You’Re probably done with everything you probably got all the items. If that was your goal, all the tattoos, the ship parts that he had for sale, uh all of the saint george gear, the shield, the sword, all the armor parts. But what is there to do now? Indeed, what is there to do now? I’M, dark shot of the youtube assassin let’s get into this. So when the river raids update came out, it gave us three new maps, kind of small and initially i thought they would each be the size of vinlin, but no a lot of content that they gave us, such as all the jackdaw parts which we all got. I want to say the second or third day that this came out, but what’s, really kind of disturbing is the simplicity of the update itself and how quickly you could get all this stuff pretty much. The first day i pushed through, i was already on the third map by the second or third day. I had completed everything. I got every item. I went to von storr van store. However, you call them and i got everything that i needed to do now. I don’t want to crap on ubisoft, because you know they did give us something for free and with all the glitches and and problems that we’ve had with this game. If you have been keeping an eye on my content, you know that i’ve been saying they really should be giving us something for free.

They should be giving us uh. You know at least some, so i guess this was at least something it really went by quickly. It took just a couple of hours if that to like really understand what was going on and how to do these things, but after you were done with it, there’s nothing left. Now i have everything i just came back to this area and what not to do the rating number one to make this video and number two, because i wanted to see what was left and the things that are left are really kind of disappointing. So initially they obviously made this so that you could feel like a viking, because it was doing a lot of raiding uh. The saint george armor was a big draw. A lot of people were into that they wanted to acquire all the pieces. Some people enjoy it. Some people do not. It is basically a reskin of the fein armor or the thing gear, but it still looks kind of cool. It still looks, you know very templarish. Some people could just leave it. They either don’t like the stats of it. They were hoping for a one handed sword, or one of the biggest things that i keep hearing is that you guys wanted viking style gear, not like king of england style gear, not templar style gear. You wanted complete viking stuff, and i get that. I absolutely get that now as far as what you can do.

If you’ve got all that stuff, you could always come back and do these raids in order to get the tattoos and the ship parts. That van sounds really. It really wouldn’t take that many trips, even if you upgraded your your cargo space and whatnot yeah. I think the max cargo is 400, which still kind of sucks, but it is what it is and by now you probably also upgraded all of your stuff. All of your your the building in the town and whatnot so now upon returning here, yeah you could do these raids. You could do a lot of lootables and stuff like that, believe it or not, there’s enough lootables and silver all around here, that you can actually pull a thousand or more after each raid, which is still nothing especially since they are still working glitches out there for Money, so you know this is kind of useless. What i’m hoping for is that in the future, what they’re going to do is they’re going to give us something new see. I bought everything already. I still have some of the foreign materials left over i’m, hoping that tuesday of next week, all of a sudden we get something brand new we get. You know like he has a store that changes the items like reddes every week. I think that would be cool. I think that the fan base it would give them a reason to keep coming back to the game if you completed the river raids right now, your only reason for coming back to the game, if you completed the game, is either to get any glitches that were Done that they claim to have patched to try and do those things other than that.

What you guys are going to want to do is just log in just to get the opals from retta every week or doing the weekly opal thing. Those again you could do in one day, except for the community one but it’s a lot of player fatigue people aren’t coming in as often as they would so. We might not hit a bunch of those community challenges. Also, this building is empty and you can’t do anything with it. So i feel like later down the line they’re going to do something else there – maybe a river aids too, maybe an attachment for river aids, but i don’t think that it’s going away like the yule festival. I think this is pretty much here to stay so that you can continue raiding, but they have to give us something extra in order to like enjoy it right now. What i’m doing is i’m going back to all the maps and i’m running around on foot trying to see if there’s anything that i could find something mysterious? Maybe some new odin runes or something really wild and weird, but there’s, not a lot that i can do. There’S so much space on the map and yet for some reason, there’s a lot of unavailable area, which makes no sense to me. You could only really go and check out any of the areas that you’re supposed to be rating, which obviously that’s the basis of this. But look at this look at i’m standing right next to this thing i can’t get over there, where my marker is i’m i’ve got like a whole invisible wall here of area unavailable, maybe they’re going to do something with that that’s a lot of wasted space to Think that we’re just doing the river raids and there’s nothing else to do is kind of disheartening.

I i really am running around trying to see if there’s anything, weird or unusual cool, easter eggs. Anything like that. That would be all around here and, if you guys have found anything like that, definitely let me know tell me in the comments below let the community know. Let us investigate it. A couple of you have been having problems with certain areas. Certain landings um. I honestly don’t know what to say on that like right, now, i’m, just wasting my time doing all this running now i have to run back to the ship because there is no fast travel available and i just came out here looking for something just to see. If there was anything unusual, anything wild which i was hoping for honestly, because i really think that there’s a lot of extra potential for this there’s, a lot of other things that could have been done. I know one of the biggest complaints a lot of you had was that most of the areas were just like cut and paste, even even on other maps, pretty much everything that you see is either the same layout or the same looking area. They just put it in a different spot, so there wasn’t a lot of effort. That is the claim that i’m hearing from like a lot of people – and i could kind of agree with that – but there’s got to be more to this. There’S definitely got to be more that they have going on here on tuesday, when i do my weekly resets, when i fill you guys in as to what’s new what’s going on, i really do plan on going and checking out vaughn again and seeing, if maybe he’s Got different wares, i think that that would have been smart, that’s kind of the problem we had with the yule season.

Once you did everything once you got everything the tattoos, the gear, whatever you wanted, whatever you needed, whatever you liked, whatever you decided on all of a sudden, there was nothing to do so. You complete yule in one week and then you had three weeks where you weren’t even playing, and i know a lot of people are gon na say: oh god uh. You know like that’s, why you shouldn’t rush through the game you rush through it. I take my time there was some guy told me he hopped on his motorcycle and, and you know, rolled down and did something like grease lightning or so i don’t know i don’t care about that stuff. Nobody cares. Everybody plays the game at their own pace or, at you know, an accelerated pace. Some people won’t sleep until they completed everything. In that little section you play the way you want that’s what i always said ever since odyssey ever since these glitches started coming out and everything anyway. Let me know in the comments below like what do you think? Do you think that there’s going to be a weekly thing going on as far as river raids go i’m, pretty sure that they’re going to include it in some of the opel quests they’re, going to tell you like raid, like five monasteries, or something like that for, Like five opal, which really all those weekly challenges, i kind of feel like they ask way too much, but let me know what you think.

Let me know what your thoughts are, what your hopes are other than that i really do hope you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe. It helps this channel out an awful lot until next time. I want you all to take care of each other. Stay safe, be good! I’Ll, see you all in the next one.