This is a 15.6 inch, fantastic gaming additional screen now. The first thing I want to point out is even on camera, how much better this screen looks than your standard laptop screen. Why is that its? Because of a great refresh rate, incredible dark contrast and bright vivid colors, that makes a world of difference. This is going to make a difference in your gaming world as well, where every single frame and refresh matters. This thing is at an incredible refresh rate and its a beautiful screen. Now, on top of that, its travel ready, durable. You can put it away easily and you can stand it up. Easy theyve done a great job of making a screen that you can easily put together and set up now the 16 by nine ratio looks fantastic and its going to be perfect for gaming. All right, let me go ahead. Start up a game. Show you the comparison side by side and then were gon na, have the up close portion of our video. Now I want you to see the difference in Call of Duty gameplay. You can see how much more crisp it is over here and how youre seeing each individual frame better. Now this isnt a perfect translation because youre seeing it through my camera, but you can tell the difference. You can see the screen flicker over here. No flicker better resolution in just a beautiful gaming experience every single time, and so folks, the truth is whether youre doing gaming or just doing work, and you need a side by side screen.

Guess what that high resolution makes a difference. It helps with headaches, helps with all the issues. This is very good low, blue light, a fantastic screen that looks beautiful, easily carry in your backpack, take with you, the airport take to a hotel or just use it in your office. Folks, my name is Adam Im. Only showing you the best products – and this is a fantastic screen, so youre going to want to go ahead and pick it up. You will not be disappointed now, stick around for the up close portion of our video all right folks, now its time for the up, close portion of our video lets go ahead and check it out very excited about this. When you get a monitor with this high of a refresh rate, this is going to be perfect for gaming 15.6 inch portable, monitor it does have the user guide and easy to read English. You can see changing brightness, contrast, environment, Etc. Sharpness has never been easier. Does come with a USB C to a the C to C the mini hdmi to hdmi and the charger cable thermometer and the Smart Cover thats right, its got the smart cover, and you know the design on these has come a long way. These portable monitors just keep getting better. I have done a lot of research on this. One Im very excited about how it stands. Yeah. The stand up aspect of this is so much better than it used to be so folks if youre looking for a high quality product, something thats going to be absolutely fantastic.

Lets go ahead and take this cover off. Um Im excited about this beautiful Rogue layer, but still a bright bright screen. So let me move this out of the way, so you can see it up close and personal, but yeah um. Our Zopa does a great job here, making high quality products time and time again they are the best of the best and they allow you to forget the rest. They have support support its a 1080p 15.6 inch. The model is the game one. It is a high quality product and a brand thats been in business for several years. They are not fly by night, all right just so. You can see the bottom here and everything you need to know. Lets see. Youve got your power on and off up and down, OSD plus and minus, and you have the headphone jack thats nice. You can put in your headphones the mini HDMI and two USB C, so you can plug them into pretty much anything laptop powered good to go without a word to say pick yours up. You will not be disappointed thanks again for watching folks.