Its a combination of art is soul, so its artisaul, i think, anyways ive been sent this tablet for review and heres the packaging, its a pretty small tablet. Pen tablet. I think i think thats a typo 5080 lpi resolution, four keys, customize keys, sensing height battery free pen, thats, the plus, because i dont like charging my pins whats in the box. We got pen tablet. We got the micro usb cables, quick, start guide, pen, pen, nip clips pen, nibs and then here are all the specs needs a space right there. Here it is its a pretty small tablet compared to my previous one. I only ever have one tablet and its a walk home into his three, so we have the tablet itself. Drawing surface is about a hand and then lets see what we have and heres and heres a tablet pen and then heres, the usb cable. We have the warranty the quick start guide so lets look at all the accessories that came within the box. We have a limited warranty piece of paper. We have a quick start guide in multiple languages. It shows you the product overview. What is in the box? How to replace the nib, how to install the driver, how to connect it to your computer and how to connect it to your phone? Here we have a usb to usbc converter, so this is when you want to use it to connect it to a laptop that only has a usbc port or if you want to connect it to your android devices, so heres the little little alligator clamp accessories that You use to pull the nib out and thats how you do it, so we have 10 div included and then one here so thats 11 total lets.

Look at the pen. So, im going to compare this to my previous tablet, pen, which is the welcome into his three and you can see that its smaller the grip is a lot shorter and then its missing an eraser. This is how i draw by the way i draw like this. So having this go up here would be really nice, but for normal people who draw like a normal person this should this shouldnt be like a deal break or anything. We have a button here and a button here, and the grip is grippy construction, wise, its decent theres, a weight to it, not a piece of plastic, thats, gon na fly out your hand, it feels weighty. So this is the tablet itself, its small. It is small. The functioning area is this much so right here is the functioning area. It has four shortcuts. What are they called macro keys? If you have four keys on the same side, then the usability would be four. But if you have two right here and then two right here, the usability is actually two, because if you are right handed – and you want to use a shortcut, youre gon na – have to do this. So these two buttons would probably be something that you dont use. Very often its kind of shaky, but its tactile, its not mushy. The weight of the tablet is good and the grip is good. So when you put it down and you you draw so vigorously its, not gon na fly off the table, if you draw on the right and your laptops on the left, this is a.

This is a great configuration. But if you draw your left hand and your laptop is on the right – this cable is gon na have to like bend like this im, not entirely sure if it can flip the other way, because this is a micro usb, the micro usb port. You could only plug it in this way, so construction sturdy, my favorite thing right now is that its smooth, i love smooth tablet. I dont like it when they have texture on this, because if you have texture on this, then its going to eat away at the tip of the pen so quickly. But if its smooth, then your pen has a longer longer life. Some people, like the paper texture, but i personally like it smooth so thats up to your personal preference, lets, try it out. So while you watch the speed, pain ill go over my experience with this tablet, because its not just a matter of sitting down and then drawing the entire way, its a lot of fidgeting around and trying to get to where i am finally comfortable enough with drawing On this tablet, as ive stated before, this is a small tablet and my screen is at least three times the size. Because of this, i have to use mouse mode instead of tablet mode which allows me to do more of the detailing on screen. For those that dont know what tablet mode is tablet mode is when a surface of the tablet is mapped to the surface of the screen.

Each corner of the tablet corresponds to a corner of your screen, which means that your tablet is small. A small movement on the tablet means a really big movement on the screen. So due to the size of the tablet, i found my hand hanging off the edge. A lot and hitting the bezel – and it has the same feeling as when youre writing at the bottom of the page in a notebook and your hand, is hanging off the edge so to solve that issue. I just turned the tablet upside down and then my hand was able to just comfortably reached entirely on the tablet. If i had a recommendation for the manufacturer its to move the drawing area to the top of the tablet, instead of having it be at the bottom right now, so that your hand could completely rest on the surface of it around eighty percent done with the painting. I found several issues with the mouse mode. The first issue is that only register fast strokes. If you draw too slow, the tablet will not pick up your movement, so this makes detailing very difficult, because detailing means you have to draw slow and if it doesnt pick up these slow movements, then its not picking up your strokes. The second issue is that double click happens only when you press hard tapping the tablet very lightly doesnt register as a click, so you have to press a little bit harder but pressing a little bit harder means that you press a little bit slower.

So then it will not register as a double click, because you press too slow, of course, using the tablet. Mold solves the issue of drawing slow, but then the surface area to draw on is very small, so anyone with the big screen would have a really hard time controlling their cursor. Besides the two things i mentioned, the firmware is pretty functional its pretty smooth it registered pressure, pretty spot on and theres no weird jewelry effects that happens on your canvas. So if there was a way for artisal to update their software and then fix the two things that ive mentioned, then i would probably have no complaints with the firmware so heres. The final verdict pros and cons pros its really affordable its portable, because its so small, its compatible with laptop desktop and android devices, so you can draw on the go or just play. Osu firmware is mostly okay minus the two issues i stated the pen doesnt need charging, so you never have to recharge your pen in the middle of drawing and you get spare nibs and a clamp to remove those nibs cons, its small. It is so small. I recommend this to only people who draw less than an hour a day, because it will cause your hand to cramp up because of how small it is and how restricted your movements are. You want to draw your shoulder right, so you want something thats big enough for you to actually move your hand around on, and this tablet is just not big enough for that kind of movements.

If you plan on pursuing art as a career or a serious hobby, i recommend getting something bigger and i dont mean gigantic big i mean just like a few inches. Bigger will probably work for you because ive seen a lot of amazing professional artists work on a very small wacom tablet, but that surface is still a little bit bigger than this one again. The firmware problems with the slow strokes and the double clicking. If these were fixed in the future update, then i would have no issue, and then the final cons is that the drawing area is at the bottom of the tablet, instead of at the top of the tablet. At this moment, you can fix this problem by just turning the tablet upside down, but then you would not be able to access two of the buttons because your hand is sitting right over it. So, in the end, this is up to you to decide. If this is something that you want to get once again, i will say that this is a tablet for very, very casual drawing because it does have pressure, sensitivity and all the firmware that is available for you to make art its just restricted to a very small Space and if drawing very small, is something that youre okay with then this tablet is probably good for you, but if you want to spend more time drawing as an artist on the digital platform, then i recommend getting something bigger, maybe even from the same manufacturer.

Who knows so? Thank you, artisol for sending me this tablet for me to review. If you have any questions or comments concerns or if you want to send me another tablet, i would be happy to try it out for everyone else.