little bit of elevation here on the keyboard, so it’s, a better typing experience, whether it’s on your lap, whether it’s on a desk you’re, going to get that angled typing experience and a flat typing Experience it just doesn’t feel quite as comfortable also the keys have better travel on this keyboard than the lenovo chromebook duet.

The keys just feel better, and even though it’s still a little bit crammed remember, this is like a 10 inch, chromebook right, so it’s not going to have a super huge keyboard. So this keyboard is really really good and the fact that it does actually attach to the screen that is a huge bonus compared to the chromebook duet, because typing, like this it’s, just a very uncomfortable experience. So i love the keyboard on this. I think it is a big boost when you’re, comparing it to the chromebook duet, but also the performance does have a boost as well. So this does have a faster processor than you see on the chromebook duet it’s, a mediatek mtk8183, and i don’t know if it’s just my first couple days using it, but i am noticing a good performance increase over the chromebook duet. By the way you can see here, you do have a headphone jack and your usb c port, and you just have your power button and up and down in the volume here so nothing crazy to see as far as ports, and this also one other benefit. Is it does come with the stylus? The stylus actually has a place inside the tablet and you do sort of have to use a fingernail or something to dig it out. That’S, a little bit annoying it’s a little bit hard to get out, but it does come with a really nice stylus. That really has a really nice shape to it, a nice size, and it does work very well also.

So this is a good usi stylus and i love how it just fits right inside the tablet. So a big benefit to see. I really really like it, and it worked pretty well, at least in my initial testing, okay. So the one thing that we have to talk about is price. This starts out at 370 dollars. You can’t spend an extra 20 bucks to go up from 64 gigabytes of storage to 128 gigabytes, and that seems like a decent price for a tablet that comes with all these cool features. Now we have to remember the value that lenovo brought in with their chromebook, because that duet, it retailed at 250 for the version with 64 gigabytes of storage, and i know we’re seeing sales on it now with all these crazy deals going on right now, there are Sales that come off and on to bring it down even lower. So if you have a chromebook for let’s, say 250 bucks or even 220, when you compare that to 370, you have to wonder what is justifying this 150 dollar price jump. And what you’ll see is this does have a stylus. This also does have a better keyboard and it has a little bit of better performance now. There is one knock against this that i really really don’t like, and that is that when you are trying to adjust it while you’re using it the case, it does appear to have some movement um.

So i did notice that if i was adjusting it off and on the magnets are not as strong in this as the chromebook duet. So if i was adjusting it while it was on my lap, let’s say the keyboard wasn’t here and i had it adjusted a little bit and i’m trying to move it up and down the corner right here. It would move just a little bit. It just starts to move down so that’s. The one thing i didn’t like is that you really have to hold the top of the case whenever you’re adjusting the kickstand that’s, something that you need to do otherwise. You’Ll find that well it’s just going to move a little bit on the back. I don’t think it’s going to fall over, but that is a flaw in this device. Is that you do have to make sure to be careful when you are adjusting the kickstand now. I’M sure you will see sales on this, of course over time, so the price shouldn’t be the biggest thing when we’re comparing retail price. I do think you do see a justified price bump right from the chromebook duet at 250 to this at 370 or 380. Whatever you’re gon na see that i think it’s a fairly reasonable price jump, because i think the performance is better and i think you get the keyboard and the other thing that’s really really cool. Is that if you do want to use it in portrait mode, this, does you see here as separator? So not only do you have this one angle, but you can actually use it in portrait mode as well.

So if you do decide to use it like this, you could see here you could use it like this, which is a really cool benefit right, that you could use it in portrait mode or you could use it in landscape mode and that’s. One extra benefit. You don’t get from the chromebook duet, so i’m excited about this. I really think that this may convince me to get rid of my tab s7, and i could actually use this because i love the keyboard in this. I love the ability to be productive and i love chrome os, and i love that idea of using it as a tablet or as a laptop whenever i see fit. So i really like it we’ll see, though i’m gon na have a full review up, maybe within a week. Let me know if you have any questions or comments, leave comments below i’ll try to answer whatever i can in the full review so have a great day.