It doesn’t offer a great deal of protection. It’S not covered around with foam, but the box is quite sturdy. Initial tests of the keyboard, the keyboard felt quite strong. It felt sturdy. The key is quite nice to press the mouse pad, unfortunately, was very plasticky. It felt almost. Finally, it wasn’t smooth like a glass screen like an iphone or a tablet. It just felt like plastic, it wasn’t. The most pleasant thing to use on the back of the device is where the batteries were stored. It came with batteries pre installed and those batteries were charged. It had a little plastic seal thing. You had to pull out to activate the batteries once i did that it immediately booted up, so they were ready to go. Also, in the back section, there is the bluetooth dongle or the wireless dongle it’s, a 2.4 gigahertz dongle. It doesn’t communicate with bluetooth over a standard bluetooth protocol. It has to have the dongle paired with the keyboard. Also, on the back, there is the on and off button. This is a toggle switch. This is quite a nice feature. It’S a satisfying click, toggle switch it’s, not a mushy button, so you know if it is on or if it is off. It has an auto sleep function, which i used an awful lot, because i forgot to turn it off. It would then turn itself off and you’d have to flick the switch on and off or off and then back on again, and this would wake it back up again from the sleep.

Unfortunately, mine came with quite a bend in it. The it sort of dipped in the middle, the keyboard itself felt very sturdy and strong, and when i tried bending it back myself, it didn’t bend at all so it’s, probably bent in the factory or in shipping. When it came here. The box was fine, though so, probably in the factory. How big is it? I put it up against the original apple keyboard. This is probably where it got to love its styling cues from, and you can see, the apple keyboard is considerably larger without the track pad. Next, i put it up against my deal keyboard. This is the one i use on the daily basis. This is a full sized keyboard with a full size number pad. I get. This is again larger than the wireless keyboard, because the wireless keyboard doesn’t have a number pad and of course, because this is a youtube video – we have to have the standard banana measurement test. This is a standard european banana. Does it work without the dongle? No, it doesn’t. I tried using my phone and my ipad to try to connect to it via bluetooth. I couldn’t see any devices when i searched with the bluetooth. When i was looking for the keyboard. Does it work with android? Yes, it does, but you need to plug the dongle into the phone to do this. I used a usbc dongle that broke out the usbc port into a usb, a port which the dongle was, and then i fed the whole thing through in a chain into the phone as soon as it was plugged in the phone immediately recognized it as a keyboard And set it up without me having to set up any drivers or install any apps or additional software.

The keyboard worked well with the phone with little lag. Also, the mouse pad worked with right and left click. I did. I didn’t have any problems using the mouse with the phone, both the left and the right click worked. You could use it to highlight and cut and copy text. A nice feature that is missing from the on screen. Keyboard is the arrow keys. These are on the wireless keyboard and they work well with the phone. It allows you to move around the text after you’ve written it using the arrow keys, the audio control buttons also worked by pressing the audio control buttons. You could raise or lower the volume or mute to the phone. This would be useful for a media application say if your phone was attached to the tele. Does it work with an ipad pro? Yes, it does, but you have to use the dongle again. I plugged the wireless dongle into an adapter that allowed it to be adapted to usb c and then plugged that into the ipad pro. The ipad pro had no problems finding the keyboard and it immediately accepted it as soon as it was plugged in the audio control buttons worked with this. It allows you to raise and lower the audio. It also allowed you to erase and lower the brightness using those dedicated buttons on the keyboard. The mouse worked well without a great deal of lag. It had left and right mouse button controls, so you could right click on things and copy and paste them.

Does it work with a laptop i’m running a windows 10 laptop here, and i plug the dongle into the usb port and then immediately found the keyboard? I did not need to install any drivers or additional software once installed, both the mousepad and the keyboard worked, but it doesn’t disable the mouse pad and keyboard on the laptop. So you can move from one to the other seamlessly in windows 10. It allows me to adjust the audio levels using these dedicated buttons on the keyboard. Does it work with raspberry pi? 4? Yes, it does you plug the dongle in and then it works straight away. You do not need to install any additional software or drivers. This is the primary purpose that i bought the device for, and it works well here enables the raspberry pi box to be a lot more clutter, free because it’s all wireless, you no longer need to plug a wireless mouse and keyboard into it to use it both Mouse right and left click buttons worked. Does it work with pc i’m running windows 10 on a pc, and it works just as well as it did on the laptop? You can control it with your keyboard and then move straight over and control it wirelessly without any. Switching both the right and left click buttons work and so does some of the function buttons, such as adjusting the audio levels. My thoughts on the product, my product, had a few defects, which i wasn’t entirely happy about in the bend which i showed earlier in the video it appears they came this way from the factory, which is a bit disappointing.

There was a couple of other features that were less than great. The track pad on the keyboard is very plasticky, which isn’t the most pleasant experience: it’s, okay, if you’re using it as a an odd thing here to use the mouse, but as a dedicated only pro keyboard. I wouldn’t be happy with it. It would just be too irritating the arrow keys are the silly small up and down with normal, left and right size format. This is very irritating if you’re using it as say for a gamer. It then irritates. You no end because it’s too small for your fingers to work with you’d have to use wasd. Instead, apart from that, it seems like a good quality product, it seems sturdy, so i don’t think it’s going to break on its own, and i didn’t have any problems with the wireless connection during any of my testing. It all connected up seamlessly without any issues. I didn’t do a range test.