This one comes with the M3 CPU 8 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage, and this one is in the silver color. So lets open it and see what comes inside the Box first now lets see first, the charger on the right side. So we do have a one piece charger and we have USBC on one end and let me see if I can see how many watts this is, and here we go Im not sure if you guys can see that but its a 45 watt charger USBC its A one piece so you can disconnect this seems like a pretty long. Cable seems at least six feet so thats a good thing lets put that on the side and see if anything else came inside. We do have some paperwork here. Let me see if I can get all that out foreign, so we have the safety. We have this piece of paper and then we have the warranty card. Lets put that back inside now lets check the Chromebook and see how the Chromebook looks looks very nicely packaged. Let me see if theres anything else inside I see another piece of paper on the bottom. Okay – and we do have a quick start guide – looks like just one piece of paper, and here we go lets put that back inside all right put the stuff back in the box now lets check the Chromebook yourself. Its very very nice looks like a premium.

Build lets check. The bottom bottom looks good as well theres a couple speaker grilles on each side. They also have these rubber stoppers. Now lets check the left side first, so we have USBC which charges the Chromebook USB type, a headphone, jack volume, rockers and the power button. It looks like theres, also like another grille for the speaker, so as I mentioned theres one on the bottom and as you guys can see theres another Grill on the side and which is really nice touch. I like that. Now, on the right side, we have another USBC and we have the micro, SD card expansion, so overall, two USB C Swan, USB type, a headphone jack and the micro as the card expansion, so lets open and see how the rest of this Chromebook looks. So one thing I noticed right away is the trackpad. It has a very, very wide trackpad, so this is probably like more than eight fingers. So what Im gon na do next is Im gon na plug it in and set it up and then Ill show you how the screen looks and what I think about it first impression all right. So here we go, I just got it set up. I still have some updates in the background first impression it does have the backlit keyboard so its really nice. Let me show you how it looks once the light is on. So this is how it looks. You can also adjust the brightness of it, so you can actually increase or decrease the brightness.

So lets put it all the way up, so thats cool, so what they did was they had the keyboard and the rest of the Chromebook same silver color. So it will be a little bit hard to find the letters on the keyboard without that backlay. So this really helps Im glad it does have the backlit. Now, when it comes to the screen, its a 1080p resolution, as you guys can see, has a very nice vibrant colors popping out this is IPS display, so it does have a really nice display. Now, when it comes to the needs of brightness, I believe its around 250 nits, so its not the brightest screen, but it does get very, very bright if you do bump it up to 100, realistically, probably going to have it around 70 percent during the day and Night, I do love how the colors pop this is a perfect wallpaper. Just to show you different colors, you can see on the mountains, you can see the white. You can see the darks. You can also see the green different shades of green. We have a little bit darker Shades, lighter Shades, a little better, even yellowish here, so it does have a really nice colors. Also here theres a little bit reddish next thing. Let me show you how the speaker sound. I have some free beats loaded, so free guys. Let me actually decrease the volume lets. Do it around 40 50 then increase it as it goes: foreign, Music, Music, Applause, Music, Music.

Now, for me, the speakers sound really good. At 100 level, doesnt have any Distortion, which is really good overall, a very good Chromebook Im going to test it more in the future, but so far, Im very positive. First impression.