The first word that comes to your mind, slow, well asus, launched this new br 1100 series of budget laptops and these laptops aim to fix the windows. 11 experience in the whole budget laptop segment, the two laptops, the br 1100c, which is priced into piece 24 triple nine, and this is what ill be focusing on, but theres also the br 1100f, which is a two in one touchscreen laptop at 29.99. So lets get started, so this is the asus br 1100c and i know it looks kind of boxy and functional with the whole plastic design, but dont go by its looks. This is a proper rugged design. First of all, this is military grade certified laptop, so it has gone through a number of tests, and this design just feels solid. You can see the rubber bumpers around the device. The lid and the bottom have a texture, thats scratch resistant. There are these rubber feet on the bottom, for better grip. Basically, this is not the best looking laptop out there, but the flip side is. It should be fine with drops and bumps. I mean i noticed a little bit of flex here and there, but other than that. This feels well built, and i like that this whole design is modular and it can be easily opened for repairs and upgrades. Moreover, this is very portable. Its compact and its very lightweight at 1.26 kgs – and you also get this led indicator on the lid which, by the way, does not open with one hand now.

This is all fine, but lets get to the important factor, its the performance that matters in this price range, so lets check out the specs right away. This has the intel celeron n4500 chipset, which is a 10 animated, chipset, dual cores and two threads. It can go up to 2.8 gigahertz now. This is fine, but whats interesting is that theres, a gb gen 3 ssd here, along with 4gb ddr4 ram. Now this is interesting because even in 2022, a lot of laptops in the 25k segment come with either hdd storage or emc storage or slower ram, and they kind of become bottlenecks in the performance, so its good. That asus has used an ssd along with fast ram and as for the ssds performance heres, the crystal dismount benchmark score from the laptop, which shows that this is a standard, gen3 ssd. Also one thing to note: the ssd here is user upgradable to up to 2 tb now here the benchmark scores from the laptop but other than that, the user experience on budget windows laptops is the biggest problem and thats where the br 1100 laptops are surprising. I mean this is a laptop that wont, handle heavyweight, intensive, apps and games, but day to day usage should be good first for the boot time of windows. 11 in this laptop is 10 seconds to the login screen and 25 seconds to the desktop, which is pretty good. Apart from that, my usage generally includes chrome slack.

Some minor photo editing and this laptop handles that pretty easily heres chrome with 10 tabs open and one of them is playing a video on 1080p and theres also notepad and open in the background, and you can see that the performance is good. Theres no stutter lag while using the laptop switching between tabs. The cpu usage is fine to around 25 to 35 percent and the ram usage is in the 80. Now, if i play a 4k video, some lag comes up and you can see the cpu and ram usage increase. In fact, the cpu usage goes to 100, but even then the laptop is usable. We even tried some photoshop on it and doing some basic photo editing with the single layer was kind of fine on this laptop, although it wont handle heavy editing. No doubts about that. If youre wondering the laptop comes with windows, 11, home and the windows, experience is also good all around. As for the thermals, this is a fanless design, so the laptop is always silent, but there is a vapor chamber cooling system in this laptop. The point is most windows: laptops in this price range are unusable, and this is actually something you can use its, not the fastest windows laptop out there, but at this price this brings a good windows. 11 experience anyway. Performance is important, but so are the other basics of a budget laptop when it comes to display the asus br 1100 has an 11.

6 inch led hd display and im, not a big fan of the big chunky, bezels all around, which makes it look like an old Laptop but asus says that they kept this bezel to accommodate a full keyboard and give the screen better protection in case of drops, as for display its a matte display which looks decent when you look at it from the front from a side angle, it does look A bit washed out due to the average viewing angles, and apart from that, the colors are fine and its, not the brightest, but it gets. The job done also display here can be tilted to 180 degrees. Like this, the port selection is good on the left. You get a usbc port which also supports charging a usb, a port hdmi, kensington, lock slot and the power input. The right has another usb: a port ethernet. I head for my combo jack the power button and a physical volume rocker now theres, no fingerprint scanner or windows zillow support, but there is a 720p webcam here which has a 3d noise, reducing feature and theres, also webcams that are built right into the design. Now this is the keyboard that you get and i like that it has a dedicated key to mute, the mic which students will find handy anyway. This is a chicklet keyboard and the travel is low, but the typing feels smooth and nice. Thanks for the good tactile feedback, the trackpad is decently sized and it is smooth and it supports windows – 11 gesture.

Apart from this, there are two speakers which, like most speakers in this price range, are kind of average. The battery is a 42 watt 3 cell battery and there is a 45 watt charger in the box. Now asus claims battery life up to 10 hours, but practically this should last for 5 6 hours. As for connectivity, the laptop has wi fi five with dual band support and this bluetooth 4.2. A lot of people have doubts on the warranty of budget laptops. This comes with one ear one now. The other br 1100 laptop is a two in one laptop and has the same specs as the usual one, but it has a flip design with a glossy touch screen, so you can use it as a windows tablet, and i like that this laptop has a stylus Thats built right into the design. In fact, this slot also charges the stylus. As for the styluses performance is good, and i noticed good palm rejection too, so you can easily draw and write on the screen plus. This has an additional 13 megapixel camera that you can use in tablet mode to conclude things. The asus br 1100 series of laptops is definitely interesting, especially the br 1100c, which is price repeats 24. Triple nine, i mean 25k. There are only a few options of windows laptops with ssds and thats. What this makes sense, i mean you saw it in action. This actually brings a good usable windows.

11 experience for this price, its not a perfect laptop. I think asus could have cut down the bezels and the design could have been a little more appealing, but i like the rugged features and the portability of the design. I also liked the other basics you expect in a laptop seem fairly on point, be the keyboard. The ports or the trackpad, so this seems like a good value for money laptop right. So what do you think about these new br 1100 series of budget laptops comment down below also give this video a like make sure to share it and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tech. Videos. Thats me signing off thanks for watching, and i will see you in the next one.