This is a fifteen point, seven or 15.6 inch screen. It is big you can fit both hands on it. It is only the 1366 by 768 and resolution, which means that some smaller tablets, in fact many smaller tablets that may even be less expensive, actually have better screen resolution than this big thing does, and what happens is is that when you take something with a resolution, This low and put it on a screen, this big it just makes everything bigger it doesn’t necessarily make it better. As you can see here, the keyboard is really big, in fact it’s almost too big to type on, so you have to kind of poke around with your fingers to make it work. It will, by the way, go in its in the portrait or the yeah. The portrait mode here, however, there’s no way for it to stand up, so we go around the back of the device. So I’ll show you that, but there is a motion sensor in here. It just isn’t very useful in the sense that you can’t use it in the portrait position, but it is rather large and you can certainly fit a lot of things on the screen. The screen itself has a really odd viewing angle, and that is an issue because if you tilt it just slightly up, you start to lose the screen. Clarity and the same can be said. If you go in this direction as well so the screen clarity has to be looked at there to get the best clarity.

You have to kind of look at it ahead on in order to be able to see it in the best the best way possible. So I wasn’t too happy with that. There was also a few build quality issues, there’s some dust under the screen here as well, which I was not very happy to see. So I don’t know if this is just a symptom of this being a review unit that they sent out as a sample or, if it’s, an indicator of some manufacturing problems but that’s. Something that you may want to keep in mind when you’re looking at it. On the back here you have a huge speaker – and you have another huge speaker on the side here as well, and this thing is rather allowed. Although the audio quality is lacking, the clarity isn’t there, it tends to kind of bounce around in the back of the of the device here, there’s a lot of empty space here and the sound just kind of resonates inside of that, and you lose some clarity along The way – but it is very loud so you can definitely definitely carries so that’s, not so bad. On the back here you’ve got a couple of ports and adapters. You have a headphone jack here memory card slot, so you can get your pictures off of it. A power cord and what’s interesting about this versus other Android devices is that when it’s unplugged, it turns off there’s no battery on board.

So this thing is designed to be plugged in at all times, there’s a USB port here, also that you can plug your memory. Sticks into and a Gigabit Ethernet plug as well. So if you wanted to plug it into your network, you can do so, but it also has built in Wi, Fi and 16 gigs of memory onboard as well. It runs jellybean 4.1, which is an older version of Android. However, it does have all the Google apps on it, so you don’t have to worry about hacking it to get into some of the good stuff. So you have full access to the Google Play Store. This review unit has a bunch of apps that other other reviewers are installing on it as we go so every time. I turn it on there’s some new thing to look at, but I did install asphalt eight because I was curious and it’s turned the volume down here to see how it performs. Now we ran some benchmarks so to see if some of the Qualcomm benchmarks – and it was rather low – is on the bottom of the barrel. Actually we’ll take a look here now: I’m driving the this thing. This is really not the ideal way to go. Although you know you really feel like you’re driving a car here, so so yeah the performance isn’t too bad. I mean this is a pretty standard tablet game, but it runs okay. You know that the graphical quality is decent but it’s a little jumpy, maybe not as decent as you’d, see on other ones.

I’M, not sure. If this dynamically reduces the amount of detail, it has based on what processor it’s detecting on board, but it’s, certainly playable from a gaming perspective. I bet you retro games would probably work pretty well on it, so I was really struggling to come up with a use case for the device, and I was really thinking of the Neos as a tablet and not as a smart television. When I started thinking about it as a smart television, it made more sense to me and again it’s really designed to be a television it’s. It doesn’t move very well it’s, rather heavy, and it has very loud speakers that can reject across a pretty decent sized room. Like a kitchen and one of the things that we off, we all almost have in our kitchens, are these little tiny televisions that are kind of good enough for something to play in the background and that’s what this can do and there aren’t many smart televisions in This size right, I mean there’s smart TVs in the you know in the high end, but not so much in the low end and if they are smart televisions, they’re not running Andrew and certainly can’t play all the things that an Android device can play. This one cannot the latest version of Android, of course, but there is, you know a version of Netflix, HBO go and and YouTube and every other streaming app. You can imagine, is out there and working on this thing and if you have area in your area you’re all set, you can just run it run it through that over your Wi Fi.

So I think as a television, it works really really well for that. That that purpose, the price is too high for my liking, especially for a TV of this size so I’m, hoping that they can bring the cost down a little bit, because I think that will make it a lot more attractive. I also seen this very useful for people who might struggle with small screens. You know, like my 92 year old, a great grandmother in law she’s having a hard time, often using a smaller tablet device. But this is a very large screen, very forgiving in in making sure that you hit the right key when you’re typing on it. So I think that could really be a useful device for her to use, as well as a tablet and being able to get on the internet and do some basic tasks with it. I just wish the screen was a little bit better but that’s the Neos from Aztec, and this is lon Seidman.