The people from artisul were very kind to send me a drawing tablet and they invited me to make a review of their product it’s about the model. Artisul d16 pro an improved version of the model d16 so let’s to see what we have here. 15.6 inch screen read, read up to 300 pps 9020 by 1080, full hd, 90 percent of adobe rgb color gamut, 8192 pen pressure and 60 degrees, till recognition, it’s compatible with windows 7 or later, and macos 10.12 or later, and the price is 379 dollars. I don’t have experience with other tablets of the market, but i can comparing, with my current cintiq 13 hd, an old model from wacom, so it’s a good price. If we see that the specifications now let’s start with the unboxing, the box looks good and has material that feels like it’s a premium product. The first thing we see when opening the box is the tablet and below are the rest of the accessories. The tablet is lightweight for a monitor, materials has got quality and the screen has a protective sheet that we will remove later. This is the stand. It has adjustable angles. The pen, some cable for the connection, pem nip replacements. A pen case in this small box is the power adapter for your region. I gon na open the pen, Wow it’s, really lightweight. There is also included a glove, a cleaning cloth and a Quick start guide. The connection is very simple: just take those three accessories connect.

The tablet to the pc and connect the power adapter to the both device to get the drivers go to the official page of rt sold and download the latest version for you, computer. The software is very simple, but it works. We can configurate our work area and it’s very important to calibrate our pencil. We can also using the monitor, like a graphic tablet, that’s useful in a kind of emergency. For example, if you don’t have enough HDMI connections, we can change the pressure of our pencil and configure the buttons, including the Quick Dial, but i wish there were more options for it and finally, we can import or export our configurations it’s time to the funiest part. I’M, going to make a little demonstrations drawing a color doodle of one of my characters: a Skarpne it’s, the first time that i use a monitor with such a color gamut. So the color saturation is quite bright. I think i need to get used to it. The screen size is very comfortable for me. I think this type of tablet of medium size are perfect for me, because i draw using mostly my wrist. This means that my working area isn’t that big the screen is full laminated. This prevents reflection, which is essential. It also provides a texture that makes you feel that you are drawing on paper. I love that sensation., the sand is stable, but i would like it to have more inclination levels now, it’s time to speak about the drawing quality.

The report rate and pressure levels are enough for a good position. I can travel very well with this tablet, but when i make extensive and fast strokes, the cursor express some lag. This makes the experience feels a bit strange, at least in my case. A negative point is the pen which doesn’t have the best materials. Even its buttons feels a bit strange above the tablet buttons. All of them respond very well. I love the quick deal and how it feels when you roll the disc bonus points. It also has quotpretty colorsquot Just i would like to be able to configure it to switch between two actions and note 3, which is Uncomfortable for me, but i didn’t find the way to do it.. In conclusion, Artisul d16 pro is a tablet with a good quality price factor. The size, colors and precision when you draw are very good in addition to offering some extra options based on my experience with wacom. I think artisaul is a great alternative thanks to its lower cost, but i recommend comparing it to other brands in its price range. To be sure, the points for improvement are the simple software and low customization. The Pen could be better and that strange lag when you’re doing big strokes.. You can find the tablet in the description Artisul makes offers from the time to time. So that’s gives more points to the tablet and that’s amazing.. Thanks for watching my review, i apologize for my poor english.